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  1. Transfer from MC was only 1 kid and he stayed at MC.
  2. Yes he did leave for GRC. Cooper also is now at Garrard which makes a huge change for the Ads. Heard Garrard also had Twin brothers transfers from Madison County. Boyle has had a few transfers. District could be interesting this year.
  3. Pulling for Perry & the Lions but Dudley gets the bobcats back on track this week. Bell wins but not as dominating as last year 34-12.
  4. If they get to play. Ads passing game is starting to click. Dawson to Crawford to much for ACS. Ads win 28-17
  5. I enjoy watching all high school football teams play. Just my observations from watching online. Garrard will get better but they could be harder to defend with a more open offense. Parkey is a player and Chasteen is a bulldozer. Both teams have some players but rest assured I am no Rocket faithful. Anchors Aweigh!
  6. Garrard has a few play makers and could potentially be pretty good in a couple years. For them to be competitive they have to change that 3-4 yards a play ground and pound mentality. They have to get the football to those kids in space and create 1 on 1 match ups to exploit teams like Rock, Bell, Knox, Belfry etc. Teams like those mentioned are to well coached and physical to just pound the ball at them. The Lions have a few lineman but only a few. Like gchs_uk9 mentioned depth is a concern. They had several players being tended to by trainers during the rock game that started. Hope they are not serious injuries. It is time for them to upgrade their strategies for sure.
  7. Number 8 is the real deal. Even more impressive when you see him cut and throttle in person. If LC can find some stops they may get an upset or two.
  8. What does Nelson Co return for the new season. Any talent there to work with for Coach Young?
  9. Awesome hire for Garrard. With Cooper's son they have an outside scoring threat that along with Quisenberry is a good combination. If they grow and the freshman and sophomores develop around those kids it could be really good next couple of years in GC.
  10. 45th & 12th is tough but the right coach can make some noise at GC, the talents young but they got some kids that can play
  11. According to GCHS website today is the deadline for applications. Any news on potential Coach applicants?
  12. I can see the decision based on finances and uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation but like 4 Quarters stated you take a huge chance on losing good coaches due to the unpredictable job situation as well.
  13. East was dangerous last year. They return very good squad. Going to be interesting to see what Adams or You g can do with them if they get the job.
  14. Is any of the assistants applying? Quisenberry was coaching MS then HS his kid is talented and started at point as 8th grader.
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