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  1. While I will agree they did come on towards the end of last season but they’ve still had back to back losing seasons and the two years before that they went 6-5 that’s the definition of struggling to me. Now they aren’t having 1-9 seasons but they haven’t had a good season since 2014.
  2. Not extremely tough this is probably a good schedule for a Warren East team that has struggled the last few years.
  3. That’s got to be the toughest schedule in the state next year right.
  4. I like scrimmaging the Owensboro schools they will be tougher than anyone else on the schedule other than Mayfield.
  5. Thanks to all these kids with all the cancellations they could’ve said what’s the point of continuing to practice but they kept on and got it done. Here’s to hoping we will get to see games next year with huge crowds at the stadiums.
  6. It looks like that like me they got 2 out of 3.
  7. I’m not surprised by the winner of this game but I’m surprised by the gap wow congratulations Paintsville for going out and proving you were the best in Class A.
  8. This is the only game that surprised me I thought LCA would win by a couple scores so congratulations to BW you guys went out and took care of business.
  9. I guess it’s devastating because it’s the championship but really they wasn’t supposed to be here they were supposed to lose to Central and then they made and was supposed to get blown out and they showed they were probably as good as anyone in the state except Trinity so that being said I think they have a lot to be proud of and should remember this season as something great not something to hang their heads.
  10. I thought this game went about like expected FC would give them all they wanted but BC would figure out a way to win in the end.
  11. Trinity has been the most dominant team in the state all year I doubt it changes in this game I’m going T 45-17.
  12. I don’t expect this game to be as close as most I think LCA wins by a couple scores 28-14.
  13. I think BG and Owensboro will be the most competitive with BG edging them late.
  14. We shall see if you think they will beat FC that way you are going to be surprised.
  15. How can it be gimmicky if it works there is nothing wrong in running whatever offense helps you win games.
  16. I don’t know that I totally agree with the down year comment if that’s the case CC has had a lot of down years. This was a very good team they just ran into one that was a little better and that happens even Trinity doesn’t win the title every year.
  17. This is about what I expected I said last week CAL struggles with speed and Etown usually has plenty of that.
  18. I think this proves WC was a championship caliber team that gave it all they had.
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