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  1. I can’t believe any athlete would play a extra year of football solely for a award so I would say he would probably like to win it but it’s probably not a priority on his mind for returning for another season.
  2. It’s no wonder this program can never get any footing.
  3. I do as well because I truly feel like this is purely a football redo and regular graduates will not repeat. I don’t feel like teams should get their best players back while other schools do not it just doesn’t pass the smell test to me.
  4. I like hearing about these traditionally struggling teams having great years like they did a few times in the 90s.
  5. So 95 was probably the best year in team history, thanks for the info.
  6. Did he move in from somewhere else before high school or was he born and raised in BG does anyone know?
  7. Tough district to be in for sure. I seen yesterday where someone said when they played they went to a one loss MC team in the playoffs and everyone expected them to lose and they won and it made me think when was the last time MC won a district championship if ever.
  8. I don’t watch WC games, so wait are you telling me they never punt and always kick onside kicks that’s insane.
  9. The crazy part about it is it’s just hurt WC in football they have still been really good in basketball now I know a basketball team doesn’t have nearly as many people as football but it’s still a 4A school so there’s still a lot of students at the school. They might have lost enough athletes to SW to not be able to compete for championships but you still wouldn’t think they would be that bad.
  10. St. X main problem is Trinity. Where it used to be them and Trinity it’s now just Trinity. Until they can get back to beating Trinity they ain’t winning any championships.
  11. I would like to see the sister district then go to the RPI for the Region Championship round.
  12. It’s always been amazing to me how a team can win a championship and then drop to this level.
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