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  1. I would like to see either South Warren or Bowling Green a little later into the season but prior to the district games
  2. Stinson was 19-27 for 324 yds. 2 tds Matthews rushed 32 times for 256 yds Mayfield offense looked the best of any game so far. I thought defense played well with the exception of 3 big plays in 1st qtr
  3. Pikeville and Paducah top of their classes and Monroe County with a good ranking in 2A. Also Trigg was good that year
  4. All of us Mayfield guys that played for Leahy could put some good ones on here, but they would all be a violation of the rules
  5. I know this isn’t football topic but I wonder how many times softball state champ has come out of losers bracket? I always thought it was sort of cool that you could lose 1 and still have a chance to win
  6. Can someone enlighten me? I don’t think that there is any difference in public and independent schools. Maybe I’m missing something
  7. Will this game be live streamed? I am not able to go but would really like to watch it if possible
  8. Is vancleve the fastest there since Donnie Redd cause I had some flashbacks
  9. I was thinking the longest drive was from Mayfield to Lexington
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