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  1. Doesn't that mean they also lost by 1, giving up a 2 point conversion at the end of the game with 8 seconds to go in the game?
  2. Male never wins against X or T? Is that really what you meant to say? Maybe I'm not understanding you correctly.
  3. Assuming Male and St. X both win their district. They would not play in the first 2 rounds. Each would play the 4 seed from the other district in round 1, then the winner of one of the 2v3 games. It sounds like they would continue to use RPI for round 3 and beyond.
  4. I've heard 3 names floated: Stoner (Manual), Dawson (Male), Nino White (HC at Atherton) I've not heard anything about interviews.
  5. My point is it's extremely rare. Most years, there is no lottery for Male because they have to take every traditional school kid before than can take any from the lottery. Let's get back to Manual ...
  6. I seen this posted before about Male. Who are the kids that played football for Male that were not in one of the 3 traditional middle schools over the last 10 years?
  7. Now that college athletes are allowed to profit from their NIL, is there any reason a high school athlete could not do the same?
  8. If they are fielding 2 separate “teams” - they should not be able to practice together. Isn’t that essentially a scrimmage? If it’s 1 team, shouldn’t they be limited to 10 games?
  9. Smith also played at North Texas - that makes a total of 5 colleges. Not exactly a sign that he knows a lot about what it takes to be successful in college.
  10. I was told they joined a league in southern Ohio and will be participating in the post season there. Not sure how that impacts the KY schedule and/KHSAA rules.
  11. 3 is clear. The student has 8 semesters or 4 years from the start of 9th grade.
  12. Chris Barclay - Outstanding coach and still holds the rushing record at Wake Forest.
  13. Does that mean that they will not be participating in the playoffs? Also, is there a list of schools that are approved for football on KHSAA's website?
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