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  1. Just going off of the numbers that the school has posted as far as enrollment.
  2. If I could, I would watch practices. My schedule does not allow that though. Ironically as a varsity coach myself I would prefer closed practices. Kids are too easily distracted by their parents or other observers. Unfortunately our practices are held in a public facility so it’s almost impossible to make that happen.
  3. They already have 450 boys at the middle school for grades 6-8. Once they all get to high school that puts them in 4A with just those 3 grades. Add one more grade that will put them close to 600 boys and they will be a 5A school.
  4. You are correct I do not know who applied or who is still currently being considered. This whole thread could be for naught depending on who they end up hiring. Just stating what it looks like from the outside looking in. The hiring process can take a while, I learned that last year waiting what seemed like an eternity for Boyle to hire a coach.
  5. I’m just asking questions. I stated earlier in the thread I thought it was still a good job. It’s just becoming apparent that it’s not good enough to draw a coach that is already at another good job.
  6. So it’s attractive but not attractive enough to draw a coach away that’s already in a similar position?
  7. What exactly makes Highlands so attractive now? It’s a $9,000 coaching stipend which is comparable to pretty much everywhere else. It’s located in one of the more expensive areas in the state to live. It’s a job that expects you to win quickly and consistently with what some on here have said is a lack of talent. The only pro I see anymore is they have a great tradition and support from the administration. As an outsider looking in I can’t say it’s a job that would make me want to leave where I’m at if I was making comparable money somewhere else with equal support.
  8. Not sure if I can call it a top job but it’s still better than most.
  9. Great game! I know it would be close. Congratulations to Franklin County on a great season and an even bigger Congratulations to Boyle County on State Championship #9!!!!
  10. It’s no secret that I’m a Boyle guy....I can assure you no one around here is sleeping on Franklin. We know they excel at our kryptonite and will have our work cut out for us. Not only will they be the best Offense we have seen this year, they will boast the best D as well.
  11. While not the matchup everyone predicted all year it may prove to be the most exciting matchup of the state title games. Franklin County (9-1) enters this game coming off of a 20-12 win over Johnson Central who spent all season ranked #1 in 4A. Boyle County (10-0) comes in off of a 55-0 beatdown of Hopkinsville. The chatter around this game is already about the high powered offense both teams possess. Franklin County features one of if not the best QB, WR duo in the state in QB Nick Broyles and WR Fred Farrier. Boyle features RB Will McDaniel along with QB Jagger Gillis and WRs Cole Lanter and Luke Shepperson. While most expect a high scoring affair we should not be shocked if this turns out to be a defensive showdown. Both squads feature a defense that give up less than 2 scores a game. It’s no secret that to beat Boyle it has to be through the air and that is exactly the offense the Flyers bring to the table. Who do you have winning the 4A title in what should be one heck of a game?
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