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  1. Two different cameras... one a Sony the others JVC. We are upgrading all to the JVCs. They cost an arm and a leg though. I think Lexington Catholic is the real deal. Them and Boyle could be a huge game. Highlands next though and we plan on doing that game too next week. Beau Allen is good. One of the best I have seen in the 10 years I have been doing this.
  2. Hey thanks for the kind words guys. Tonight I did not have any time to answer your messages. Busy with multiple cameras.
  3. We did not show all of it... but major punches thrown.
  4. Because of the BIG GAME we will be streaming this one LIVE for the first time ever at Simon Kenton. Just picture us breaking ground with this game in Northern Kentucky. This game deserves that 1080P HD video and TV like broadcast.
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