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  1. I know Barren Co has a nice one they built it attached with several classrooms so on the field side it has a really nice look to it.
  2. It’s amazing how quick things can turn around what was two seasons ago that Dixie was just bad and now this year I would think they are expecting to have a pretty good year.
  3. Senior night on a intra squad scrimmage. I know last year people was trying to do them early in case they didn’t get all their games in but this appears to be a better year seems odd they would do it at a scrimmage. Will school even be in session.
  4. That’s probably second to Trinity as best performing team over the last 10 years and maybe a better record because Trinity plays all of those good out of state teams.
  5. That’s a pretty tough schedule and it will probably be a long season in Danville but I doubt anyone is going to feel sorry for them after the beatings they have put on people so they will just have to lace them up and go at it.
  6. Ain’t that the second game against Kentucky schools for Heritage.
  7. I think T might be a little over rated based off history. It seems like they lost a lot and won’t be quite as good this year. They might and probably will still win the state championship but 15th in the country seems a little high.
  8. I agree totally and I’m all for these tournaments I think they’re great practice, but I just don’t get to distracted by who’s winning and losing.
  9. Exactly my point on these 7x7 does anyone believe Adair Co is better than Central Hardin, South Warren or Bell Co. Nothing against Adair Co but I think you have to take these 7x7 with a grain of salt.
  10. In my opinion 7x7 is about like NFL preseason you can’t pay a whole lot of attention to the scores.
  11. I don’t know much about that team but I’m assuming they probably ain’t a powerhouse or why would they schedule them.
  12. Seneca beat Trinity that has to be an all time high for that program.
  13. I remember that last championship barely I was 9 but they beat Glasgow 18-6 in 1982.
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