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  1. If I am admin looking to make the right hire its either Jaggers or Foley. Hope that the assistants get to stay.
  2. Somerset is playing good for losing their entire starting squad from last year. Very young but show potential. Coach Young has them going in the right direction.
  3. That should be a fun game if they get to play. Weather forecast is looking to make an impact again for snow.
  4. Ads played pretty good against a talented DCA squad. Warriors are improving each game. It very well could be their season for some upsets if they keep improving. Congrats to DCA.
  5. With DCA also beating Danville things getting interesting in the 45th.
  6. Watched the second half Pulaski was very physical. That plus Lincoln struggled to hit shots was the difference. Good game.
  7. Rebels and Lions have only one common opponent this year in Spencer County. Boyle played them very early and without Imfield their leading scorer and Garrard lost in a nail bitter couple weeks ago in OT. Could turn out to be Cooper vs Imfield shootout.
  8. Where is Jeremy Simpson now? Would Lincoln’s only Mr. Football be interested in coaching or helping out?
  9. I agree DCA could give several teams problems with their size.
  10. I am excited to finally see some of the district matchups take place this week. These District/Regional matchups will show who is contenders and who is pretenders. Lincoln @ Pulaski as mentioned will be a super good game. Interested in the Boyle @ Garrard Game also to see where the Lions rank in the 45th. I think DCA may give Ads a good game.
  11. It’s uncanny how Coach McKinney gets these kids ready to play come district time. Like to see Ads get on a roll.
  12. Ads starting to find some scoring from younger guys. Look out 45th District if they keep this effort up!
  13. McCreary has been in the spotlight for couple years. They have some solid players and are starting to learn how to play the entire game. I think the region is down a little this year with the exception of first 4 or 5 teams. right now it 1 Pulaski 2 Lincoln 3 Boyle 4 McCreary 5 W Jessamine Wayne, Rockcastle, Garrard, Danville, DCA in the middle of the pack. then you have Southwestern, Somerset, Mercer, Casey, Burgin, E Jessamine, who are trying to climb their way up the ladder. Here comes January and 2022. Who will step up their game as District play will start this Ne
  14. Lincoln and Boyle will be your 1 and 2 seeds in the 45th. Garrard, DCA and Danville will be some interesting matchups to watch. Danville needs to find some scoring to be successful. Who will step up out of that Freshman Sophomore class? Boyle losing Barnes and Gillis really hurts. They will continue to improve with Imfield and Tarter back. Pulaski adding Stevens is significant for them and will boost their chances at winning the 47th. Maroons be a tough out come region tourney time.
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