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  1. I will add the extra intrigue of Lickert vs. Weinrich in the NCC vs. Newport game as well
  2. The first game on the Newport schedule is now more interesting.
  3. I guess my question for the Sewell crowd becomes, what do you think of Reiff? I think he is a starting RT and I think the Bengals will keep him around beyond the 1 year. So why take a OT as your first pick if you are going to have him play guard? The reason I keep seeing the OT's that are available in round 2 is because they have short(er) arms, which is more suited to a move inside to guard. Or even take a center and move Hopkins to Guard. Thoughts?
  4. I think the Bengals are happy with: LT: Jonah LG: Su'a-Filo C : Hopkins RG: Spain RT: Reiff So a 2nd round C or OT that can play guard will be the move they make, IMO
  5. Lots of speculation surrounding the pick. With it being draft week and the pick rapidly approaching, who do you think the Bengals will take? You can add in the forum also who you think they will take versus who you think they SHOULD take. Personally my bet is on Chase.
  6. I can't really decide who I think will win this one, I picked McCracken County, I could be off but I think this might just be the closest game of the weekend
  7. Looks like Vinson went up for 3 and the defensive players foot went under his shooting foot on the close out and Vinson rolled his ankle.
  8. 2 free points for Highlands due to a score card error by Muhlenberg County. MC it sounds like checked in a player with a wrong number and was assesed a technical foul. If I am saying that right.
  9. Conner shooting 12-23 from 3 and Dixie shooting 5-24 from 3 is the stat of the game it feels like.
  10. I thought it was said or known that the 9th region refs tend to call games tighter. If you are used to playing a more physical brand of basketball wouldn't that lend itself to more foul calls when you are used to being allowed more contact. It's hard to adjust your game on the fly when its not what you are used to. By that reasoning also CovCath is used to playing with these 9th region refs and know what they can "get away" with?
  11. As a young(er) parent and someone with a child who will be playing football in the next few years, this is the stuff I really like insight into. I did not play organized football through high school only backyard football with friends. But there are things you don't see as an outsider looking in and these are some really good perspectives on watching practices. I'm sure this is different with every program, but: How much time is spent on installing plays? How much time is spent on conditioning? Does the structure change from summer to fall as the season goes deeper?
  12. "...the board approved awarding a contract to Arrow Electric Co., Inc. as the low bidder."
  13. I would think you would have to go back to the drawing board, right? The previous list of coaches has all been told they picked someone else over them. Wouldn't the right move be to expand the search? Or is this a case where the secondary choice is just a good as the primary?
  14. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOi7EvqLcIV3HiMAe0HZk1A?fbclid=IwAR3WaoUFpk6thuJScAmzf7RBRdwIZn9synFVHqjU0L5oWs8zulkVqVO5mXo
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