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  1. Rock runs out of steem great effort and performance future looks bright for the young lady Rockets return 4/5 starters and entire bench hard for freshman to beat seniors. Rock 41 Casey 55 Final
  2. Rock came out got to start 3rd but Casey weathered and ended on a great run Rock 30 Casey 43 Need a strong 4th for Rock to win this one
  3. Rock 22 Casey 27 Halftime Nice second quarter for Lady Rockets
  4. Rock 7 Casey 16 End of 1st Lady Rockets have uphill climb
  5. You may be right and Casey is capable of doing just that as they have proved it twice this season. However I am going to be biased and say my Lady Rockets avenged the other loss and tie the season up at 2-2 and punch there ticket back to Rupp for the first time since last time they played it was at Diddle and go to the Sweet 16 lol.
  6. Looks like this will set up a rematch with Casey County. This is the 4th meeting this season. Casey County won the regular season 2 meetings while Rockcastle won the district championship match-up so Casey holds the slight edge in match-up wins 2-1. 12th Region Championship Rockcastle County VS Casey County 7:00 Lincoln County HS
  7. Final. Rock will meet Wayne County in the semis on Friday.
  8. Southwestern goes out first now Mercer county is out. Assuming Rock holds to there big halftime lead against Garrard county Semi’s will be Friday Danville vs Casey Rockcastle vs Wayne Should be a good semi an finals
  9. Casey county vs Southwestern should be a battle tough draw for both top teams to have to do battle in the first round. Winner should meet Danville in the semi’s. That makes for two tough games in the upper half of the bracket. Mercer county should advance to Friday and play a rematch with Rock. Garrard has the chance to play spoiler an pull a first round upset if Rock doesn’t come to play. Finals could be all sorts of matchups featuring Southwestern vs Mercer, Southwestern vs Rock or Casey vs Mercer or Rock perhaps Danville makes the run and it’s Danville vs Mercer or Rock or Garrard so many possibilities so many great games should make for a fun region to watch with some great teams that should be poised to make a run at Rupp!
  10. Rock wins district championship for the first time since winning state title in 2011.
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