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  1. I thought that the past 6 football champions that received their trophy in the tunnel underneath Commonwealth Stadium and not on the field was STUPID. I mean they just played 48 minutes of tackling and being around each other each play. How is it that Covid is bad only when being handed a trophy and not a football?
  2. 1 Elizabethtown 1 Oldham County 1 Ballard 1 Bowling Green 1 Boyle County 1 Ashland 1 McCracken County 1 Highlands 2 Elizabethtown 2 Bowling Green 2 Boyle County 2 Highlands 3 Bowling Green 3 Highlands 5 Bowling Green TB - 134
  3. Never been this excited to see a UK basketball season end.
  4. No ducking competition here. Henderson County is a long drive for a regular season game.
  5. I kinda agree with this. Plus, Coach Clevenger has some asst. coaches that their jobs are in limbo. If he was asked to come back that would weigh in on me If I had to make that decision.
  6. 2001 3A State Championship Boyle County vs Rockcastle County. Boyle County was up 42-0 at halftime.
  7. Package came today! Always can use another shirt. I love the drinking cups and the wife likes the fresh blue musk! Thanks!
  8. I seen quite a few Corbin shirts at the game. Afterwards there was a bunch of them that waited at the exit tunnel to Congratulate Coach Haddix on his win. IMO looking back the last 365 days, Boyle County got THE right man for the job! The kids love playing for him and it shows on the field.
  9. I believe in Santa Claus but not Boyle > Male.
  10. #17 beat #13 40-6. #19 beat #12 #12 beat #10 IMO Male is better than Boyle.
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