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  1. And that’s your opinion but that’s not my opinion and I do get one by the way just because you don’t see it the same way doesn’t mean you are right it also doesn’t mean I’m right but in my OPINION I think if Corbin wins then most people on here would consider it an upset.
  2. The poll has it 32-16 in favor of Boyle and I think most people on here expect Boyle to win so that’s how I figure it to be a upset.
  3. Seems like I’ve been picking against Bardstown the whole playoffs and they just keep winning but I think this is the game I’m finally right on. Give me Cal 37-13.
  4. I would love to see BE win but I just don’t think it will happen give me Male 35-14.
  5. I went against BW last year and it kept me from winning the picks I’m not making that mistake again give me the Tigers 38-20.
  6. 5- Bryan Station 4- Lexington Christian 3- Bardstown 2- Ballard 1- Bowling Green
  7. Corbin’s last championship in 82 was over my Scotties. I think Corbin gets the win but I wouldn’t be shocked in FC won.
  8. I think Ballard had the more convincing win last week.
  9. It’s funny how people look at things with onside kicks and late two point conversions if you go for them and make them your a genius coach but if they fail they’re idiots.
  10. I guess I will be having crow for Thanksgiving. Who knows Owensboro is probably as good as WC they may give FD all they want.
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