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  1. Not at all. I've watched them play in 17 state championships in the last 22 years.
  2. Yes but I think the conversation is in regards to title games.
  3. Yes, Male can and does defeat Trinity and St. X in the regular season. But in the playoffs and more importantly the State Championship, they just can't find the cure. 2010 Trinity-38 Male- 0 2019 Trinity- 28 Male- 6 2020 Trinity- 28 Male- 0 2021 St. X- won Male- lost 2022 Male lost, again.
  4. Sorry not sorry, but; I'm more thrilled to see Male lose a 4th straight title game than I am to see Bullitt East win. Don't get me wrong, huge congrats to BE. But Male should no longer be mentioned as a "Big 3". And honestly, X shouldn't be in it either. There is only 1 HULK. And that is Trinity, until someone can come close to threatening 27. And that will be a very long time.
  5. Male pulls the Buffalo hat trick! 4 straight title losses. Is that a record nobody else wanted? Congrats Bullitt East.
  6. I typed in KHSAA, it said no events scheduled....
  7. Aren't these games on NFHS? I'm struggling to find them.
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