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  1. I hope you’re right trust me I do but to this point I’ve not seen anything to give me any hope.
  2. But when is enough enough if we continue the way we are going we’re not going to have to worry about it because there’s not going to be any business’s left if they’re really so concerned about everything why don’t they shut the whole country down for a couple weeks like other countries have did because I got news for everyone what we’ve been doing ain’t working. To continue to do things the same way and except a different result Is ridiculous.
  3. I’ve been hopeful the whole time but as of this morning I’ve changed my mind I don’t think there will be any chance we play football or basketball this year because this stuff ain’t going away. Now that being said I think it’s been blowed up to something it is not yeah I’m sad for the people that lost their lives but a lot of those people were in really bad shape if you just take the relatively healthy people I would say the death rate would be really low so once again if people with underlying issues stay home leave playing sports to the healthy young people but that doesn’t seem to be the way it’s being looked at so once again I don’t think there will be sports until at the very least March of next year if then so I really wish they would quit acting like there will be fall sports two or three weeks ain’t going to make that big a difference
  4. At this point America is going to have to make a choice, are we going to shut down the whole country or are we going on living and let people with underlying conditions do the smart thing and stay home because I don’t think this is going anywhere I think the whole country will eventually get or have already had it and didn’t even know.
  5. I realize they are a small school but they have a rich tradition seems like it would be a pretty good job.
  6. Some people may think of this as a weak schedule but with their district as tough as it is and with them struggling for so long I think it’s a good move to schedule games you can compete in to give the program some good vibes and then maybe more players will start coming out and they can build something.
  7. I understand not all teams do but a lot of teams take their bye right before their toughest district game so a lot of them would have it at the same time and some other teams might have to schedule another game with someone with the same bye week and there would probably be a few that would lose a game but I still believe that would be a better option than just playing half the season. Can you imagine playing a 4 game regular season you might only have to go 8-0 to have a undefeated season you would always think that you got jabbed.
  8. I think it all boils down to the schools if they open in the fall then why not have football if the students are around each other all day then it would be no worse to play sports.
  9. I’m pretty sure they announced during the season that Chase Jones from Glasgow has signed with Western.
  10. I would like to see Glasgow play someone from the eastern part of the state they have played home and home with Corbin, Bell and Somerset over the years and split with them I would like to see Belfry or Ashland maybe Hazard someone like that.
  11. Glasgow should be good too their sophomore class was loaded last year so they ain’t going anywhere either.
  12. Same as last year they just flip flopped the Scottie bowl games and we get Etown and Allen Co plays Larue.
  13. South Warren 21- Glasgow 20 I went into that game just hoping Glasgow didn’t get blowed out and in all reality they should’ve won South was undefeated at the time I thought they were the same South as the previous year as it turned out they were still really good but not dominant.
  14. I expect Danville to be better but man that seems like a challenging schedule but I wish them good luck.
  15. I agree with Glasgow being number one on that list our home paper said when the program won their 600th game that they were only one of 74 programs in the nation to do it and not only do they have 4 championship game losses I know of at least 6 or 8 other times they lost close games to the eventual state champions I keep hoping every year it will be the year they had a ton of great sophomores on this years team so they are going to be really good the next few years will that lead to a championship who knows but I keep watching and hoping.
  16. I think this could possibly be the best JC team ever unfortunately they’ve ran into what I think is the best team in the state.
  17. I just think Trinity gets back on track and wins this year’s championship.
  18. I’m going with Mayfield just based off history it seems like the first one is the hardest one to get.
  19. I think BC showed they were better than people thought they were that being said I don’t think they can beat Somerset but you never know if we’re just going to award Somerset the win then why do we even have the game I will tell you why because upsets happen and anything is possible.
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