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  1. Franklin-Simpson started 2-5 that year in AA. They were the 2-seed in their district behind Glasgow. FS went to undefeated Washington County in the second round and won 24-8. Then if I remember correctly they beat Elizabethtown in the Region finals. Elizabethtown had beaten Glasgow in the first round. FS then lost at Owensboro Catholic at Rash Stadium 14-0 in the state semifinals. I doubt I will forget the name of Billy Boarman, who had a 90-plus yard TD run that night to break the game open for the Aces.
  2. Today the TSSAA Board of Control voted to maintain the suspended status of its boys and girls high school basketball tournaments. They are leaving open the possibility of playing them in mid-May if the situation allows such gatherings by that time. Is there a possibility Kentucky could do the same? It may be too late at this point.
  3. I thought they might promote Max Chaney back when Coach Schlosser resigned. I am thinking that may happen now but I haven’t heard anything. That would seem to be the most seamless transition FS could have.
  4. Oh man. I am so sorry Coach Preston. Usually by the time I hear something it is already common knowledge in town. I assumed I was one of the last to hear it and I put it on here under that assumption. I shouldn’t have done that. Please accept my apologies. You will be a hard act to follow. I have enjoyed watching your teams these last few years. You have brought the FS program back to the success and prominence it had when I was a kid. I wish you all the best in the future.
  5. My brother just told me that he heard from his son (who is a former player) that Coach Doug Preston has resigned his position as head coach at Franklin-Simpson. I’m hoping it is just a rumor but that is all I know at this time.
  6. With Auburn’s loss, Kentucky now has a 2 game SEC lead with 5 games to go.
  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone dunk the ball then land on it. Hope Richards is ok.
  8. Gotta hand it to Vandy for the fight they show but they are just overmatched almost every time they step onto the court.
  9. I wonder if they have any athletes that grow up in the south end of the county but wind up going to high school at Madisonville instead. That could be part of the problem but I have no idea.
  10. Not a misprint. Vandy ends their 26 game SEC losing streak by beating the first place Tigers behind Saben Lee’s 33 points.
  11. Cats outscored Vandy 41-22 in roughly the last 15 minutes.
  12. Yeah I’m trying to forget about that one lol. I guess as the season progressed it wasn’t quite as big a surprise as it seemed at first. DeSales went on from the Meade County game and lost in overtime to eventual 3A champ Belfry in the semis while Meade County went 4-7 and lost in the 6A first round.
  13. Biggest one I can think of is Meade County beating DeSales 14-10.
  14. This team has had a few missteps but the losses have been one or two possession margins. I think they will be playing their best ball come tourney time.
  15. Nick Richards this season is reminding me of Josh Harrelson.
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