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  1. Barren Co should win their fourth game of the season but the schedule gets a lot more difficult after this game.
  2. Yeah I know but what I’m saying is if Boyle can’t beat CAL then no one in 3A is going to be able to.
  3. If Boyle Co. don’t win then the rest of 3A could be in trouble because Boyle is head and shoulders above anyone else in 3A.
  4. South Warren in this one but I think it will be closer than you might expect.
  5. My vote goes to Lexington Catholic over Desales what do you guys think?
  6. Scotties win convincingly in a game full of penalties.
  7. Mitchell 10 yard touchdown run 29-0 Scotties 10:10 left in the second.
  8. If you just go by scores which I know you can’t really pay attention to but Barren beat Metcalfe 48-6 and only beat Adair 26-14 so I would say Adair should win by a couple scores but you never know.
  9. Allen really struggled against Etown but then played Mercer Co and Greenwood close this game could be closer than expected but I think Glasgow still wins comfortably probably about 3 scores.
  10. Mitchell 118 yards on only 11 carries, Abernathy 10-12 passing for 152 yards and two touchdowns.
  11. Mitchell 27 yard touchdown run 50-13 Scotties 4:24 left in the third running clock engaged.
  12. Austin 40 yard interception return for the touchdown 43-14 Scotties 7:35 remaining in the third.
  13. 17 yard touchdown pass Abernathy to Scott 36-14 Scotties 8:28 remaining in the third.
  14. Falcons 1 yard touchdown run 2 point conversion good 30-14 Scotties 1.9 seconds left to halftime.
  15. Mitchell 11 yard touchdown run 23-6 Scotties 1:32 left in first.
  16. 16-6 Scotties 3:21 remaining in the first Monroe called for intentional grounding in the end zone for a safety.
  17. Mitchell 5 yard touchdown run 14-6 Scotties 3:36 left in the first Monroe didn’t get the extra point earlier.
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