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  1. It’s easy just to continue to pick Mayfield and they very well may win but sometimes it’s just good to see the underdog win.
  2. It’s hard to pick against PT because your mind says PT will always beat UC but after that regular season game how can you possibly pick anything but UC. That’s my pick 28-14.
  3. I’m surprised the poll is in favor of Mayfield 18-3. I expect this to be a really close game and this is Murray’s chance and I think they get it done 35-21.
  4. Glasgow had a freshman quarterback in his first start the last time these two played and was trying to break in a complete new system after losing junior quarterback John Carter Myers. The Scotties have really improved as well as that freshman quarterback so I would look for a much closer game and I think Glasgow pulls it out 28-21.
  5. I think Hopkinsville is more talented but that didn’t matter in the first game so I’m going with Logan Co 31-27.
  6. Apparently laketime85 has some personal issues with Manual I just said I would like to see them get there every school deserves success sooner or later.
  7. I think Etown wins this game. A lot of times you will see the district flip flop in the playoffs but I don’t think that is the case with this game I truly believe Etown is a serious title contender.
  8. I don’t agree about earning everything you get most schools have to take what comes through their system but not all so it’s not all about earning what you get if you believe that you are living in a dream world. I will always pull for success with the public schools.
  9. I agree Glasgow has been in the district with some really poor teams and I’ve seen several teams that the Scotties was up 50 at halftime and those games most of the time finish 56-0 or something similar I guess it’s feasible this game was such a mismatch that they couldn’t run a play without scoring but that’s why as I mentioned earlier shorten the quarters in the second half I’ve seen the Scotties do this on numerous occasions.
  10. This is the rule but in all my years of watching football I have never seen that call at any level. Now that might be for a couple reasons. 1. The defensive teams coaches have instructed their players to get across the line to avoid the penalty. 2. The refs deliberately wait for the defense to get back across. IMO it’s probably a little of both.
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