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  1. This is incredible work, I love it. Is this available yet?
  2. IMO GRC's length really made a difference defensively and I think will continue to cause problems as they go through the tournament.
  3. Louisville native in the transfer portal from Minnesota. Was expected to be a starter for the Golden Gophers this upcoming season. Would be a good addition to the secondary.
  4. A few things I noticed from tonight’s game: Highlands went 38/46 from the free throw line. Close to before halftime both teams were tied at 34. From that point until about 3 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter, Highlands outscored NewCath 24-5 (by my count). NewCath shot 5/10 from 3 in the first half and Highlands really tightened their perimeter defense so I’ll be curious to see what the final numbers are.
  5. Highlands with very balanced scoring. St. Henry really battled well on the boards and had a pretty good game plan. Highlands led 25-17 at halftime. St. Henry got it within 3 in the 3rd quarter. But ultimately Highlands pulled away in the 4th. Highlands scoring: #10 - 13 #30 - 12 (4-3 pointers) #23- 10 #4 - 6 #2 - 5 #1 - 4 #15 - 2 #5 - 2 25-17 Halftime 54-38 Final
  6. Very pleasantly surprised with the start to the season for this NewCath team.
  7. Both teams want to run the ball, and stop the run. Both teams want to limit turnovers and prevent big plays. Does anybody have any thoughts on what will be the difference? Will it be either team's passing game? Will it be Pikeville's size? Will it be NewCath's defense? Or maybe Pikeville will just dominate on both sides of the ball and put NCC in their rearview by the end of the 1st quarter. Thoughts?
  8. A good complementary win by NewCath. The offense came out hot and put up the points needed to secure the win. The defense got them 2 really big turnovers at clutch points. Special teams didn’t have any lapses on the onside kick and held KCD in deep starting positions all game. KCD deserves so much credit for bouncing back after that early onset and fighting back all game long. Great season to the Bearcats. Absolutely nothing to hang your head about. They showed real grit on the field tonight.
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