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  1. I haven’t even wanted to watch the halftime show in many years, but I was looking forward to this one and I was not disappointed.
  2. If everybody can stop twisting their ankles, there will be another banner raised in Rupp this year.
  3. A fully healthy Kentucky team still has a good shot to win it all. Wheeler and Washington are must-have players.
  4. Transfers > One and done. Cal has found a better way to restock the shelves.
  5. I haven’t enjoyed a Kentucky basketball game this much in a long time.
  6. Pikeville, Beechwood, Lexington Christian, Boyle County and South Warren all got the running clock so the number is five. Male went for two with a 41-7 lead and didn’t get it. Frederick Douglass kicked the extra point when they were up 34-0, so there’s two more that were within a two point conversion of the running clock. Russellville was up 34-7 late in the fourth quarter. The other games were competitive at some point in the second half.
  7. Now the officials are worried about the fans not being in the right place in the stands.
  8. 25 yard TD pass for Bethlehem. Russellville 34-21. 21 seconds left and 50 flags on the field.
  9. It feels like there has been 100 penalties and 100 incomplete passes.
  10. Bethlehem takes over at the Russellville 39. 56 seconds to go.
  11. Russellville taking a knee and Bethlehem calls a timeout.
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