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  1. I’m a little confused on your stance. I know there is a petition going around wanting to change the mascot from Rebels to something else. Is that what you’re wanting as well or are you suggesting a logo change of some sort?
  2. It is a 4 year university, the same as CU-Harrodsburg. They are a member of the USCAA.
  3. I think the Lexington private schools are in the right spot. As far as any FCPS school outside of FD being a threat, unfortunately no. Dunbar should continue its upward trend but they still have a long way to get to the level of FD. Can Creek replace the production of Duby and Thomas? Even if they do they still were no match for FD. That gap is huge and I’m not sure it will be getting any narrower any time soon. Israel is one heck of a RB but he can’t do it all. GRC will compete for a district crown yet again but I can’t see them being a threat after the 2nd round of the playoffs. Other notes: Franklin County is a 4A team to watch. They have arguably the best QB, WR combo in the state in Broyles and Farrier. At this point I would put them at 3 above Boyle. Danville is a team that returns pretty much everyone besides Bell and Gosser. The word around town last seasonwas get your licks in while you can because Danville will be back and looking to return the favor. They’re in the mix for the 9, 10 slot.
  4. If Coronavirus operates the same as all the previous SARS strands. It should start to die off once it gets hot outside. If that is the case then we should have football this fall. If not, I hate to see what our world looks like by August.
  5. If I’m wrong, correct me. They’re allowed 24 but there are GPA stipulations that exempt portions or all of the scholarship money for an athlete to not count against the 24 allowed. Also athletes who do not compete on the varsity roster also do not count against the scholarship limits.
  6. Colwick commits to Centre. He was a WR for Boyle who came up huge time after time when teams thought the ball was going to Reese. Congratulations to him on his commitment!
  7. Reed had a 41-3 record as a starter and holds numerous Boyle County passing records. Centre got a gem!
  8. I like the hire. He’s young and comes from a program that expects to win. Welcome to the Big Rebel Nation!
  9. Getting some conflicting statements now. Hearing yes and no. Guess time will tell.
  10. That’s the name I keep hearing from multiple people now.
  11. Same and if it’s who I’m hearing then it’s a heck of a hire.
  12. Catching wind that there might be announcement today at 4.
  13. I didn’t nominate Reese either. As a representative of Central Kentucky this season I should’ve have sent one in. Glad he made the list in some capacity though. All in all I feel that this list is the best representation of the top football players in the state of Kentucky. Shoutout to BGP for getting it right!
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