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  1. Hopkinsville Perry CountyScott County South WarrenTrinity
  2. Thank you sir! May I have another.
  3. #8 should not have any problem against this team.
  4. He sure hits the hole at full speed and being a big boy is good for us on a 3rd. or 4th. and short. Just another weapon in Haddix's arsenal.
  5. Way to go Purples! Congratulations on a big out of state win!
  6. Boyle's offense continues to get better and better each week. O line keeps improving as is Boyle's rushing game. I like what I see out of this team other than the penalties. Seen where Boyle had 2 freshman playing on the offensive line tonight in Rush and Kelly. Only should get better with Hardwick back in the lineup for the Knights. One thing for sure It's good to be a Rebel!
  7. North Hardin’s #3 Boykins is a stud! 140 +yards and 2 receiving TD’s basically on his own.
  8. Look for a close 1st. half and Boyle cruise in the second half.
  9. St. X Manual Pikeville Henderson County Greenwood
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