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  1. DE Xavier Campbell - SO - Beechwood Just named first team All-NKY at DE. Outstanding two way player with a bright future. Will be a big time recruit by the time he’s a senior. DT Luke Slusher - JR - Beechwood HUGE Junior interior lineman already attracting Division 1 interest. 6-5 265 and ripped. An impossible matchup for most centers and guards in NKY.
  2. Who were some stars of the game for Dixie tonight? Congrats to Coach Brossart, his staff, and the players on a program changing season.
  3. 1. Murray win helps Beechwood in a big way. Now, should the Tigers win next week, instead of having to travel to face LCA or take the 4.5 hour journey to Mayfield, they'll likely square off - on the road - against West Carter. The Comets are no cake walk, but it avoids having to travel 4.5 hours or play #1 in round 4. 2. If Walton upsets West Carter, then Beechwood hosts in Round 4
  4. That is in the hands of Walton-Verona. Should they pull off an upset over West Carter, then Beechwood could host in the semifinals.
  5. I applaud Lloyd for their grittiness and determination this season and pulling out a win over a team I thought was much better in Newport...and doing it without the services of several top players. That last drive and the previous drive that resulted in the game winning TD - for those of you that may not have seen it - were both masterful strokes of art by Kyle Niederman, his staff and those kids. That said, the Juggs season will come to a quick ending Friday night. I was stunned at the sizable difference between Beechwood and Lloyd in the regular season matchup. We'll see that difference once again on Friday night. As a wise posted said above, if you can't move the ball through the air against Beechwood, it's going to be a long night. My prediction - Tigers 53, Lloyd 6 Also, regarding RPI, as much as I want to hate the RPI for some of the stuff this year, I prefer it to the old system. Ultimately, I like that the better/higher ranked teams get to host in rounds 3 and 4.
  6. No way. Nailed it. Kid is a beast! Congrats WCHS!
  7. Numbers on my man Leetavious Cline? I'm guessing 150 and 3 touchdowns.
  8. Not seeing anything on my end either. My guess is some heavy behind the scenes "conversations" happening. The dreaded, but always present, hidden "meeting before the meeting"
  9. MARQUEE MATCHUP - #7 Danville vs. #5 Somerset - GAME OF THE WEEK A NOTCH BELOW - #16 Caldwell vs. #9 Murray - UPSET POTENTIAL ONE MORE NOTCH BELOW - #21 Todd County Central #6 Hancock Co #27 Knott Co. Central vs. #12 Breathitt Co. RUNNING CLOCK - #29 Prestonsburg vs. #2 West Carter #20 Washington Co. vs. #1 Lexington Christian #37 Ballard vs. #3 Mayfield SELECTIONS - Somerset; Murray; Hancock Co; Breathitt Co; West Carter; LCA; Mayfield Only possible upset I see is Caldwell Co., but as much as I like Coach Barnes and the Tigers, I think they keep it close, but get edged late.
  10. Very sad news. One of the most underrated players to ever come out of the Northern Ky area. A truly game changing football player whose impact led the Bluebirds to much success during his career there. I can speak first-hand as he whipped my tail all over the field in the one matchup we had in 1992. Strong, smart, quick...but, most of all, a class act. After mollywhipping me for four quarters in a playoff game, he found me afterwards to shake my hand. Will never forget that. A sad day in KY for sure..
  11. No flip was made. District 5 still playing with 6, 7, and 8 in Round 3
  12. Round 3 would look like this if these 4 teams made it to round 3 District 5 - Walton #19 RPI District 6 - Beechwood #4 District 7 - Middlesboro #8 or Breathitt #12 District 8 - West Carter #2 Walton at West Carter Breathitt Co./Middlesboro at Beechwood Assuming West Carter and Beechwood win, and LCA/Somerset, and Mayfield advance from the other side. Round 4 would look like - *LCA advances - Beechwood at LCA & Mayfield at West Carter *Somerset advances - Somerset at West Carter & Beechwood at Mayfield Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Yes, exactly. Brutal RPI update for Beechwood. Brutal with a capital B...salty, big mad brutal.
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