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  1. Some would argue in the midst of the run that got it started that they could hang with Trinity but IMO Boyle has not ever and has not reached that level now. It’s the Louisville Big 3 and then the next 5 or 6 and Boyle is in that group of 5 or 6 for now. They’ve got talent but they also are replacing some key pieces. The timing of the Danville-Boyle game plays in Danville’s favor. If you want to upset Boyle play then early while they are still putting the pieces together. The LCA game last year is a great example.
  2. He was referring to your opening statement about Boyle turning into a powerhouse. To answer your question, Danville could get a win in the next 4-5 years. Could even be this season assuming Danville doesn’t cancel again. It’s a Rivalry game, a couple good breaks for Danville and a couple bad ones for Boyle and anything can happen.
  3. Didn’t see this one coming. Not mad at it though.
  4. And here is where that blame lies. Sounds like the district set Central up to fail and shame on them for that.
  5. This. Nobody cares if John or Jane who has a 4.0 GPA transfers to the school across town with a better college prep program. If John or Jane plays a sport and transfers across town to play for a school with better athletic opportunities it’s an outrage. Either care about every student transfer or stop regulating it whatsoever.
  6. So about the choice when they enrolled originally. What if the law stated you got one job choice out of high school and had to keep it forever regardless of future opportunities? You would say that’s absurd. If I have a better opportunity then I should be able to take it. Why should academics and sports be any different?
  7. It would take A LOT of transfers to drastically change an athletic budget.
  8. I’m for this to the point of unlimited transfers. It’s high school sports not a billion dollar industry. If a kid or his/her parents thinks it’s in their best interest to go to another school to better their themselves or their future opportunities then by all means let them go. If that one transfer isn’t the answer then let them go somewhere else. If you are worried about the haves and have nots then we should be addressing why the have nots aren’t attractive options for students and student athletes instead of banning a kid from attending a school with better opportunities because of where they happen to live.
  9. The annual Central will play anybody who is somebody schedule.
  10. Larry Vaught posted on twitter that an announcement is coming Tuesday at 2:30. The hire will be a shock to most apparently.
  11. I nodded my head as well and then got to thinking. A lot of your small school blue blood programs weren’t always that way. Even in a lot of the successful 3A and 4A schools, they aren’t overrun with D1 talent and definitely don’t have 120 yard indoor practice facilities. It’s a culture and set of expectations that were established and continued until titles were won and then the culture had to be sustained which most don’t realize can be harder than getting a program to a successful point. Larry French should definitely be the keynote speaker of that event. What he has done with programs is second to none. He has had great success with programs with little football tradition and he has revived programs that had great football history. His tree of coaches have had similar success as well. Going back to my first point most of the great small school programs in Kentucky aren’t loaded with D1 talent or have out of this world facilities. It started with a coach that truly believed in the kids and developed them to be much greater together than any of them were individually. Sure there is a kid every now and then that turns out to be a D1 athlete but as a whole they are few and far between.
  12. I can’t see any active head coaches with multiple titles leaving their current jobs for Lincoln County. I can’t see Chuck leaving his grandkids in Bowling Green. Only name I can think of with ties to the area would be Sam Harp and I doubt he wants to be a head coach again. Sounds like some stirring of the pot going on.
  13. Multiple titles as a head coach or as an assistant?
  14. Personnel changes were made after the LCA game and yes this game made Boyle much more physical and I do think the offense they showed up with was harder to stop with no game plan for it.
  15. I have said it to people around me that know football. If LCA’s QB would’ve played against Boyle and they came in with the game plan that Boyle prepared for. Boyle would’ve won that game and probably by 2-3 scores. With that said Kudos to LCA for installing a new offense in a week and keeping it a secret until kickoff.
  16. Sadly more often than not it has nothing to do with the kids. It’s administration and parents that make coaching much harder than it should be.
  17. Jackson prefers not to share athletes and demands basketball first. Just what I’ve heard many times over the years.
  18. The first meteorologists on the scene last night said it was EF4 damage at the minimum. EF5 is very likely. The images coming out now are heartbreaking.
  19. I know it’s not football related but sometimes things are bigger than sports. I hope all of our Mayfield friends on here are ok and our thoughts and prayers go out to your community! Mayfield people are a tough breed and they will come back from this better than ever but in the meantime we are all thinking about you and praying for you.
  20. I’ve been hearing Danville is a year away since 2018. Their 8th grade team did have a great year and either made it to the conference finals or won it.
  21. Could/should it be argued Boyle’s dynasty has spanned 23 seasons? Since ‘99 they are 273-43, 86% winning percentage, 10 state titles, 2 runner-ups and 2 more seasons where the only loss was in the Semis. 4 head coaches in this time and 3 of them have multiple titles.
  22. My Dad put CT Wolfe at #4 behind Gillis. Said he was a stud back in the day.
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