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  1. Anyone seen a comprehensive list of Kentucky high school/college kids drafted this week?
  2. Drastic indeed... I wonder how the Meyer and Gibson families feel about this turn of events?
  3. I wonder what could have prompted such a quick departure? Based on his social media, he seemed to be very committed to the Holy Cross community and program.
  4. Trinity 9, McCracken 3 Good luck to both teams! Heck of a tourney this year!
  5. Wood is an impressive young player. One heck of a performance against an excellent team that was beating some big dogs in the last few weeks. Good luck to Danville the rest of the way!
  6. Here’s a link to today’s game: https://mixlr.com/beechwood-sports-radio-network/events/beechwood-vs-danville?fbclid=IwAR2PoJqndwM9tfIQ4tbnNBgfl6qeflKY1zQhXD2yf5QOfSin3R3jGI__go0
  7. Also just discovered these stats/facts about the Ads this year: * They currently lead the nation in HR * Christian Howe (UK) and Ethan Wood (UL) are #1 and #2 in the nation in HR with 20 and 17 respectively. Preston Barnes is #5 with 15. * Even if they don't hit another HR this entire season, they'll finish in the top 15 of all-time in the US in HR's for a high school team in a single season. * They lead the state in BA, R, H, 2B, HR, RBI, and pitching K's. As the Cowboys says....oh my.
  8. That Bears hat....you knew the main meant business when he came out to the field wearing that hat. Brings back some great memories.
  9. To be clear, no one is doubting Danville's roster is loaded...it's just insane to see their power/offensive numbers. * 15 players in the state with 9 or more HR and Danville has 7 of those players on their rosters, including four of the top 5. * 84 total HR while 2nd place Trinity has 41. * 67 more total runs scored than 2nd place Bowling Green. Does their home field have a fence? If so, how deep are the fences?
  10. Man I’d love to see a boxscore of this one! Hope there were no injuries. What a great event!
  11. So are fields in the 12th all bandboxes or are these extraordinary HR numbers legit? 7 of the 12 top HR hitters coming from one region seems a bit odd. Thanks in advance.
  12. Obviously, Trinity is the favorite here, but who does everyone like outside of the Rocks? Who is the cinderella if there is to be one?
  13. Seems like the marketing team for St. E might want to stretch themselves a bit to promote this game. Completely agree...can never find the rosters. Ugh.
  14. Unbelievable accomplishments all throughout his career with Somerset. Agree with the sentiment above. This young man is a winner and will do big things ahead. Congrats on a fine career, Kade, and good luck at the next level!
  15. Bingo! And anyone who DOESN'T get it and continues to ignorantly criticize Cam or his decision needs to just stop. Time to move on.
  16. Are rosters published anywhere? Would love to see a list of who’s playing this year!
  17. Talk about a loaded region...goodness gracious.
  18. For those of you that follow Danville closely, curious what the MLB draft prospects are for Howe and Ethan Wood? Howe leads the state in HR and RBI and is 3rd in BA, behind two players with lets than 30+ AB's than him. That is impressive.
  19. Final in 5 innings Beechwood senior right-handed Drew Fieger (7-1-1) throws five scoreless innings, allowing only four hits and striking out six. Fieger - who will be playing at the next level at Lincoln Trail JC - has now throw 30 1/3 innings consecutively without giving up an earned run The Tigers will play the winner of today’s CovCath-Ryle matchup tomorrow night at 7 pm for the 9th Region title
  20. Amazing picture!! Thanks for posting. Love seeing pics like this. The coaching jackets tho. F-I-R-E 🔥
  21. Final. Sophomore Mitchell Berger picks up his 7th win of the season, allowing only one run, five hits, and striking out 11 Crusaders in a complete game effort. The Tigers scored all four runs in the second Inning that saw them string together five hits. Key hits included a 2-run triple by sophomore catcher Brice Estep and RBI singles by junior DH Landon Johnson and sophomore RF Cameron Boyd. Outstanding defensive efforts turned in by Tiger middle infielders SS Ben Meier and 2B Jackson Roseburrough. Both made highlight reel plays in key moments throughout the tilt. CRU se
  22. Who will be the tailback this season for the Eagles? Will Howlett continue to be QB1 for the Eagles...hearing the name Dasani Lane a lot this summer and heard there were differing views on the staff last season (and this?) on the QB position.
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