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  1. Many years ago the 12 region use to rotate the regional tournaments to all the schools. But they have since have said that Pulaski and Lincoln are the most central of all the 12 region schools.
  2. That is true but has you know it does help to be playing at home with your home crowd.
  3. That they are but it is also a plus when you get to play at home. Not saying that they would have lost if not for being at home. Lincoln hit some big shots and Boyle didn't. Boyle shooting troubles came back to hurt them again. 28% from the field the first half to Lincolns 52% and Boyle shoot 26% from the free throw line the 1st half.
  4. Was one heck of a game both teams gave it their all. Congratulations to Lincoln with the win but if Danville hits free throws it might be a different story. Left me say that again, if Danville hit FREE THROWS. The lost art of basketball.
  5. He's about 70 rebounds away from breaking the school record in career rebounds.
  6. Garrard has beaten DCA twice so teams need to look at how they have done it. From what I have heard, make DCA beat you from the outside. Garrard played a zone and look what it got them, two wins.
  7. DCA beats Boyle, Garrard beats DCA twice and Boyle beats Garrard twice. Go figure.
  8. One of the best games that the Rebels have played this year. They shot the ball better and hit their free throws. Plus, the D that they played was good and need to play that way the rest of the year.
  9. If things would have worked out it could have been Scott County the first game of the year in their bowl game and St. X the 4th game of the year. Was told that it just couldn't get worked out.
  10. The way that the 45th is playing, I don't know if I want to be 1 or 2 in the district.
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