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  1. Somerset wins easily I think Russellville should’ve scheduled a little lighter to give the team a better chance of winning until they were all the way back.
  2. Is anyone else beginning to have a few doubts about Cov Catholic. Don’t get me wrong I think they’re really good and probably will still be in it for a title hunt but I don’t think they’re as good as they have been the past 4 or 5 years.
  3. As well it should be Glasgow is a 3A team that lost its quarterback top running back and receiver if South don’t win big it will probably say more about them than it will Glasgow.
  4. Depends on expectations coming into the season if they had championship hope they are probably in panic mode if they were expecting a down year then they probably seen this coming.
  5. I find it strange that McCracken has had the kind of success it’s had considering it consolidated from Heath, Reidland and Lone Oak now I understand Lone Oak had a few good seasons but I think a lot of that was system related because they threw the ball a lot before most of the state did however I don’t remember Heath and Reidland having much success. I know that’s a little off topic just my thoughts on the success McCracken has had now to this game I expect McCrackento win by a couple scores but I expect it to be tight really late into the game.
  6. I expect South to win by 2 to 3 touchdowns although I thought the same thing last year and Glasgow should have won the game. I think the Scotties can score Hunter Scott is a really good running back who is dangerous in the open field he had a 75 and 82 yards touchdown runs last week and Myers throws the ball pretty well and they have two or three fast receivers. My concern is the defense who though two games have not been good against the pass so I’m worried Veltcamp may carve them up hopefully the coaches can make some adjustments and figure out how to be better against the pass.
  7. Greenwood looks strong so far but it’s a long season.
  8. Nice to see Boone Co winning some games again.
  9. Seems like Hopkinsville May be for real this year.
  10. There’s no doubt Russellville is improved but Franklin is probably down a little from what they have been. I think this sets up a interesting district schedule for Franklin, if I had to pick a favorite right now I would probably go with Allen Co but it’s a long season and most teams will get better the more they play.
  11. I know it seems weird to say with a 19 point score and a shutout but this game seemed a little closer than I thought it might be.
  12. I think Paintsville is better than Caldwell so I’m picking Paintsville.
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