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  1. Have been an admirer of this young man's ability for awhile now. For you mathematicians, iff you plotted his career on an axis and one side was skill/impact/ability/overall talent and the other was quality of team, he may be one of the best players to ever play on terrible teams in KY football history. For him to accomplish what he did last season with the quarterback situation being what it was is simply remarkable.
  2. Apparently, Fussinger was released after posting bond a few hours after being arrested. Kenton County District Attorney Rob Sanders not happy at all. WXIX has a story on their site. This will be an interesting one to watch. Hopefully there's nothing else sinister behind what has been uncovered already.
  3. Curious what everyone thinks this fall will look like for our middle school and youth football leagues? Was today's release of info a glimmer of good things to come or false hope due to a bevy of stipulations that may be unattainable? Will fall HS football have a better chance of starting on time/at all more than middle school/youth football? Just curious what everyone believes we'll be looking at come mid-July.
  4. "We're hopeful that we can have some championship play in the fall, but I wouldn't count on us starting on time"
  5. So now that Julian Tackett has said to not expect football to start in early July, what does everything we're looking at? Anyone hearing any rumors?
  6. DL/RB/TE Xavier Campbell - Beechwood - Started every game last season at DE/DT for the Tigers. Versatile, strong, athletic young man who is a physical force on both sides of the ball. Great blocker out of the backfield and has good hands as well. Should be a force on both sides of the ball this season. QB/LB/FB Torin O'Shea - Beechwood - Big, physical and - like his cohorts above - versatile athlete that saw time last season last season at fullback in Beechwood's goal line package. Throwback type player that brings an element of toughness/swagger that Tiger nation will grow to love. RB Mitchell Berger - Beechwood - Outstanding all-around player with a nose for the football on defense and the end zone on offense. Alpha/elite player that will become even better as he grows/matures. Should have a similar to career to his papa - Beechwood Mt. Rushmore legend Brandon Berger. Also, a three sport talent/leader.
  7. Wonder at what point we can expect some sort of announcement on spring sports from the KHSAA?
  8. Just getting into investing. Curious if anyone in here has any good books/resources/videos/podcasts on learning about investing for beginners?
  9. Best wishes to Rulli! Hope to see this young man playing in a big school on Saturdays in the coming years. Prep schools and the like seem to becoming more and more of an option in the region. Seems like I hear of rumors of top NKY kids going to prep schools fairly often now. Why is that? What has changed?
  10. Amazing when you look at those numbers just how pervasive heart disease is in the US. I truly hope - and am looking in the mirror on this one big time after seeing those numbers - people really take a moment to review how those numbers apply to them and move forward accordingly. Appreciate the post...happy Easter to all!
  11. While I certainly understand the validity HAS to be in question, the Reddit forums on this case are quite a read. Will be interesting to see if the net slueths theories/investigations turn out to be true/chased down by the law.
  12. The thing is he did all of that playing on quite possibly the worst team in the region. Multiple young, inexperienced; under-skilled QB’s. The QB the Indians staff settled on was a freshman who could be good eventually but was running for his life most of the time. McClendon just made plays constantly. I can’t imagine what he’d do on a good team with an experienced QB and big experienced OL.
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