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  1. As a Trinity fan, I absolutely want Lexington to have a contender. Along with every other part of the state where there are 6A teams.
  2. They both are capable of scoring a lot of runs. Could be a very exciting, extra innings kind of game.
  3. Rocks defeat Dawgs 6-4, move on to 7th Region Championship.
  4. Rocks move to 29-1 with an RBI in the bottom of 8th to knock off the Bears.
  5. Trinity won 6-2 over Blazer; move to 28-1.
  6. Final per Maxpreps Maybe someone who was there has game details. Im interested to hear about Bardstowns star pitcher.
  7. SC had 3 on with no outs in the bottom of the 6th. They scored one run before T put in a new pitcher. He struck out the next 3. Same thing happened in the 7th. SC is a solid program, always fields a competitive team. My kids go to SC, and I pull for them when they're not playing T.
  8. Any word on the outcome of those other 2 games?
  9. Which one has a Wildcats as a mascot that wears an "S" on its chest? That should give us the answer.
  10. Luckily enough for me, I've never been to Springfield Ohio either!
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