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  1. Congratulations Coach Cronin! Great man!!! Great program!!!
  2. 1997 State runner-up included players Jared Lorenzen and Derek Smith.
  3. Congrats Bluebirds Basketball Team, Coach Listerman and coaches, winning the KY state basketball title for the first time in school history!
  4. Highlands has broken the tournament record for 3 pointers which was held by Trinity.
  5. Red Dog was a great man and is the epitome of Highlands Football!
  6. It's sad, but when the quest for power becomes the most important factor in the decision making process, many people are hurt. Good luck to Coach Clevenger!
  7. I get what you are saying, but if the principal and other administrators were part of the coach's firing, they could make his life pretty miserable. Just wondering if it would be worth it to Coach Clevenger to remain Danville's coach, or move on.
  8. After the seemingly unfair treatment this man has experienced, is there a chance that he would even consider returning to work for the same administration?
  9. It must make you feel good about yourself to sit behind a made up name and anonomously talk trash about a person! Sad!
  10. The program under Mueller was a huge success. Why wouldn't he have recommended the number 2 guy to work to continue that success? There is no crystal ball to predict the success of a person. Also, there is no guarantee. With that being said, we can only hope that the HHS principal makes a fact based, logical, unbiased decision for the future of Bluebird Football!
  11. I am thankful that the KHSAA really considered the requests and concerns of the people who had contacted them.
  12. In regards to attendance, why not ask for a percentage of the amount of people the venue holds. Say 50% which would equal the number of people allowed in bars and restaurants. Then allow the players, coaches to purchase the tickets they need for their family members and the rest can be sold to students and fans in school and at the gates. First come first serve. In my opinion people outside of their own family units will be willing to social distance while watching the contest and most people interested would likely be able to attend.
  13. Here are the facts. Campbell has had 10 playoff wins since 1990. 6 were in this decade. 2010- they beat George Rogers Clark, 2011- they beat Tates Creek, 2012- they beat Dunbar, 2013- they beat Pleasure Ridge Park, 2016-they beat Madison Central and 2017- they beat Eastern.
  14. Kelly went out of the game against Scott about halfway into the third quarter. The score was 21-0 at the time.
  15. I don't know how coaches can do one without the other. Obviously they need to develop the talent that walks through the door, but also continue to do things that generate interest in the program.
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