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  1. Most disappointing loss of the season. 2nd half play calling cost the Rocks another good win. To be disappointed is an understatement. Geez...
  2. Disagree. I'm running NFHS through my computer to my big screen, and I've had no problem.
  3. I didn't realize this team was Division 3, (essentially 3A to us) coming. The Rocks have the ability to substitute easier than the Dragons. Very reminiscent of Miami Champagnat from a few years back.
  4. I'm watching via NFHS, and I gotta say, Trinity looks far faster all around. The defense is very disruptive, and the run game is brutalizing the Dragons D up front.
  5. St. Mary's has some hogmollies up front on offense. The T D should wear them down with speed.
  6. Rain has moved through, they should be back out shortly.
  7. Trinity came out looking faster than them. 3 plays later, lightning delay.
  8. UK finds a way to win a low scoring game to continue their magical season. UK- 16 UGA- 14 GO. BIG. BLUE!
  9. 1. Definitely a T hangover 2. Ballard knew they had a chance 3. Margin of victory doesn't change the size of the "W"!
  10. This is a 730 est game, correct? I'm stuck on the beach in Destin, and need to be back in the condo in time to stream it. TIA Tanker
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