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  1. Year to date team stats for both teams (used per game numbers due to odd number of games played) Boyle County Offense 48.7 ppg 385 ypg 201 passing ypg 184 rushing ypg Defense 6 ppg 129 total ypg 93 passing ypg 36 rushing ypg Lexington Catholic Offense 30 ppg 319 total ypg 193 passing ypg 126 rushing ypg Defense 16 ppg 238 total ypg 130 passing ypg 108 rushing ypg
  2. Lexington Catholic travels to rival Boyle County for the district championship portion of the playoffs. With both teams having 3 weeks to prepare for each other, you can throw out the result of the October 9 meeting between them out the window. In the past the team that has won the regular season matchup has always gone on to win the playoff matchup as well. Catholic ended their season with a head turning victory over Cov Cath making people wonder if they have improved enough to beat Boyle in this playoff meeting. It’s Boyle vs Lex Cath playoff version, Who do you have in this one?
  3. A letter was released by the school district announcing the cancellation of the season. They stated they wouldn’t be able to return to practice until November 4th and therefore would not have enough time to prepare their athletes for competition. I wonder if we will see more of this in the red counties.
  4. 2020 strikes again! Playing Danville would help Boyle’s RPI more than playing Bourbon County but I get it. District games come first.
  5. Boyle (5-0) hopes to return to action this week with Madison Southern (3-2) coming to town. Madison Southern has won their last 3 consecutive games and will pose more of a challenge to the Rebels than their last couple of opponents. In the past the game has favored Boyle by large margins but Madison Southern has found ways to take Boyle out of their rhythm and give them a challenge. Can the Eagles make this interesting?
  6. Does Central, Franklin or Corbin have much of a shot of knocking off either Johnson Central or Boyle come playoff time?
  7. Especially going from a spread offense to a timing based flexbone. A full offseason is much needed for this young Anderson County squad.
  8. Lexington Catholic (2-2) takes a trip down the Bluegrass Parkway to Lawrenceburg to take on Anderson County (0-6). Fortunately for the Knights the trip shouldn’t be too long. Anderson County’s best hope is to find a way to run the ball and eat tons of clock. If not Lexington Catholic will by licking their chops to take their spread offense up against an Anderson County secondary that has been unable to stop the pass. Any hope that Anderson comes away with the huge upset and gets their first win of the season?
  9. Boyle County has rolled through district play so far by a combined score of 96-0. Bourbon County should pose more of an offensive threat than Anderson County but don’t seem to be a real threat to Boyle’s hopes of a victory. Bourbon County lost last week to Lexington Catholic 52-0. That would be the same Lex Cath squad that Boyle beat 40-0 just a couple weeks ago. Can Bourbon give Boyle any type of a challenge or will the JV squad get to play another half of varsity football?
  10. As predicted by everyone it was all Boyle in this one who jumped out to a 41-0 lead and a running clock in the first quarter. Boyle scored once in the 2nd quarter for a 48-0 halftime lead and the 2nd string got a score in the 2nd half bringing us to the 54-0 final.
  11. Boyle gets it to 4th and 1 but cannot convert. Halftime. Boyle County 48 Anderson County 0
  12. End of the first quarter Boyle County 41 Anderson County 0
  13. XP is good 41-0 Boyle with 7 seconds left in the first quarter.
  14. Snap goes over the Anderson QBs head and is recovered by Tommy Zeismer at the Anderson 7 yard line.
  15. XP is no good. 13-0 Boyle with 10:01 left in the 1st quarter.
  16. For the first time this season I’ll be able to provide some updates.
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