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  1. UPDATED: 9/11 vs. Mercer County 9/18 at Christian Academy Louisville 9/25 at Highlands 10/9 at Lexington Catholic (District) 10/16 vs. Anderson County (District) 10/23 at Bourbon County (District) 10/30 vs. Madison Southern 11/6 vs. Danville
  2. With the first scheduled game a month away, will it happen? I'm beginning to have my doubts!
  3. @TheDeuce Your apology is excepted my friend! It was a honest discussion between two adults that didn’t result between name calling and fighting. Our country could be a better place without all the divisions that are troubling our country. I’ve pretty much already turned the news off as I don’t need the added stress with some issues I am currently battling in my private life.
  4. Correct! And I too also said I would apologize if I was wrong and it was called The Confederate.
  5. LE SABRE! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
  6. Great can't wait to see it. I'm done with this topic.
  7. Prove that I'm wrong! If I am 100% that should be easy. I'll wait. If I am wrong, I will be a man and apologize. Waiting patiently.
  8. Just because someone prints it in a newspaper doesn't make it true, but then again i'm 100% wrong.
  9. All I said was...... "Just for the record....Boyle County's yearbook has never been called "The Confederate". Only speaking the truth and was accused to be 100% wrong.
  10. Please share what proof you have on the yearbook being called the confederate. I'd love to see it.
  11. We're talking about the yearbook.
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