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  1. Never Won 5 Point Game - Bryan Station (70) 4 Point Game - John Hardin 3 Point Game - North Hardin 2 Point Game - Newport Central Catholic 1 Point Game - Kentucky Country Day
  2. Never won LCA South Warren St. X Raceland Mayfield (70)
  3. NewCath was going backwards on offense. Fumble recovery Bulldogs.
  4. Sometimes that's all it takes, an injury to one guy and the next man up seizes the job for good. I do hope the best for Gabbert. I think for the school size that Miami is, they have quite a bit of QB talent.
  5. Well back to the drawing board for the Breds. Having the opposing QB go 14/14 means eyes should be on the secondary/linebackers to make improvements in the pass defense. Also I know they were playing from behind but 18 rushes and 25 passes leans away from what this team does well. Creative rushing plays may need to add some depth to the playbook. Just my opinion as an armchair qb. I know these kids play hard and are ready for the chance to rebound this week against the Bulldogs
  6. I've always believed in the old school philosophy that the team the runs the ball and stops the run wins the game. I think this game will be no different, whichever team runs the ball better and stops the run will come out on top
  7. I'm going to go with Pineville over Williamsburg as well. I think Williamsburg will be hungry to play after being off two weeks but I think Pineville will win in a close one.
  8. This would be a terrific game to see in person. I think with the way the offense clicked last week I think NewCath will be too much. There is alot of speed on NewCath's side on both offense and defense.
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