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  1. I would’ve tried to change the Bullitt Central and Greenwood games out but I know it’s hard to get these schedules lined out but I just can’t see them being competitive in those games. I would’ve also like to seen them bring Monroe Co back this year that was a competitive game in the second half and I feel like if WC had 5 more minutes they would’ve won that game.
  2. I would hope that is the case with Hart Co if not they have a lot of work to do.
  3. This seems a lot like the Tennessee Vols situation firing a coach without a plan in place to hire another.
  4. They might as well join North Hardin’s district they play every team in it except Barren Co.
  5. Eminence is the only surprise game here to my knowledge they haven’t played before. This is a schedule they can compete in and maybe have a good season.
  6. I can understand a crosstown rival if it’s one county school and one city school than by all means play every year but to play them all every year seems like a lot of schedule to be locking up. I would’ve liked to seen them schedule Bowling Green or South Warren they’re only 70 miles apart so travel wouldn’t be that bad.
  7. You take St X and maybe Henderson off this schedule and they should destroy everyone else.
  8. Yes it used to be host by the hospital but for whatever reason that sponsorship ended and Glasgow wanted the bowl to continue so they rebranded it the Scottie bowl and picked up numerous sponsors. But for some reason Barren didn’t participate any further with this bowl and then last year they started their own which I like I just wish it was two games.
  9. I would love to see this go to a two game affair I don’t care for these one game bowls because you’re basically just sticking a bowl name on a regular season game. And yes I understand that all bowl games count as a regular season game but two games make it more interesting to the fans. In most cases it signals the opening of the season and a lot of times you get to see teams you don’t get to see much or never.
  10. I think this would be really fun that being said it’s never going to happen for some reason in football travel time is a big deal.
  11. It all depends on how you look at it, what if you have a very competitive district and all four teams have tight competitive games. So the 4 seed gets to face the 1 seed in their district who they already played super tight in the regular season. But your reward for beating that same 4 seed is you get to play the 3 seed out of another district and what if that 3 seed is Cal, Desales or Mercer Co you are going to feel like you got screwed. Bottom line someone is going to feel like they got a raw deal so me personally as a fan likes seeing my team play different teams I don’t want to play the same teams twice a year every year unless it’s in the region championship.
  12. I wouldn’t care for this system it almost seems like you’re protecting a couple districts that have three tough teams and just giving them a way for all three to get a little further in the playoffs.
  13. I’ve never understood the whole 3 hour trip complaint football plays the least amount of games of any sport is it really that expensive to travel 3 hours for one game a season I just don’t get that complaint especially since I would imagine their are a lot of hour and a half two hour drives during the season is that extra hour one time a season really that big a deal.
  14. I agree with this idea, there’s always going to be blowouts in football that’s just how it is but if you rotate districts 1-4 and districts 5-8 so that the same team doesn’t have to travel to a team like Trinity every year that would be the best solution. I think this is what they were doing the last two years before the realignment and I thought it was really fun to watch.
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