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  1. If Boyle votes for, I’m hearing QB Jagger Gillis will reclassify as well.
  2. That’s a crazy tough schedule. The ADS depth and durability will definitely be tested.
  3. Danville has already lost one key player to this mess. I hope the committee can move quickly and work together to make the right hire for the program. The wrong hire would be detrimental and set the program back to a point it takes years to recover.
  4. The summary of the whole situation in one sentence.
  5. Now I’ve heard it’s nothing more than a rumor and that Danville has yet to even form a hiring committee. This will be interesting to say the least.
  6. First name I’ve heard from a person close to the program is Forrest Garner. OL/TE coach at Campbellsville University. Not sure if he just applied or if that’s who they want.
  7. I would doubt he would leave an admin role. Thank you for the update!
  8. Any chance Brian Rowland applies? He’s a DHS alum and the DC at Mercer County.
  9. Ouch. Not good for the Ads financial situation. Not good at all.
  10. I see you Highlands. This is one heck of a hire!
  11. You know I’m all about the money side of things but Boyle’s Coordinators make almost the equivalent of many head coaching positions in this state. He may find it to be a good home for him!
  12. Haven’t seen a single person on local social media that is happy about this.
  13. Just going off of the numbers that the school has posted as far as enrollment.
  14. If I could, I would watch practices. My schedule does not allow that though. Ironically as a varsity coach myself I would prefer closed practices. Kids are too easily distracted by their parents or other observers. Unfortunately our practices are held in a public facility so it’s almost impossible to make that happen.
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