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  1. Ads travel to Lincoln tonight for district 45 matchup. Last game Ads played and shot well. Lincoln has had couple tough losses but are still a dangerous team when hitting shots beyond the arc. Should be a tight game. Hope Ford & Hayden can hit some shots to keep pace and pull another district win out.
  2. According to KHSAA Rebels have Danville, Danville Christian & Garrard left on schedule for district games. They play as good as they did tonight looks like an undefeated district run.
  3. Rebels flex their muscles in second half and beat Pats 68-52. Looks like everyone else is playing for #2 spot if the Rebels keep the energy up.
  4. I think the game will be close but will take Boyle at home. Lincoln is shooting better which will make it a very exciting game. Boyle @ home 64-62.
  5. Ads jump out early GC makes a run 31-31 1:06 to go 1st half
  6. Hayden & Ford vs Cooper & Quisenberry Let the 3's fly! I think Wood & Dunn will make the difference.
  7. Ads travel east to Lancaster tomorrow night for district match. Lions where a tough out last match but Ads took bad loss to Boyle so I think they roll in there with attitude and pull out win 72-64.
  8. Rebels are playing well and keep improving
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