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  1. 48 other states didn’t respond. For a reason. It’s a stupid rule that was clearly going to be taken advantage of. And it was, by nearly every one of these kids, parents and programs who participated. Do you really think that the majority of these kids did it for academics? Really?
  2. I have no idea. But I’d be surprised if one team “ran it up” to send a message. Not this year in my opinion. Could be wrong.
  3. I don’t think so given the relationship between Eviston and Sphire. And that Highlands players participated in a fundraiser for CovCath earlier in the year, possibly in relation to Eddie’s brother. I could have that incorrect but there was a show of support that took place in the spring.
  4. And according to the post that Guru quoted, this is happening all over the region? I don’t buy it. I absolutely haven’t seen it. I know plenty of kids who were held back in kindergarten or first grade because of maturity or development concerns, sure. I don’t know of a single kid within 4 years in either direction of my sons who has intentionally stayed back. And they’re supposedly some of the best athletes in northern Kentucky? Well who are they, and which year of middle school did they give up?
  5. Simply doing “what is in the best interest of YOUR kid” doesn’t make it right. Life is hard. Not a single kid had it any harder than anyone else last year. The poster from above chose to leave whatever district they were in, and come to Beechwood. It’s a tough school. Socializing is never easy when coming to a new school. That’s a given. Doesn’t mean you should get to do it again because you thought it was hard. You made that choice. The fact that college coaches and the NCAA were a factor in the decision tells me about all I need to know.
  6. Any clue what enrollment would look like? 3A or 4A?
  7. I’d love to see it for the sake of the kids and communities. I get why they’d oppose it but the upside is pretty strong. Bellevue and Dayton have already merged youth football. It may be a case of join or cease to exist if this continues.
  8. Time to merge. Heard someone tossing around the idea of Newport, Bellevue and Dayton becoming one district and high school, North Campbell. Said put the new school where Bellevue’s football field is and keep Newport’s playing fields just across the bridge. Doesn’t not make sense.
  9. I know it’s not varsity, but what better way to kick off the week.
  10. You’ve got that all wrong. I would never let my son do this and I’d be embarrassed to do it myself. Has nothing to do with jealousy at all. If you think folks are “jealous” of beechwood or the reclassified kids you are sadly mistaken. I feel sorry for them.
  11. Everyone should care. I’m shocked by how many parents I meet who had no idea kids did this or to the extent Beechwood is participating. I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t shake their head and ask why. It’s a joke and any kid who stayed back to gain an edge should own it. Their parents should own it, their coaches should own it, and opposing fans should let them have it.
  12. Who cares? They reclassified and it’s more than one.
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