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  1. Package came today! Always can use another shirt. I love the drinking cups and the wife likes the fresh blue musk! Thanks!
  2. I seen quite a few Corbin shirts at the game. Afterwards there was a bunch of them that waited at the exit tunnel to Congratulate Coach Haddix on his win. IMO looking back the last 365 days, Boyle County got THE right man for the job! The kids love playing for him and it shows on the field.
  3. I believe in Santa Claus but not Boyle > Male.
  4. #17 beat #13 40-6. #19 beat #12 #12 beat #10 IMO Male is better than Boyle.
  5. Got my official State Champ t-shirt just in time for Christmas! Who ya With!
  6. Congrats @colonel-fan on the win. Thanks @bugatti for putting this contest on. Being down going in to the final week I had to pick a different team than the rest to have a chance. My Elizabethtown pick just didn't pan out.
  7. Luke had some serious height on that tipped ball. Your average player would have never came close to deflecting it.
  8. Boyle Football 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2009, 2010, 2017 and 2020 coming soon!
  9. Boyle's offense line played lights out! McDaniel 32 rushes for 199 yards and Gillis with 18 rushes for 85 yards to go along with 11/17 passing for 168 yards. Overall Boyle ended up with 457 yards of offense and best of all ZERO turnovers! Boyle's balance on offense to me was the key issue in the game. Coleman Clark... what a big time play on your 59 yard TD pass to avoid 3 tacklers to get in the endzone with 3:51 left to play. Boyle kept that high powered offense of the Flyers on the bench for 9:00 in the 4th. Quarter. Defense never gave up the big play. Held the Flyers to a 0-8 on 3rd. downs. Big shout out to Freshman DB Avery Bodner! Played big time minutes in the second half and had a nice pass break up midway in the 4th. quarter to force a punt and most of all the great interception (Only one thrown this season by Broyles) late in the game. Luke Sheperson made a sensational play on the overtime 4th. down tip to seal the game. So happy for Jackson Smith to hit the fieldgoal in overtime to give the Rebels a 3 point win! He's a good kid that deserved it after last year. Also happy to see that the officiating did not play a outcome in this game. 9 Time State Champions....Boyle County Rebels! Who Ya WIth!
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