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  1. All but the Bowl games it looks like with but the Danville game moving to the end of the year. I'm ok with that schedule if we still play.
  2. When I played at Boyle that was not as long as it was then. But we would have to do Suicides from about were the tennis court is not to Perryville Road and back. That does look like a big hill but when you have to run it man is a doozy.
  3. Well I'm just telling you what I seen and I know is was a highly ranked prospect and a 5 star but that doesn't always pan out when you go to college. Like I said he was a great tackle in college and glad so see a kid from Kentucky go that high in the draft. I'm thinking the games I seen was his Junior year and not his Senior year.
  4. After watching him a couple of games in High School, I was not sure how much he would play for the Tide. But he has really became a great tackle and hope he does good in the Pros. Congrats on going 10th in the 1st round.
  5. Round 2 of this 45 district game played at Lincoln. Lincoln won the first game pretty handily 79-49. Will Boyle come out and show that the first game was a fluke or will Lincoln show that is wasn't. Thoughts on the game.
  6. Per Boyle County Facebook page. Justin Haddix is the new Coach at Boyle County.
  7. Heard it is official that Justin Haddix is the new HC at Boyle County.
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