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  1. Trinity may be getting overlooked a little here. Yes they lose a lot to graduation. But they had multiple running clock games last season, many of which began early in the game. Those underclassmen gained a lot of experience.
  2. Ask Trinity 1994. They held him to his least amount of yards while beating his squad 21-7.
  3. Agree 100% on the rebuild. But the new coach is a defensive guru. (No pun intended). I think the Rocks are in very good hands, and very capable of winning 8 regular season games.
  4. Yeah, that's where my confusion was. I was frustrated immediately and didn't take time to watch. Lol
  5. Am I the only one pulling this on NFHS but getting the Male/ Manual game?
  6. Lackluster. Clearly the loss to Ashland took the wind out of the sails for NL. While Lex. Cath. was motivated by their loss.
  7. I think Scott or SK would be good for either of them and/ or Trinity.
  8. I like it. Ballard is really stepping up putting together a competitive schedule. I'd like to see them pull a Manual and try to get an OOS opponent in the next few years.
  9. That's a fairly competitive schedule for Fern Creek. I like it.
  10. Trinity can be good, but are so unpredictable. Ballard is on a different level this year. I think the Rocks can keep it close for a while. But ultimately the Bruins run away. Says it's on NFHS. B- 78 T- 62 GO ROCKS
  11. Correct. They lost to Montgomery Bell 17-13. Then Cincy St. X at Ryle 24-17 Manual 37-36 & Seneca 34-33 They whipped everybody after that until Ballard, the last game of the regular season, which was 22-20.
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