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  1. I’m going with NCC I just think their defense is a little better and I think that will be the difference.
  2. I’m curious how it will work if the region winner cancels on like a Thursday I think it would be difficult for a team that ended their season the week before with no practice to load up and go play a football game. Also imagine if a team loses a game then goes on to win the state championship how weird would that be for that team. But all of this being said I don’t think any teams that has had to cancel since the playoffs begin had a realistic chance of winning anyway.
  3. I’m pulling for Murray if I’m not mistaken the last time they got to the semis they got waxed by Glasgow in 2011.
  4. Glasgow was a spread team to start the year who passed and ran about equally. Midway through the year they went to a triple option team after losing their starting quarterback and having to replace him with a freshman. Their starting quarterback is back but last week he only played defense and they stuck with the freshman and the triple option because it had been so effective. On defense they stop the run really well they can get beat over the top occasionally because they are ball hawks and go for a lot of interceptions but they have got several interceptions as well. I think you will see them stick with the same game plan Friday night unless they were to get down a couple scores and then they would probably bring the junior back in and throw the ball.
  5. I would’ve thought that this game would’ve been competitive but after seeing FC destroy Central I have a hard time believing ACS can keep it close so I’m going Franklin Co 48-14.
  6. Should be a defensive slobber knocker which almost assures both teams will score in the 40s haha, but I’m going with Glasgow 14-7.
  7. I’m glad Metcalfe has had this run but this is where it ends LCA is heads and shoulders better and this will be a running clock midway through the second quarter.
  8. I think Murray has played the tougher schedule so I give them the edge 28-20.
  9. No way Hazard does it again do they, probably not but I wouldn’t be shocked but still I’m going with Paintsville 37-20.
  10. Guys we know they are coming it happens every year so who do y’all think are the most likely victims.
  11. I think that Corbin JC game will be closer than that I realize JC may very well be the second best team in the state but I think Corbin has been improving all year and they think they put up a fight and lose by 14 or less.
  12. The champion of 5A is a 4 team race between Owensboro, Bowling Green, Covington Catholic and Frederick Douglass in my opinion.
  13. I said it in the prediction thread that this was the year they had to do it and they did it. Congratulations Murray!
  14. When they were 0-5 no one expected anything like this probably not even themselves.
  15. The Scotties hold Oliver to 79 yards rushing and avenge not only the regular season loss but also the playoff loss from last year.
  16. It’s easy just to continue to pick Mayfield and they very well may win but sometimes it’s just good to see the underdog win.
  17. It’s hard to pick against PT because your mind says PT will always beat UC but after that regular season game how can you possibly pick anything but UC. That’s my pick 28-14.
  18. I’m surprised the poll is in favor of Mayfield 18-3. I expect this to be a really close game and this is Murray’s chance and I think they get it done 35-21.
  19. I think Hopkinsville is more talented but that didn’t matter in the first game so I’m going with Logan Co 31-27.
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