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  1. I know this is off topic but has there been a team that defeated 3 State Champions that didn't win one themself and only 2 losses of the year where to State Champions? There was this year.
  2. 1. Boyle County 2. Trinity 3. Bryan Station (Beat BG) 4. Bowling Green 5. CAL 6. Mayfield 7. Owensboro Catholic 8. Cooper 9. Covington Catholic 10. Bell County 11. Pikeville 12. Raceland
  3. So happy for these Boyle kids. People don’t realize just how much of a commitment it is to be a Boyle County Rebel. The underclassmen will start all over in an about 5 weeks for 2024. Football in Titletown is almost a year around sport. I say congratulations to the senior class and the rest of the team enjoy the rest of December and come out hungry for #13 on January 1! #Rebel4Life #WhoYaWith
  4. I'd say Brock's stock just rose considerably after last nights game.
  5. Congratulations to this Senior class. 4 Time State Champions! Heard on the radio on the drive home that 1 other school in Kentucky besides Boyle County can claim multiple 4-peats.
  6. I really liked our chances before the game but WOW! Didn't expect the defense to come on against Frederick Douglas, Corbin, Franklin County, and Covington Catholic. Gave up only 3 touchdowns total to 3 undefeated teams down the stretch.
  7. What’s scary is Boyle only has 9 seniors on the team. They will be better next year.
  8. Big Rebel Nation... Let's GO!!! #All4One https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=867110071584927
  9. Does a college field favor any team over the other? Hash marks and goal post are different than high school. Both kickers seem to be about the same percentage for the season at 93.7% and 93.4%.
  10. My bad that was 2002 on November 29th. by a score of 45-6 that Rockcastle beat Highlands. 2001 Rockcastle beat Covington Catholic in the semi finals by a score 17-14 the week before Boyle clocked the Rockets in the first half. Should have looked that info up and confirmed before posting. I am getting pretty old now but don't tell @Hatz.
  11. I agree. I personally like the 01 team as the best ever. State Championship game against Rockcastle County they had them down 49-0 at halftime after they put a running clock on Highlands the week before.
  12. https://khsaa.org/Publications/Programs/20232024/Football/2023footballprogram.pdf
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