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  1. From what I heard, Danville was leading by 7 in the 4th QT and DCA went on a 28-5 run. Congradulations to DCA for making it too the All A Tournament. And it was just not the Boys, DCA girls also beat Danville to make it to the All A Tournament.
  2. Lincoln Co. FG 16/32 50 % (Alcorn 5/7, E. Smith 3/6, Sims & J. Smith 2/5, Ralston 2/4) 3pt FG 3/9 33.3% (Sims 1/4, J. Smith 1/1, E. Smith 1/2) FT 5/12 41.7% (Alcorn 3/6, J. Smith 0/3, Davis 2/3) Off. Rebs 4 (Davis 2, Bishiop & J. Sims 1 each) Def. Rebs 13 (J. Smith & Alcorn 3 each, Ralston, Bishop & Team 2 each) Ast. 6 (Alcorn & J. Smith 2 each, Ralston & Davis 1 each) TO 7 (Alcorn & J. Smith 3 each, Bishop 1) Steals 3 (Alcorn, E. Smith & Davis 1 each) Pts off TO 5 2nd Chance Pts 4 Pts off Bench 9 (J. Sims
  3. Boyle Co. FG 17/36 47.2% (Imfeld 10/19, Webb 3/7) 3pt FG 6/14 42.9% (Imfeld 4/8, Webb 2/4) FT 3/3 100% (Webb 2/2, Imfled 1/1) Off. Rebs 6 (Tarter, Imfeld, Myers, Wilson 1 each, 2 Team) Def. Rebs 16 (Imfeld 6, Tarter 5, Webb 2) Ast. 6 (Imfeld 3, Carr 2) To 8 (Imfeld, Myers, Carr 2 each) Steals 5 (Myers, Wilson 2 each) Pts off TO 8 2nd Chance Pts 2 Pts off Bench 2 (Myers 2) Pts in the Paint 14 Largest Lead LC 23 BC 10 Longest Run 10-0 Lead Changes 1 Number of ties 4 BC 5 10 16 12 43 LC 15
  4. And don't forget the 3 he scored off of the 1 INT.
  5. There is the Dark Side the Jedi and then there is the Chuck Smith side. None are stronger than the Chuck Smith side.
  6. Yea I believe that Lincoln, Pulaski and Boyle are the top 3 in the region. If you add up the wins and loses, the teams in the 12 region they are 63-64. The top 3 are 21-1 and the rest of the region in 39-63. But this is basketball and you can never count out any of the team in the region.
  7. Didn't know you was in the band. My wife would like to meet you, she's a big band lady being she played in the band. She goes to the game a lot just to watch the band.
  8. I believe that and like I said it is what someone had told me and it was not a coach. Like I said in the post it is probably far from the truth. I have talked to a couple of the coaches and they have told me the same thing you are saying. Didn't mean to make any coach mad and trust me I believe what you are saying. I been around the program for 30 years and get to know the coaches pretty good and believe they would tell the kids to play other sports. You and I have talked on the sideline at games and you should know that I love my Rebels always wish them the best in all they do.
  9. Let me also say that what I was told could be far from the truth and I believe that any Coach at Boyle would want the kids to play all the sports they could. The Coaches are there to help the kids and I believe that all the football coaches love seeing those kids play other sports. All the coaches at Boyle have all the kid's interest at heart. Once you're a Rebel you're a Rebel for life. I do believe that Boyle (5-1) and Lincoln (6-0) are the team to beat in the 12 region. Pulaski Co. (7-0) is play really good right now and showing that they should be one team to watch out for.
  10. Now I do not believe that Coach Haddix would tell any of his players to not play any other sport. I think he is a Coach that believes that any sport would help all kids in their life's.
  11. Boyle is playing really good right now and the boys are playing some good D. The Offense needs some working on, but I think Boyle should be ok. Yes, with Gillis and Barnes not playing Boyle would be one of the favorites to win the 12th region.
  12. Well from what I heard some players were told not to play and concentrate on football. Coaches should not be telling them to not play and to concentrate on one sport. I think that if you want to play any high school sport you should play. If, you don't you will regret not playing, I know because I wish I would have. Plus, I talked to one who played football this year for the first time. He told me he wishes he would've played football all 4 years.
  13. Gillis is not playing basketball this year. From my understanding he will be leaving for college the next semester. Some more players are not playing that I think should.
  14. Spencer FG 22/43 51.2% (Erhardt 8/13, Combs 6/9) 3pts FG 9/24 37.5% (Erhardt 4/7, Combs 2/3) FT 6/7 85.7% (Combs 3/4, Erhardt 2/2) Off. Rebs 8 (Combs 3) Def. Rebs 17 (Roark 5) Ast. 8 (Roark 3, Combs3) TO 18 (Roark 7) Steals 7 (Erdardt 4) Pts off TO 13 2nd Chance Pts 6 Pts off Bench 13 (Barron) Largest lead BC 35 SC 23 Longest Run 16-2 Lead Changes 6 Ties 4 Erhardt 22, Combs 17, Barron 8, Perry 3, Cox3, Marksbury 2, Roark 2, Coulter 2 BC 19 18 10 13 60 SC 14 17 18 10 59
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