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  1. Not that I am aware of. Should be Madison Southern Friday and Bourbon County the following Friday.
  2. https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/preps/kentucky/2020/10/25/high-school-football-rewind-central-wont-play-again-before-playoffs/3726384001/
  3. You are correct. As it currently stands 1 JC, 2 Central, 3 Corbin, 4 Boyle. Round 3 if the higher seeds won out in the East would be Boyle at Corbin, Holmes at Johnson Central. Round 4 would re-seed the entire state. 1. JC, 2 Central, 3 Corbin/Boyle (winner), 4 Russell Co, That would be Russell @ JC and Boyle/Corbin@Central.
  4. So Bourbon goes in the red and Boyle drops from 1st. to 4th. in the RPI because they couldn't find a game last Friday. Which means they travel to Corbin in round 3 and Johnson Central round 4 as it currently stands.
  5. Boyle put this out of reach very very early in the game. Happy to see the JV score and shutout Anderson with a solid defense the second half. Only thing I saw that needs to work on is penalties. Way to many!
  6. Boyle 7/9 for 133 yards passing and 3 Td’s 7 rushes for 134 yards and 3 Tds Anderson 2/4 passing for -1 yards 14 rushes for -3 yards
  7. Who still has one of these old shirts laying around the house? 2002 I believe?
  8. Only chance Anderson has is the coin toss. Will get ugly very early.
  9. IMO Franklin County not in the 4A top 10 is tragic if that was to stay that way. What the rankings are now means nothing. All thats matters is that they are respectable after the last week of regular season. I thought last year the KHSAA did as good as job as they could. Covid is throwing a wrench in this system as some teams have only played 2 games. Still IMO this is way better than just alternating each year.
  10. Has Boyle ever shutout Lexington Catholic? I don’t ever recall them pitching a shutout. Another complete team game. McDaniel with 111 rushing yards and a TD. Gillis with 75 yards rushing and 3 TD’s and 1 TD passing. Great Win!
  11. Lex Cath 3 firstdowns 6/62 yards rushing passing 7/18 -69 yards and 3 Ints.
  12. McDaniel with 14 rushes for 85 yards. 1 TD Gillis 11 rushes for 60 yards. 2 TD’s Boyle with 11 firstdowns.
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