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  1. So if you have someone in your district forfeit you can still schedule someone else and keep that forfeit win. I was hoping that would work like that because if not we were fixing to see teams picking up other teams drop way down.
  2. My mistake I usually try to look at the rosters of local teams at the beginning of the season and I was thinking Green had more that that. That’s why you shouldn’t try to go off memory when you’re almost 50.
  3. Metcalfe is absolutely their only competition in the district and should be two really good games. I think Green does have a advantage in just bodies I think Metcalfe only has around 30 players and I think Green is somewhere in the mid 40s. As far as winning the region it would depend on their draw if they were to get any of the big 3 in the region it would probably be tough but if they got a favorable draw and got someone else I think they would have a shot.
  4. I disagree with most I think LCA is top 10 in the state but I think Beechwood is better and I think if they played 10 times Beechwood would win 7 of those. Fortunately for us they play a true playoff system to an extent in Kentucky high school football so eventually we will probably find out who is better, that day anyway.
  5. Shouldn’t be a problem for Green. Monroe is in a stretch of the worst years they ever had.
  6. Elder (OH) Beechwood Ryle Boyle Co. Lexington Catholic
  7. Has there ever been a state champion with a losing record.
  8. I realize that Male is the overwhelming favorite in this game and I think they will win but I wouldn’t be shocked if Trinity won to tell the truth I wouldn’t even be that surprised.
  9. Talk in the other thread was about how 3A was down which it is but you take the first three teams off this list and it is way down I mean Danville, Murray and Somerset come on those teams are not great this season and I understand you have to find 10 but why not move Green higher and rank Metcalfe I would take either one of those two against Somerset. I think sometimes we just keep ranking teams based on name and not performance. Just my two cents.
  10. That’s the problem when you’re successful but just like with other successful teams around the state no one is going to feel sorry for Belfry I’m sure there are a lot of neighboring teams and coaches really enjoying Belfrys struggles this year.
  11. Bowling Green always has athletes but I think Boyle barely nips them in a low scoring game.
  12. I like Mercer County’s team but I think this is just to much to ask I truly believe Southwestern is a contender for the state championship in 5A.
  13. Pikeville will win comfortably but I don’t think they put a running clock on them. I’m all for scheduling tough but I think Belfry scheduled to tough this year. Playing tough teams can get you ready for playoff time but when you get beat down every game it can ruin your confidence to the point it’s hard to recover. That being said if you schedule like this you better make sure you have the talent coming in to back it up.
  14. I believe Lexington Catholic gives LCA there only loss until they face Beechwood in the playoffs whenever that might be championship or semis or whenever.
  15. That seems to be happening more and more in high school games seems like every player feels like they have a chip on their shoulder.
  16. He’s probably the only 5 foot 4 player in the state haha.
  17. If this could be played with JH team this year and CH team from last year I think JH would win unfortunately it didn’t work out like that but I think it will still be a incredibly competitive game.
  18. Glasgow jumped out 34-0 and this game was never close. The score probably was closer than the game actually was as Glasgow had double digit penalties including one touchdown called back right before halftime.
  19. I actually believe Graves wins this game pretty easily something like 38-20. I believe Graves has played a tougher schedule and a lot of times that will go a long way in preparing a team for games as the season advances.
  20. I guess what I don’t understand is it’s still supposed to be a NCAA violation for a school to facilitate a NIL deal is it not. So I’m guessing some business in New Jersey called this kid up and said if you go ahead and enroll now we got this deal for you. Or is it just to the point schools don’t care anymore and it’s just a free for all.
  21. I don’t think it will be this much of a gap I will go with Taylor in a nail biter.
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