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  1. Anyone have a comprehensive list of teams that have won three state titles in a row?
  2. Agree 100%! Thought the play by play/lead guy in particular was fantastic. Great job to both on a very nice job. A joy to listen to the entire contest!
  3. Beechwood sophomore QB Clay Hayden’s numbers in four playoff games: 41-54 passing - 75.9% completion % 12-1 TD to INT ratio 827 yards Suffice to say, young Hayden has been beyond outstanding this year.
  4. For those of you seeking the link to Beechwood’s broadcast: https://mixlr.com/beechwood-sports-radio-network/ Go Tigers!
  5. Thank you. Yes, Beechwood's first two games were on the road at Walton Verona and at home against Grant Co.
  6. A few thoughts: * Great game by Hammonds, especially in the 2nd half. * Cameron Boyd is a beast. Most underrated player in the 9th. Saw a lot of rankings that had him outside of the top 10 players in the 9th. I think those list makers who whiffed have early evidence how off they were. * If the behavior of the Grant Co. fans and Walton-Verona students in the stands was any indicator of how this season is going to go in terms of foul language and official abuse....it's going to be a very long season. Get worse every year. I don't get it. At all.
  7. The introduction of the Union Raiders, NKY Bandits, Cooper, Boone County into the NKYFL definitely upped the ante when that occurred. # of games increased, conditioning/practicing in the offseason increased and the out of town tournament season officially began.
  8. Spent over a decade coaching youth football in NKY..saw a lot of great stuff and worked with a lot of really wonderful men and women who lead youth football in NKY. The one outage....and I'll never understand....is the absolute bloodthirst for winning at that level, especially at the younger levels. Too many games, lack of concern for the effects of too many games, some shocking terrible decisions in terms of forcing kids/teams to play multiple games in a day to "ensure other teams weren't shorted games". Absolutely no need - especially in this climate - for the amount of football games these youngsters are playing .
  9. This. 100% agree. No reason for this. Speaks to culture and leadership. Also, who leaves an ejected player alone or in a situation where he can EXECUTE what he did? Where is the adult in charge of making sure that kid is watched/isolated?
  10. Can anyone update us on the status of DANGER-Russ Obsorne? Have wanted to see him in person since I started seeing him fill up the stat sheets as a freshman two years ago.
  11. Another example in a long line of recent limited series on the streaming platforms that just went a little bit too long - see Dahmer. I really liked the first few episodes and thought the performances were really strong early on. Then around episode six it really just hit a wall and the appeal waned for me. Felt like they had a great story but had to fill 7 episodes. Keeping it nice and tight at 5 would have been perfect. Great performances by Naomi Watts & Bobby Cannavale. Really nice to see Mia Farrow on the screen again (another reminder if you haven't seen Rosemary's Baby...go watch it tonight...absolute banger classic). Jennifer Coolidge is shockingly good all of a sudden in everything she does (White Lotus..wow). I did feel, though, that some of the supporting roles were a bit camp....Terry Kinney - a terrific character actor - was miscast I thought as Jasper and Noma Dumezweni as Theordora felt like she was in a different movie than everyone else.
  12. There are some really good podcasts on this right now. Highly recommend True Crime Garage and their latest episode that dropped Monday I believe.
  13. NewCath fans/1A RPI gurus - With Bellevue not playing in the playoffs this year, who will NCC play in the first round? Bye? Or will someone be shipped to play NCC from another district?
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