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  1. I 100 percent believe this decision would have been made well in advance of the tornados that hit the area, but can't see him leaving the kids and the community now with all that has happened. Either way, he is one of the best coaches in the state of Kentucky, and has earned the right to leave when he believes its the right time for him.
  2. I understand the retirement part here, but I have a hard time believing Coach Morris would leave the team and community after the disaster that just hit Mayfield. If so, its a pretty tough thing for those kids and community to be hit with right now. Just a tough blow all around if he leaves.
  3. I thought this might happen, mayfield didn’t dominate Green county at the point of attack, they killed the Dragons with speed, and I figured beechwood could match them step for step and would be much better in the trenches. Mayfield is a very good team, beechwood is just beyond loaded this year.
  4. Green County actually had a very nice night running the ball, The dragons would get to the 30 and 20 yard line and have drives stall or get penalties that took them out of the running game and killed drives. I'd say the dragons finish with upwards of 200 yards rushing if not more than 250. I also think someone had mentioned in the prediction thread about the Dragons being shell shocked and hoped it didn't happen, but I fully think that happened. Mayfield was up two scores before the Dragons even knew the game had started. The rest of the first half outside of the first 4 mins of the firs
  5. Congrats to Glasgow. Those young guys have had to overcome so much this year, and I hope they go win the entire thing. Congrats to Bardstown on a great year, and a great ball game from the sounds of it.
  6. Congratulations to Mayfield, no question they are the better team and played a very good game. I feel like the Dragons could have played better and made this a much more competitive game score wise, but Mayfield is a no question 2-3 touchdowns better than the Dragons. The Dragons seemed to be shell shocked by the team speed of Mayfield and just didn't start well and a good team like Mayfield hit them in the mouth and never looked back. Mayfield is very good on offense, but gave up a bunch of yards on the ground to the Dragons, and unfortunately the Dragons couldn't score from inside of th
  7. And that’s the kind of night it’s been, mayfield fumbles, Green goes for the scoop and misses and the Mayfield kid picked it up and scored. Sometimes the bounces don’t go your way.
  8. 28-6. 41 second before half. Green has been inside of the 10 and didn’t score and down to the 10 and got a penalty on fourth down after getting the first down. Killed that drive. The dragons have had success and have really moved the ball, just haven’t cashed in and Mayfield has big played the Dragons.
  9. I’m not sure Mayfield is any better than Taylor County when it comes to just pure athletes. Green has seen its share of big and stronger linemen too, Look no further than Taylor County with a young man with an offer from UK. I like the scheme Mayfield uses much more, and they have a QB who can throw the ball much better than the Taylor QB, and that’s what we will have to stop. It seems Mayfield is much better with play calling and using what you give them. Green hasn’t played a team this year who throws the ball as well as Mayfield, no question on that. If green can stop the run of Mayfie
  10. I can't really say on that team, I've never had the chance to see any video on them, I was much to young to watch them. They must have been very good that year as well, but I can't give a good argument about how good they really were other than they beat Mayfield at Mayfield that year, which leads one to believe they must have been very talented. They also had Mike Deaton, who is more than likely the best athlete to ever come out of Green County.
  11. The Dragons made a huge jump from last year to this year, they returned almost every single starter from the year prior, and its showed, along with a great new scheme and set up from Coach Phelps. This team is a very solid team. I'd say the 2000 thru 2002 teams were better, along with the 2007 and 2008 teams. Id argue the best Green County team of all time is the 2007 Dragon team, it has to be the most talented and deep Dragon team of all time Imo. The 2000 team was also very very good, and beat Corbin at Corbin that year. The Dragons have had some really good teams over the years, but n
  12. If Mayfield stays in the 4 man front I think the Dragons will be able to run the ball. I'm not sure Mayfield will do that, and I'd be willing to guess they aren't playing back and are down hill toward the line of scrimmage with linebackers the entire game, but if they don't load the box, I can see the Dragons moving the ball. The issue for me is that Mayfield is so well balanced and has so many weapons' to throw the ball to, its hard to stop that on top of the great back they have as well. He actually scares me more as a Dragon fan than anyone else, he seems to be the engine that makes t
  13. I honestly don't know what to expect with this game. The dragons are going to come right after Mayfield, but I'm not sure we can beat Mayfield without throwing the ball some and having some things go our way. Mayfield is also super quick and I think it will be hard to get the edge on them. The Dragons will have to hit them up the middle and try and keep the ball away from Mayfield, something similar to what Murray did the first game. Either way, the Dragons are playing with house money and have had one heck of a year and one to remember.
  14. Big Congratulations to Glasgow. With all the injuries they have sustained, and to put a game like this together, just massively impressive. I hope Glasgow keeps it going next week. Good Luck to the Scotties.
  15. Metcalfe scored after a terrible first drive for the Dragons with multiple flags and a punt that went about 5 yards and the Hornets scored on a fourth and goal, and then Green County went to work and dominated the rest of the game. The Dragons looked like the team from the beginning of the year and I hope they keep that going into next week at Mayfield. The Dragons defense played a great game, but Blake Houchens has to be MVP for the Dragons, that young man played the game of his life tonight. Congratulations to the Dragons and I’ll be making my first trip to Mayfield to watch a game in
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