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  1. It's not often I'm shocked by anything these days...but, goodness gracious, the fact that so many adults turned a blind eye to this is astonishing. Can you imagine what has gone on there that HASN"T been reported? So disgusting.
  2. The suspense is palpable.....has any seen plumes of smoke or anyone riding a steed down 27 with a scroll?
  3. Final. Jack Sullivan 24 points/8 rebounds
  4. Just seeking clarification on the 33rd District as we head towards Districts. I see it as follows: * 3-way District Tie with Cooper, Boone, and Cooper all 2-1 in District play. RPI - I think - breaks the tie - which puts the highest RPI as the 1. If it were end today, it would look like - 1 Cooper (#32 RPI), 2 Boone (#42), and 3 Ryle (#51). Conner would be 4th and play a play-in game versus #5 Heritage. PLAY-IN - #5 Heritage vs. #4 Conner RD 1 * Conner/Heritage winner at #1 Cooper * #3 Ryle at #2 Boone Co. Am I right in thinking this is what it would like?
  5. The things I've seen with the "fence line" during high school and youth games have been beyond appalling ... especially at youth games. Not sure if it still goes on, but some of the behavior of parents at Mills Road during youth football games was bad enough that security needed to be hired at times.
  6. Seems like we're entering an era where finding coaches willing to take on the grind of being a high school football coach in present day NKY/KHSAA football atmosphere. I know I've spoken to several coaches in various sports around NKY who bemoan - rightfully so - how much the "game" has changed even in the last 10-15 years. More hours, more requirements, more NONSENSE from parents and neighborhood "mafias". Have we hit the point where we start seeing some of the most qualified coaches bow out of the high school game altogether and we start seeing less qualified coaches getting jobs that would have one day been hotly contested?
  7. I think the problem with that statement is simply this - a great number of kids that go through the Rebels program tend to end up at other programs. My understanding is many of the current Cooper kids played for the Rebels when they were younger. That being said, the Rebels program is led by some really quality men and women that do a great deal for that community and have put together some quality teams. In this era, it's not easy to be a youth football coach/volunteer....they do a great job. Any departure of kids to other programs is not their fault...sadly, nature of the beast so to speak.
  8. Have the names of Coach Odom's staff been announced yet? Good luck to the CRU!
  9. Where do we put Boyle 23 in terms of best teams in KY over last 20 years?
  10. I believe the color man is half asleep or medicated....definitely cashing that check. Wow
  11. 10 point - Pikeville 5 point - Cooper 4 point - Owensboro Catholic 3 point - Trinity 2 point - Boyle County 1 point - Christian Academy of Louisville total points - 48
  12. This. Exactly this. These guys are a hoot. As an aside, they need to shut off the comments on the YouTube. Getting chippy in there.
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