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  1. I agree Glasgow has been in the district with some really poor teams and I’ve seen several teams that the Scotties was up 50 at halftime and those games most of the time finish 56-0 or something similar I guess it’s feasible this game was such a mismatch that they couldn’t run a play without scoring but that’s why as I mentioned earlier shorten the quarters in the second half I’ve seen the Scotties do this on numerous occasions.
  2. This is the rule but in all my years of watching football I have never seen that call at any level. Now that might be for a couple reasons. 1. The defensive teams coaches have instructed their players to get across the line to avoid the penalty. 2. The refs deliberately wait for the defense to get back across. IMO it’s probably a little of both.
  3. It seems like we see one of these every year, a team wins big in the regular season and then loses to the same team in the playoffs.
  4. Washington Co has to feel like they could never win a district championship they were in the same district with Desales and Cal and they finally move on to 3A and what district do they get the one with LCA, Somerset and Danville wow talking about no chance.
  5. CAL 24-21 I just think that 6 weeks is to much rust to shake off for Desales.
  6. I think Russellville gets back to winning in the playoffs at least for one week anyway.
  7. I think Boyle wins but it won’t be another running clock and I wouldn’t advise Boyle to think they can just show up and win or they may have their hands full.
  8. If you win a championship it’s still a championship regardless of any outside situations there are plenty of examples in the NFL, College Football, and College Basketball where the perceived best team didn’t win the championship in a one and done situation that’s just the way it goes. The only way to change that is to eliminate all playoffs in every sport and let a panel award a championship off the regular season success but just to be honest that does seem like much fun to me.
  9. The places that are spreading the disease the most is nursing homes and prisons not high school sporting events.
  10. Guys this ain’t going to change if you shut down the football playoffs there’s no point in even trying to play any other sports this season it’s not going to improve any time soon.
  11. I’m a Scottie fan hopefully y’all will be off the schedule before those guys become seniors haha I’m just joking there’s no shame in having a down your all public schools have one every now and then I don’t care how much history they have.
  12. I think most years BG can compete unfortunately I think Trinity is loaded this year so I’m going with Trinity 34-3.
  13. I can see this being a nightmare in the playoffs. Let’s say you have a 4 seed that doesn’t want to play at the 1 seed and thinks they should forfeit because there County is in the red I think there’s going to have to be someone decide it ideally the KHSAA would step in and say the higher RPI team moves on.
  14. If you would’ve ask me a couple weeks ago I would have probably said Somerset easily but after recent weeks I think it will be a lot closer but I’m still going with Somerset 28-24.
  15. Seems like Etown is pretty stout but every year we see teams win in the regular season and then the game flip flops in the playoffs not saying that will happen but I don’t think Bardstown should give up on the season just yet.
  16. Good to see Hazard get in to the win column.
  17. Barren just couldn’t stop the run Meade ran it down their throat all night.
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