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  1. He was a Boombozz pizza franchisee, but has since lost control of that restaurant. I'm not sure what other business ventures he is tied to.
  2. The only school he would leave Male for is Highlands. And other than selfishness, nobody would blame him. Who wouldn't want the opportunity to return to their Alma Mater and return it to the glory days?
  3. I thought DH had dropped to 5A? Did they move back up?
  4. Whew, barn burner. 5 games, 5 running clocks.
  5. As of now, I assume BG is still willing to head north next week to face THE ROCKS? Nice win Purples!
  6. I have a lot to say but feel this is not the thread, nor the platform, in order to expand on this.
  7. Eastern does not allow Trinity to "broadcast" games at Eagle stadium. In the past, one radio guy would call into the station from his cellphone, and the game was called in that manner, via "radio".
  8. Outside the injury, really no surprise here. I feel bad that the Eagles face Trinity next.
  9. I'm a little surprised. Not much, but a little. What did FC lose off last years program?
  10. I think I meant it the other way. T vs CCH should be an annual matchup.
  11. I see no reason for CC and Trinity to start playing each other.
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