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  1. I’m not sure I’ve seen an entire team shoot the lights out more than Ashland did this game. Impressive performance.
  2. If Ashland shoots the ball like that, they will beat anyone. I mean talk about being on fire. Great game so far.
  3. Hey Harry. If you looked at this years hires so far, 5 of the 7 coaches hired so far are previous head coaches. And most have 10-15 years or more in coaching. It’s hard for young guys to beat out guys with that many years of experience. Most years when I see openings, if young guys aren’t already in the program a more seasoned coach gets the opportunity when he applies over a new guy. I can’t say I fault the logic, but at the same time I see the issues for young and new coaches trying out for jobs. I honestly don’t know what the answer is, I think the bigger issue is what you eluded to earlier, keeping young and new coaches in and around the game.
  4. Honest question Coach, Why do you think that is? I constantly see the same coaches being recycled and very few young coaches getting opportunities and most I know that are young that have applied always say schools want more experience. Only way to gain experience is to coach. It’s kinda a double edge sword. I respect your opinion a ton on these issues and can’t thank of a better man and person to ask. Thanks
  5. Doesn’t matter one bit. I wish Coach Cobb well and think he is a wonderful coach. I’m sure he will do great. I’m also sorry, I thought this was a message board. Who knew we aren’t allowed to comment on a certain subject on a message board when it pertains to a head coaching hire that I’d say more than likely 85 percent didn’t see coming.
  6. It’s pretty obvious I’m aware of other programs being better than Trinity or at the same level as them all over the country. I’m not sure what any of that has to do with my comment, I was more referring to the fact everyone said the hire wouldn’t be from our State. Now for the state of KY, not a single team can even come close to matching what the Rocks have done in the last 20 years. That’s not up for debate.
  7. I wish him nothing but the best in doing just that, just didn’t foresee them hiring Coach Cobb.
  8. I more than likely should have expanded on my response. I don’t get this hire in the sense he isn’t going to be around for another 20 years like Beatty. I had assumed (Wrongly) that they would have hired a younger coach to lead the program for the next 20-30 years.
  9. Hearing Mark Peach has applied and is the main one in the running for the job. Didn’t figure he would leave Trigg for the Green County job.
  10. So much for a nationwide search. Not sure I get this hire.
  11. I haven’t heard anything. I’ve been gone for a few weeks for work so haven’t been in the know crew. If they hire from within I would think Coach Judd who was the defensive coordinator and did a great job for them with them gets a shot or Coach Davis who coached offensive line and had some big rushers gets a look. I could also see Mike Griffiths making a come back, I wouldn’t be against it due to his ability to get wins.
  12. I’ll start off with I feel terrible for Coach Whitlow. Year one with a new system to install and you have to replace something like 19 of 22 starters with some really young kids. Year two you have covid and just unreal the amount of injuries they sustained. Tough to succeed anywhere with the injuries they had. With that said, Whoever gets this job is walking into a very good situation. Dragons return both Running backs, QB, TE, 4 of 5 Linemen, and all but two receivers. Defensively they return 9 of the 11 starters. The loss of Gray and Hessig will hurt but they return enough to be very very good on defense.
  13. What a terrible look for Coach James. He very well may have a legitimate reason for backing out of the job, but I can’t imagine getting the opportunity to coach highlands and then leaving like this.
  14. I really liked the play call by Franklin on fourth down. Kid was wide open, just needed a little more air under the ball. What an awesome game.
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