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  1. What's up with that kid? Does he want to try every school in NKY b4 he graduates?
  2. Don't know much about KCD but Paintsville has no passing game and their pass defense is not good. If KCD has a passing game I suggest they use it early and often.
  3. Let's see what Eviston can pull out for the 2nd half. This is the type of game he lives for.
  4. Thanks for that. All of us Campbell County folks appreciate it. Just wish we could have afforded to keep them on our side of the Licking River.
  5. NCC played about as bad a game as they could against Holmes with lots of penalties and over all sloppy play.. Holmes is an ok team but I think NCC was still shell shocked by the beat down Beechwood put on them the week before. They appear to have put those games behind them now.
  6. I really really want NCC to win this but I don't think they have it in them. I'll be shocked if they can pull it off.
  7. It was a shame he was injured. Great player. I think NCC would have still won but not by the same margin. Guess we'll never know now.
  8. And NCC easily beat Walton Verona and HC was beaten by WV handily.
  9. Looks like that beating they took from Beechwood paid off. Breds won't see a team like Beechwood in single A.
  10. HC RB back went down on last drive. Looked bad. See if it affects their offense,
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