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  1. Big UK football guy here. I was watching the game this past weekend and they were talking about Coach Schlarman. Do y’all remember him coaching at Newport? I wonder if his heart wasn’t pulled to College Football where the Newport program would be at today? I think it would be a completely different story down in Newport. Great Man!!!
  2. Right, little odd. I guess you have to jump at the opportunity if you aren’t happy and if nothing in a coaches contract says otherwise then make the jump. Do what is best for yourself. I guess at the end of the day you have to look out for number 1
  3. Honestly Newport would have taken the “L” regardless of a coach being hired from Newport High. Heck, you could give NHS NCC’s playbook and They would still with at the same Margin
  4. What would you do if you were a coach? Put yourself in the coaches position. This is what I am asking?
  5. I get he is young, but to publicly embarrass your team and carry on the way he did can not go unpunished. If you let him walk then he gets to walk in dress pants and a team shirt. He needs to earn that jersey back, earn the respect back from his team and coaches. Teams can’t let this behavior happen.
  6. He embarrassed his team, his school and his city. You don’t not get that right.
  7. Local Northern Ky School Player is apparently not allowed to Walk during his Senior night because he is suspended for two games (senior night is one of them). He was having a bad game and was replaced. As any good coach would do. Instead of being a senior leader he took his helmet, his equipment and jersey off walked out of the game while running his mouth. My question for discussion is how do school handle situations like this? In my opinion he would never be allowed back on the team. As a player I always would get mad at my team mates who would throw their helmet, heck I would call
  8. Scott wasn’t in the the finals and The camels lost against scott because of self inflicted injuries. Scott is not the better team.
  9. I saw his article on FB. One of his goals is to beat Fleming County. Which was similar to the one at Newport which was to beat NCC. He had two chances to beat NCC and choked in the last two minutes of the game. Can’t run the same play 5 times in a row and expect it to work. On all honesty I think Newport needs to merge with Bellevue and Dayton. Pull more players and could be a solid team.
  10. This Wildcat team did not spend any time on their game in the off season due to the pandemic. They are a year behind & their season shows that with their record. Come onWildcats spend some time on your game in the off season. You are better than this season record. Hope help is on the way
  11. I think my the recently upgraded city building. A ball field sits behind there
  12. I drove past that field on route 8 and thought it would be an amazing complex to put a football and baseball field in.
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