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  1. I am one fan that you don't hear of. While in the Marine Corps I got rode by NC and Duke fans if Louisville lost. They said that Louisville is the state of Kentucky so they rode me hard if UofL lost. So I got to cheering for UofL, but not when playing UK, and rode them if NC lost or Duke lost. They would say, "I'm not a NC fan I'm Duke fan", "I'm not a Duke fan I'm NC". I would tell them, "hey their in the state of North Carolina". So to me if both schools are doing good it is good for the state of Kentucky. Now that's just my opinion.
  2. Kind of like Kentucky success does to UofL fans I take it.
  3. Why is it that Louisville fans say that BBN fans say its cheating? I know BBN fans say the same about UofL and it's just crazy I guess. I for one haven't said that and I think that the hire is a good one for UofL. If it is a hire to get DJ so be it. It's not the first time that it has happened in College Basketball. I'm a big Kenn Payne fan hope to see him do will at UofL.
  4. Well from what I heard he hit 4 of 5 three's, 1 for 1 on 2's and had an assist. So he only touch the ball 7 times. I think that who ever brought the ball down the floor was the one that was going to shoot not much passing.
  5. EagleRare20 took the words that I was thinking.
  6. I've talked to a couple of people and they say they can hear the fireworks from the house and they live 6 miles away. Their comment is "will I guess Boyle scored a lot of points last night".
  7. Boyle and Danville was a good rival at one time in football but I would have to say what other have said. That being the Boyle/Lexington Catholic is more of a rival in football now. I do agree with the basketball and that Boyle/Lincoln has been a great rival for many years now.
  8. A small drink and a Pizza (which is only 2 small pieces) was $11. You can buy a big drink and a Pizza (size of a personal pan) for $10 at Memorial. More for your money. Now I know that the sweet 16 will not go to memorial but still the prizes are just way too high. Plus this year most of the places didn't take cash only cards.
  9. Games at Lincoln County. Game #1 Southwestern vs West Jessamine Monday Feb. 28th at 6:30 Game #2 Somerset vs Danville Christian Acad. Feb. 28th at 8:15 Game #3 Danville vs Wayne Mar. 1st at 6:30 Game #4 Mercer vs Pulaski Mar. 1st at 8:15
  10. Just don't see anybody beating GRC in the 10th Region tournament.
  11. Game #3 of the 12th Region Tournament Thursday night at 6:30. Pulaski beat Wayne earlier in the season 76-57. Pulaski is the favorite to win the 12th Region this year. Thoughts on the game.
  12. Game #2 of the 12th Region Tournament Wednesday Night at 8:15. First time that Lincoln and Rockcastle have played this year. What are your guys thoughts on this game.
  13. Game #1 of the 12th Region Tournament Wednesday night at 6:30, This will be the first meeting between these two teams this year. Thought on the game.
  14. Game 4 of the 12 Region Tournament Thursday 8:15. The Rebels went into West Jessamine and came away with a 60-51 win. Thoughts on the game.
  15. Of the team's that made it to the 12th Region tournament here is how that stacked against the other team's in the 12th Region tournament. Team's they have lost to are in parentheses. Boyle 5-2 (Lincoln 2) Lincoln 6-2 (Boyle, Pulaski) McCreary Central 3-4 (Lincoln, Pulaski, Wayne 2) Mercer 0-6 (Lincoln, Pulaski, Rockcastle, West Jess. 3) Pulaski 8-1 (Boyle) Rockcastle 2-5 (Boyle, McCreary Central, Pulaski 3) Wayne 2-6 (Boyle, Lincoln, McCreary Central, Pulaski, Rockcastle, West Jess.) West Jessamine 4-3 (Boyle, Lincoln, Pulaski)
  16. Danville FG's 25/61 41% (Hayden 7/20, Brown 8/18, Bryant 3/9) 3pt FG's 5/13 38.5% (Hayden 4/9, Hill 1/2) FT's 17/21 66.7% (Hayden 7/7, Brown 3/4, Bryant 3/3, Dunn 0/6) Rebs Off. 12 (Dunn4, Brown 3) Rebs Def. 23 (Dunn 6, Bryant 6, Hayden 3) TO 11 (Hayden 4, Dunn3) Asst 3 (Dunn2, Hayden 1) BS 2 ( 2 players with 1) Steals 11 (Hayden 3, Brown 3, Bryant 3) Pts off TO 18 2nd Chance Pts 9 Pts off Bench 5 (White 3 Beeman 2) Scoring: Hayden 25, Brown 19, Bryant 9, Dunn 6, Hill 5, White 3, Beeman 2 BC 14 16 17 29 76 Dan 14 19 8 28 69
  17. Boyle FG's 27/50 54% (Imfeld 8/14, Webb 6/11, Wilson 4/8) 3pt FG's 7/18 38.9% (Imfeld 4/9, Carr 3/3) FT's 15/25 60% (Webb, Imfeld 5/7) Rebs Off. 7 (Team 3, 4 players with 1 each) Rebs Def. 28 (Wilson 7, Webb 5, Meyers 5, Carr 4) TO 14 (Webb 4, Imfeld 3) Asst. 15 (Webb 5, Carr 3) BS 3 (3 players with 1) STeals 8 (Webb 3, Meyers 2) Pts off TO 9 2nd Chance Pts 2 Pts off Bench 5 (Meyers 3, Little 2) Scoring, Imfeld 25, Webb 18, Carr 15, Wilson 9, Tater 4, Meyers 3, Little 2 BC 14 16 17 29 76 Dan 14 19 8 28 69
  18. Game shouldn't have went to OT. I give Pulaski credit they came back and put the pressure on Boyle. Like in all of the games Boyle has lost, they let pressure get to them in the later parts of the games.
  19. Was at the scored table and he call a hit on the hand/wrist area.
  20. Yea if you kick the leg out it shouldn't be a foul but he called a foul for hitting his hand not the leg.
  21. Heard a couple of days ago that and announcement was coming.
  22. You would be right on nothing being said until a hire.
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