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  1. He was teaching at CovCath while I was there from 89-93. One of the kindest, most unassuming men I've ever come across. He truly had the respect of every single person that walked those halls...which, as we all know, isn't easy when you're talking about teenage boys. I didn't have him for any classes and didn't play basketball..but he couldn't have been any more kind and gracious towards me in every single encounter I had with him. We were blessed to have him while we did.
  2. Curious who people think are some of the top players in 9th Region history. As an aside, how many NBA players hailed from NKY?
  3. How is the 38th going to be decided? From what I'm looking at between Robertson, Pendleton and Harrison, it's a 3-way tie at 2-1 with no head to head front runner. RPI? Draw? I'm hearing this is an issue across the state because there's no uniform deciding factor. Why is that? Does KHSAA allow each District to determine their own tie-breaker? That seems slippery. Thanks in advance!
  4. With the win, Beechwood moves to 18-5. NCC falls to 8-7.
  5. A whole lot of folks in here discounting that fourth team who knocked off two of the three teams most of you are figuring as the only threats of the 9th Region. Interesting.
  6. The first one, I have zero problem with. In fact, I think the majority would agree you'd be a fool to not hold the ball to prevent that. The second....weak...you gotta wave....but man, that wave policy/procedure is so weird.
  7. Will RPI be used this year to break all district ties?
  8. Yes. I show him with 2,888 points. He needs 3,045 to tie Hatton. He's on pace to break the record sometime in the first week of March. My prediction is at home vs. Walton on March 6.
  9. ...or maybe the Holy Cross game was a classic let-down game after a massive emotional come from behind win over St. Henry - one of the best teams in the state by your own admission? If that's the case, and I think it is, wouldn't wins over St. Henry and Highlands weigh heavier than that game? Not saying Holy Cross isn't very good, but they also lost to NCC last week, which points to the win over Beechwood being catching the Tigers at the right time after a big win. Surprised so many continue to look at Highlands as a top 15 team with losses to Beechwood, St. Henry, and CovCath. Meanwhile, Beechwood beats St. Henry and Highlands and still is looked at as an outsider.
  10. You're in the minority amongst those that watched last night. The game was a lot closer than the 14 point difference. Surprised anyone - including those of us most dedicated to our homer craft - would come away with that as your learning. BTW, not mentioned, but what a heat check from Reese Murphy off the bench for the Colonels! He scored 8 quick points in the second quarter in a very short stretch. Nice to have a kid like that coming off your bench. Also, in terms of player comps, does Evan Isparo remind anyone else of a young Kelly Niece? The comp may be off, but what an impressive performance from him last n ight.
  11. Final last night. Beechwood (12-3) Scotty Draud - 38 points (13-20 FG), 5-7 3's, 9 rebounds Will Downton - 18 points Cameron Boyd - 9 points Boone County (2-6) Parker Fields - 26 points Cole Shumate - 14 points Kaleb Chipman - 9 points
  12. Final. Tigers move to 6-1. Scotty Draud led the way with 26 points and 9 rebounds. Will Downton added 17 points/6 assists/5 rebounds. Great defensive effort by the Tigers who held CAL - who came in averaging 80.3 points per game - to 30% shooting.
  13. Now that we're a few weeks into the season, who does everyone see as some of the top 10 sophomores in the state so far? Any surprises? Risers? Fallers?
  14. As someone who coached against him for a few years and watched him sling the rock all over the field...I would be stunned if he were anything less than an absolute superstar for the Bluebirds. Extremely talented and well coached over the years.
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