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  1. I realize they are a small school but they have a rich tradition seems like it would be a pretty good job.
  2. Anytime we’re adding football teams it’s a good thing.
  3. Possibly but I would think that would be schools struggling to field teams anyway I would assume if the KHSAA gives the go ahead most schools will play.
  4. It seems like at this point that this ain’t going away so I think as a civilization you have to make a decision are we going to shut down until a vaccine is available which in all likelihood is going to take more than a year maybe two to get to everyone or are we going to continue with life and the vulnerable people and the people that’s scared to death of it stay home. I for one am not scared of it if it’s my time it’s my time and I’m not going to waste my life sitting at home scared to go anywhere. If there was high school football tomorrow and we were allowed to attend I would be there.
  5. Still really impressive and I think UK got a good one.
  6. KSR said he led the nation now you know their motto facts are optional but either way a heck of a season and he’s probably under rated nationally.
  7. You have to give the coach credits the games he had control over he scheduled tough.
  8. Starts out pretty tough weakens a little in the middle and then finishes strong overall pretty respectable schedule.
  9. I remember that Glasgow game the Scotties was coming off back to back runner up seasons where they lost to a great Boyle Co squad both years Boyle finally moved on to 3A that year and then Bardstown got moved up from 1A and they were loaded but as good as they were offensively they really shined on defense the score of that game was 0-0 with one play left in the third and the Scotties a predominately running team couldn’t get anything done on the ground so they tried to go deep and the ball was intercepted and returned for a touchdown and it kind of just snowballed from there so that was three straight years I truly believed the Scotties had exceptional teams that ran into some of the best high school teams I’ve ever seen.
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