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  1. Franklin Simpson ain’t winning their last game.
  2. I think Russellville wins this game and I don’t think it will be real close.
  3. I’m not arguing that it probably was an accident that Glasgow ended up having a tougher schedule this I was stating that they did.
  4. I don’t think it really matters so much who’s number 1 between Glasgow and Cal both would host the semis. Now if you are one of those people that want to pick the easiest route you might would rather play Union/PT rather than Bardstown in the third round but I believe to be the best you have to beat the best. I don’t think Bardstown can catch either team but if they did because they played to weak 5A schools the last weeks of the season that would kind of prove the RPI has flaws because Glasgow and Cal have played far better schedules this year that Bardstown has.
  5. This is just a feeling out game for the rematch in a couple weeks.
  6. What’s really helped Glasgow’s RPI this season is what the teams they have played have done. Woodford Co is undefeated, Russellville has only lost 1 game Taylor and Adair are 6-2 I think even Allen Co is 5-3. They’ve played a lot of teams with a lot of wins.
  7. I think Glasgow and Cal stays at 1 and 2 in the RPI Bardstown is 4 tenths of a point behind Cal however Glasgow is only 5 hundreds of a point ahead of Cal so they both play poor 3A schools this week which may not change a lot however Cal plays a 6A school the final game of the season regardless of how poor they are and Glasgow plays 4A Franklin Simpson. So assuming they all win their final 2 games I think it will finish Cal first, Glasgow second, and Bardstown third.
  8. You can but most coaches don’t for whatever reason. I guess they think the 35 is pretty good.
  9. 2 kickoff TDS at some point you got to just kick the ball at of bounds and let them have it at the 35.
  10. I think this will be a revenge game and if given the chance Pikeville will try to gap Hazard by as much as possible.
  11. Ballard Southwestern Bryan Station Highlands Franklin Co.
  12. That’s insane it’s not like it’s an inch that looks like several inches. If that was Kentucky the whole state would be shut down and the grocery stores would be cleaned out.
  13. I think Green is better than Adair who played pretty even with Metcalfe so I’m going with Green by 14.
  14. I think Woodford is quite a bit better than Highlands and they gave CC all they wanted so I will have to respectfully disagree.
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