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  1. Bourbon county has given Lex Cath some fits in their regular season matchups from time to time. Wouldn’t shock me to see this be a competitive game.
  2. Corbin takes advantage of 2 Lincoln County second half turnovers to turn a 21-21 tie at the half into a more comfortable win.
  3. Glad to see Boyle made quick work of Anderson. Hope everyone is coming home healthy.
  4. I get your point though. Lincoln has made it a game in the regular season the last couple years.
  5. Speaking of #1 having seen Boyle numerous times and now Corbin I’d have a real hard time picking Corbin over Boyle.
  6. If Corbin goes 99 yards and scores that’ll do it for Lincoln.
  7. Now having watched both in person. I’ll take Boyle over this Corbin team playing in Lincoln county 9 times out of 10.
  8. Guess he didn’t like the UK waterboy chant from the Lincoln student section.
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