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  1. I think this is a perfect hire for Anderson. You won't find a better coach to lead and build a program than Coach Buchanan. He brings immediate excitement to the community as a known winner and will get kids out to play for his program. Excited to see what he can do for the Anderson County Program. Congrats Chief.
  2. Can’t help but notice how loaded the bottom part of the bracket is. E-Town has to be pretty excited with this draw. Whoever comes from the bottom part of the bracket will for sure have battled to get to the final. The Green and Bardstown game should be a very good game, the Dragons beat bardstown by 6 earlier in the year, but it’s hard to bet against a Coach Brewer team during regional tournament time. Obviously whoever wins that game would be a large underdog to E-town in the semi-final round if they make it. With that said, give me an E-town and Larue final as well, with Larue winning the region.
  3. I’m with you Jones, wonderful write up and great analysis of each team and what to expect from each. Great work DragonFire
  4. Green played Larue within 8. They were down just 3 with 3 minutes to go. It was a much closer game than the final score indicated. Larue is a very good team and played the way you expect the favorite to play down the stretch. I expect it to be a very fun and wide open region. Green Could pull an upset depending on the draw and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. If they can stay away from Central/E-town in round one, I think they could beat any of the other teams left on a good night. Give me E-town/Larue as the favorites with Taylor/Washington/Central just a step back from those two.
  5. I don't think the Dragons can beat Larue, but I think it will be much more competitive than the last meeting. I'd take Larue by about 12 in this game. I'm also not sold on Elizabethtown as the Region champ, Larue just beat Elizabethtown two weeks ago by 9. I believe E-Town is one of 5 teams who have a legitimate chance of winning the region, and wouldn't be surprised to see any of the the five win the region at all.
  6. Green County dominated the Larue County matchup and moves on to the 18th district championship. I think the Hart and Green County game will be a very good game.
  7. What a great game. Back and fourth the entire night with the Dragons taking a lead late and missing some free throws to give Caverna a chance for the win at the buzzer, but the Dragons would hold on and prevail. Great season for Caverna and I expect them to be very good next year. The Dragons will play Larue for the 18th District title Friday night.
  8. Pretty solid schedule for the Dragons. The Dragons were pretty young last year at some major spots, but still had a very solid season overall, but I still have to think it was a semi let down after the previous year. The Dragons also have to replace some good players, none more so than District Player of the year Blake Houchens, who Led the team in rushing yards along with being almost unblock able on the defensive side of the ball and being top 5 in 2a in sacks and forced fumbles. Combine that with the lose of Ferguson and Slinker and the defense lost three of its best players. The Dragons do return a huge amount of the team on offense, to include 4 of 5 starting linemen, TE Kelson Mckinney, QB Houston Hodges, Running backs Julian Seymour and Running back Gage Bale. The Dragons lost the best two receivers on the team in Zach Ferguson and Slinker, but have a very large class of soon to be sophomores who should step into those roles well. The defensive side of the ball is where the Dragons will need to improve tremendously, the Dragons gave up entirely to many large chunk plays and couldn't stop the run at all. The Dragons again lost Slinker, Houchens, Ferguson, Kessler and Corbin on the defensive side of the ball, but again return a very large group of freshman who should fill the void across the defensive front, the secondary is where I expect the Dragons to struggle. All in all, I'm not sure what to expect from this years team, they return enough to be very good, but also lost enough that they could have a major let down this season. Time in the weight room and young men buying in to the system will tell the tale of how this season goes. Should be a fun year in Dragon Country.
  9. Hart returns basically everything, this will be the best and most deep team they have ever had. Even with a tougher schedule, I expect them to have a very good year. Should be a big year in Munfordville.
  10. I think Stonebreaker would be a perfect fit here. His offense with the athletes Somerset has, would be fun to watch. Somerset seems to have some really good pieces coming back as well, so I just think this is a good match in general. This all is dependent on if Stoney even wants to leave Casey.
  11. I don't think she said anything horrible. I'd go on a limb and say most, if not all of our wives would have said something similar. Its obvious the Haddix Family feels as if they were forced out by Corbin and the administration to make Greer head coach, so I guarantee they wanted to win that game more so than any of the others. I have no idea what really happened behind the scenes at Corbin, and won't pretend to, but I do know beating the team you left, and that you feel forced you out, had to be a pretty sweet feeling.
  12. Give me Boyle County. Corbin is very good, but they aren’t as good defensively as Boyle, so I think the Rebels pull off the win. Boyle 35-21
  13. I don’t think this game will be as close as some feel. I feel like Beechwood will dominate the line of scrimmage and keep the Mayfield offense in check. Beechwood is as good as Metcalfe up front and they stuffed the Mayfield running game, which I expect Beechwood to do the same. The difference is Beechwood is elite at the corner position and Mayfield won’t be able to take advantage of the quick screens and passing game like they did with Metcalfe and LCA. I don’t think Mayfield will have a ton of success on offense. With that said, Mayfield is very good on defense, as good as anyone I’ve seen, so I don’t think Beechwood will score a ton, but I could see a 21-7 or 28-14 type game with Beechwood winning. that's Just one man’s opinion. Good luck to both teams, they have been the best two teams all year, so this only seems right to see them meet here and battle it out.
  14. For the love of all things that are good, run the football consistently. Haha PT was so good at times, and so bad at others, one of the most talented teams I watched, that left me scratching my head multiple weeks, and then looked like they could beat anyone a week later. Just a wild year for the Naders.
  15. Beechwood just keeps on rolling straight into the semi-finals. I really hope to watch the game next week, to see how they go after LM this second go around.
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