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  1. With North Hardin winning and Central Hardin losing to Etown not knocking Etown but I think this district is easily North’s this year.
  2. BG are always competitive so I think St X wins but I don’t expect a blowout.
  3. I understand that but didn’t the KHSAA day you were allowed 60 so my guess is they figured they really only use 40 so why take the chance and have more out there.
  4. I picked Mayfield every time I count them out they seem to surprise me.
  5. Yeah those 15 minute test would save a lot of games.
  6. The only point these guys are trying to make is are we just going to do nothing because it seems to me this virus ain’t going anywhere this vaccine everyone is talking about even if it does come out in November which I doubt it may take two or three years to get around to everyone and that’s just for the people that take it which my guess is won’t be as many people as a lot of people think. It’s time for America to get back to normal if you have underlying conditions or are elderly take precautions if not live your life before there’s no life to get back to living. I heard on the news this morning that 60% of New York’s restaurants will end up closing for good over this virus and my friend it’s not just happening in New York.
  7. I see your point I think from a coaches standpoint you are probably right but if I’m a player I’m chomping at the bit to get out there.
  8. Is McCracken the only game they can lose.
  9. Starts out a little slow but it toughens up real quick.
  10. I wouldn’t like a open week to start the season while everyone else is excited and ready to get to it you have to wait another week.
  11. They better still have a lot of talent with that schedule.
  12. I think the first college game is tonight as well so we’re getting there.
  13. Guys I’m so sick of this they were never going to let them play every time one group approves there’s 3 more waiting to shut it down and these people most of the time don’t have any clue about anything.
  14. The money wouldn’t be an issue to the good players they would get them in and I think if they were to cancel the season how could the KHSAA not allow transfers to teams playing it just wouldn’t be fair it’s not like college where you can say we will just give everyone an extra year of eligibility once you graduate it’s over.
  15. If there just pushing back to give them a little more practice time that makes perfect sense but there’s no point in delaying the season any further over the virus another couple of weeks ain’t going to change anything.
  16. I like the schedule the KHSAA has been place right now the only thing I might would change is cutting one playoff game in favor of an additional regular season game against a more competitive team with the talents each team has on their roster. And no I’m not saying cutting the playoffs down permanently just this year because of the condensed timeframe.
  17. So what do we really believe will happen on the 20th? Will we move on as planned which I hope and I think if that happens we’re going to play unless something really bad happens or will they postpone again? Or worst of all cancel or supposedly move to spring I’m not buying people doing that by the way I feel like the groups saying they are moving to spring know that is basically canceling the season.
  18. I know this and that’s what it all comes down to fear of being caught up in a lawsuit because there’s nothing that happens on a football field that’s any more likely to spread this virus then what these kids are doing in their own time.
  19. I just think that if we really think we’re keeping kids from spreading this by not playing sports we are living in a dream world since all these kids hang out and go to parties where they have a lot closer contact then playing sports but it seems to me that they won’t be playing sports.
  20. Starts out tough but I think there’s some games in the back half that they will have a chance to get the W.
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