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  1. I've heard Steve Specht and Coverdale coming down from Cincy St. X. If you're into conspiracy theories, this was set in motion when Coverdale left for X to be groomed under his longtime friend for a takeover in St. Matthew's to begin a new regime.
  2. If it is, it's a well deserved retirement. He's won 14 state titles, 1 mythical NC, and had multiple undefeated seasons. His teams have beaten almost every team they've played. In some cases given other programs their worst losses in history. He has proven everything as a coach. This years team would likely be his best, in terms of a full, healthy, well rounded team. If they don't get to play, it would be sad. But at 65, and 20 seasons at one school is a lot of time.
  3. Who's toughest opponent on their schedule in 2020? I'd like to think CAL and Lex Cath. But is Highlands up to the task this year?
  4. For Ohio it makes sense. As someone else mentioned, there are deserving teams left out every year. For Ky., however, it still needs a lot of fixes.
  5. Nice schedule for Ballard. They're making up for all those road games last year with 7 home games. I imagine the new stadium will be packed for all those.
  6. Just here to reiterate my response to the question posed to start the thread. YES!
  7. What stands out to me about this schedule is this: They alternate home and away games weekly. A lot of times you'll see teams get 2-3 straight home games, and then be on the road for 2 weeks. I believe having a staggered scheduled like this can be more beneficial.
  8. I saw on MaxPreps earlier that Indiana high school sports will resume July 1st., barring anything serious happening.
  9. I'm not sure what WC has returning, but you're correct that they've been good games. 2017- Trinity won 42-41 2018- WC won 42-41 (after being down 20) 2019- Trinity won 17-14
  10. Not sure how you figure Trinity had a not so great start. They lost to Male by 3 in 2 ots, and a loss on the road in Indy. They were 5-1 going into that game. Regardless, good luck to John Hardin and their new coach in 2020. I hope those guys have a great season.
  11. If I'm not mistaken, their football program is relatively new. Regardless, they play tough competition that requires them to travel a lot.
  12. Cathedral thumped the Rocks last year 28-7. I think they should be considered our toughest opponent. Life Christian is not afraid of anyone, but after watching video of them, I don't think they'll match up well with Trinity.
  13. Carmel was the IN 6A State Champ last year. Warren Central won it in 2018. Cathedral lost in the 5A semifinal last year. Moeller has been down for a while, and is on their 3rd coach in 4 years. Life Christian is an athletic academy. They play nearly every game on the road, and all over the region.
  14. No no. I understood, and was agreeing. LC will definitely be better competition. Well, we'd like to think. They play good teams, but after watching video of them, they only travel with about 30 kids. That's how Trinity wears down a lot of teams, with more horsepower.
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