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  1. For me its either Russellville or Bardstown Bethlehem. I think Bethlehem is flying under the radar, they are super fast and are a very solid team. With that said, Russellville has been very good all year, and gave Glasgow the best game of anyone else besides Wofford County. Its a very hard pick, I like them both.
  2. It was all Dragons in this one. Green scored at Will and it was 44-6 at the half and the dragons scored on the first drive of the second half and the Jv guys played the rest of the game. I want to give a big shout out to Clinton County. Those kids played hard and never stopped getting after it. I wish them well the rest of the year. The Dragons travel to Campbellsville next week in a big Rivalry game, let’s see if the Dragons can push it to 6-0.
  3. I don't mean to sound rude, but you can watch games for over 100 years and that won't change the fact Mayfield isn't better than beechwood in my opinion. I'm also not sure where I said they couldn't go toe to toe with them, but take it whatever way you want. Beechwood is better than Mayfield right now, Neutral field, Beechwood beats Mayfield by 2 TDs.
  4. The advancement in the ability to watch games online is wonderful, and it allowed me the ability to watch Mayfield and Beechwood games. From someone who has no dog in this fight, Beechwood looked superior to Mayfield in games I watched. Beechwood just seems better than Mayfield at this point. Mayfield looked good, but it was far from a team I think beats Beechwood.
  5. Pretty awesome to see Green County ranked that high. Its been a long time coming. Super proud of our kids and coaching staff. The Dragons look to be on course to battle Metcalfe for the district title.
  6. This is very similar to what I expect. Hart is better than they looked Friday. With that said, Glasgow has really started to get it going and are going to be a super tough out for anyone in 3a.
  7. We could find out just how good Pikeville is with this game. LCA looks like a small college team on the field, and I expect them to play very well.
  8. Boyle County is very very good team. They have blown out some really good teams like its nothing this year. Which makes me want to know just how good LCA is when they ran the ball at will on Boyle County. They did it with the starting QB out as well.
  9. This was an ugly game. One of those nights, when you do everything wrong and still dominate the scoreboard. Green was 100 percent flat and played about as ugly as they could. Fortunately for the Dragons, they are just a much better team this year and had the better athletes. Monroe played hard and I give them credit, but the game the Dragons played tonight was about 45 percent of what the first 3 games were. This type of game after a huge win the week prior could have been expected, but these types of games will get you beat when you play a good team. I really hope to see a great game ne
  10. As I said, Highlands was a bit over inflated with that bowling Green win. I think Highlands is headed in the right direction, but aren't a top team this year.
  11. Wow. LCA might be in the discussion for a top 10 in the entire state.
  12. Unfortunately Green County has less kids than Metcalfe. I believe the Dragons have around 26-28 kids most days. I would say that the first 13-15 kids Green puts on the field are as good as any team in the area. Just very little depth. Skill position wise, they are as deep and talented as any small 2a school that's from a rural area I've seen in a long time. The good news for Dragon fans is all 3 of the Rb return next year along with the QB and 4 of 5 Linemen. The Dragons are still a young team.
  13. I knew they would be improved, but they have even been better than I suspected. I also knew Coach Phelps walked into a gold mine when he got the job. They returned every starter minus one lineman. With that said, Coach Phelps has done nothing but inspire the kids and run a great system. He took the ball and ran with it. Great young coach and I expect big things from him over the next few years.
  14. Hey Purple88, It has to be Metcalfe. Metcalfe pretty much returned the entire team. They did lose a good LB and their best RB from last years team, but everything else is back. They are very solid and that game is at Metcalfe, should be a tough one. The rest of the district is very down. Clinton, Monroe, and Edmonson all have the worst teams they have had in recent memory. Green has a real chance at competing for a regional title this year.
  15. Monroe County (0-4) Travels to Green County (3-0) for a district battle this Friday night. Monroe has had a tough season so far, but they always play the Dragons tough and I expect them to do the same this Friday night. Give me the Dragons 42-14.
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