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  1. All Diocese of Covington schools (Cov Cath, Brossart, Holy Cross, NCC) are only allowing 2 people per player in stands. Not sure what public schools in NKY are doing.
  2. Made my daughter text one of the starting OL. He said Malaki Herndon is the starting QB.
  3. Don't really know. The kids haven't been visiting due to covid so my information line is down. I have all girls so I have to interrogate the boys when they stop by.
  4. The CC and Cooper games were scheduled before Sept 11th and those games were cancelled as were all games on those dates. NCC already had Beechwood scheduled end of the season so guess Cooper wanted to play Ryle or Dixie as a postseason warm up instead of NCC so NCC added Holmes. Why did CC not want to play NCC on Oct 2nd? No clue. Or Did NCC drop CC to have a bye? No clue. Hopefully the schedules get back to normal next fall.
  5. Guys the original schedule had Campbell County, Cooper and Roger Bacon on it. The schedule now is a result of Covid cancellations not ducking big schools.
  6. I hope so. The gym there is awful. Nice new floor but it's lipstick on a pig in that gym.
  7. Clemson is on a 29 game win streak. I thought they had no chance last year against Bama and this year against OSU. I will never underestimate them again!
  8. Wish him the best but it's time to start over. Kinda hope he ends up with the Raiders.
  9. Why do you think the jury is still out on Beechwood? They're in the semis. NCC very well could have beaten Holy Cross it was a close game they were not overvalued at all.
  10. I don't think NCC losing this would be an upset at all. They look even to me. I'll take NCC because I want them to win but won't be surprised if they don't.
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