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  1. Knights might win but they won’t roll. Rock has a good team and has players to match up with catholic Rock won’t lay down and have potential to win
  2. A 3rd round matchup will occur in Rockcastle County as the very talented Knights come to town to take on a tough Rockcastle team who has been playing lights out! Who will move on to the semi finals in this region final showdown ? Rock is 11-1 on the season and Lexington Catholic comes in 8-4 both playing at extremely high levels with great offenses! should be a battle.
  3. LC with ball down 31-28 0:35 seconds left LC 1st and 10 on own 43 with 0 timeouts Rock defense has to step up big here if they want to win
  4. Rock had trouble fielding kickoff all season but field this kickoff clean
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