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  1. Second good play to transfer to Lincoln. 🤔
  2. Boyle TO have been the story the first half. They just can’t stop shooting themself in the foot.
  3. Does anyone have a roster of Paintsville that has their sizes, numbers, position and class? Trying to get everything set up in my computer for the game but KHSAA doesn't have positions or sizes of players.
  4. My bad on my post. There has been no common opponents between the two teams. Just old and losing my mind.
  5. There is 3 common opponents between the 2 schools, Clay County, Corbin and Wayne County. Boyle beat Corbin at Corbin and Wayne at Wayne and lost to Clay at Clay. Paintsville lost to Corbin at home and away, Wayne in the Kenny Davis Classic but beat Clay twice once at home and then in the 13 Region Tournament.
  6. Don't know a lot about Paintsville but know they have a great Coach and it will be a tough game. If the Rebels can come out and play the way they have in the Region then the Rebels should win. I got to go with the Rebels by 8pts.
  7. As far as I know nothing yet and haven't heard of a date yet.
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