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  1. Seneca's last crowning moment was beating a Brian Brohm led Trinity in 2003. The program just can't garner interest. They hold a special place in my heart, as my mom graduated from their, and I played there in 95 before transferring to Trinity. Good luck RedHawks!
  2. Manageable. Could finish .500 with a good night or two. Good luck.
  3. This will be the first time in a long time that Trinity plays all their games in Jefferson Co. GO ROCKS
  4. This is wonderful news. Initially that was a Saturday night away game.
  5. I'm not sure about that. FD and St. X scheduled a game pretty quick. I'd say they are more confident in giving the Tigers a better game than the Rocks.
  6. Look, I'm one of the biggest Trinity homer out there. In a regular season game in 2018, Cov Cath wins by 7. However later in the year, playoffs week 3, I'd give the edge to the Rocks by 3. I
  7. The Moeller game is set 9-5, a week before they can start play.
  8. The way I understand things, right now, if the KHSAA leaves it to school districts to decide and JCPS says no along with schools not travelling out of state, a program like Trinity would be left with 4 games. Warren Central @ Home St. X Virginia school @ home BG @ home
  9. Yes I know. And it's beautiful. I have what I call the "Wall of Game" in my man cave. 11 of the 14 Championship posters, framed jerseys (the pink one from 2010 with the #98, my graduating year, is my favorite), a Through the Years, an overhead of opening night in Marshall Stadium, and my prized possession, a duplicate sign of the 2011 NC season. I made the original for Trinity at the job I used to have. Among other items.
  10. I've heard Steve Specht and Coverdale coming down from Cincy St. X. If you're into conspiracy theories, this was set in motion when Coverdale left for X to be groomed under his longtime friend for a takeover in St. Matthew's to begin a new regime.
  11. If it is, it's a well deserved retirement. He's won 14 state titles, 1 mythical NC, and had multiple undefeated seasons. His teams have beaten almost every team they've played. In some cases given other programs their worst losses in history. He has proven everything as a coach. This years team would likely be his best, in terms of a full, healthy, well rounded team. If they don't get to play, it would be sad. But at 65, and 20 seasons at one school is a lot of time.
  12. Who's toughest opponent on their schedule in 2020? I'd like to think CAL and Lex Cath. But is Highlands up to the task this year?
  13. For Ohio it makes sense. As someone else mentioned, there are deserving teams left out every year. For Ky., however, it still needs a lot of fixes.
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