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  1. Would you really want it given to you.
  2. I doubt that’s going to happen there might be some counties that will drop from red but with Jefferson’s population I doubt it’s dropping from the red for a long time. The completely silly part of this is the private schools are still going to play so what are they really accomplishing.
  3. Does anyone else feel like this is the same deal as the Big Ten tried to pull kind of were big and bad and everyone else will follow but it didn’t work in college football and I doubt it’s going to work in Kentucky high school football.
  4. I think Danville fans are awakened to the fact that they will be going home the first game in the playoffs after this game.
  5. Most teams that are in red are already giving up home games to travel to play teams not in the red I see no difference than if both teams were in the red traveling to a county that ain’t in the red as long as they have no positive cases on the teams. IMO if they’re both are in the red they should just play at the location they were originally going to play but the majority of schools are following the recommendation to not host games if you’re a red county this is going to be a cluster come playoff time because I see more and more becoming red.
  6. It seems like half the counties in the state are in the red, and you can cancel games now but what happens in the playoffs. You can always move to the other teams stadium if they’re not in the red but what happens if both teams counties are in the red. Would it be possible to play games in a neutral county that ain’t in the red I would hate to see teams put out of the playoffs when no one on the team even has Covid but they’re a red county.
  7. Great win by LCA but every year we seem to see these games flip flop in the playoffs so everyone keep watching.
  8. It seems like we’ve seen more of these type games where non traditional teams has beaten traditional powers than any season I can ever remember maybe it’s the Covid that’s turned everything upside down.
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a lot of the mis matched first round games are cancelled but I really think you will see at least one maybe two really good teams end their seasons by forfeit in the playoffs also say what you want I very seriously doubt if anyone gets tested the last couple weeks of the playoffs. You can’t test positive if you don’t take a test.
  10. South Warren probably wins pretty comfortably I think Greenwood is similar to Glasgow and SW won that game 36-0 I would expect a similar score.
  11. I’m going with Hoptown with the assumption that they play like they did against Caldwell and not like they did against Calloway.
  12. I’m not surprised by North Hardin only scoring 21 their offense hasn’t been fantastic this year so far but I am a little surprised that they gave up 20 especially since they’ve been fantastic on defense and Belfry basically never throws the ball.
  13. McCracken is a good team just not quite ready to beat the elite teams in the state.
  14. I’m also going with the Red Devils with a running clock.
  15. I just hope it gets played it seems like we’ve had a lot of marquee matchups with long drive cancelled this season and I would love to see how Belfry matches up against potentially the second best team in the state.
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