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  1. A much better result for the Scotties then I would have given them credit for. Thought this would be closer. Quality win in convincing fashion IMO.
  2. Hopkinsville has played the much tougher schedule. The issue is they haven't been real competitive against those tougher opponents, especially on the offensive side of the ball. These games have been close the past 3-4 years and with Hopkinsville the home team in this one, i'll go with them 17-10.
  3. How is play calling on O? Are they giving Bailey opportunities to fire down the field or keeping it conservative? As I figured the QB run game will be huge addition. Secondly, is there any flashes on the perimeter for BG outside of Kibawa? Would really like to see someone step up in that regard. Heading home to tune in to second half.
  4. On the weekly media notes provided by purplesfootball.com it has Bailey at QB1 on the depth chart for the first time this year. I think it’s safe to say who we will see tonight. Purples need to get it going so hopefully this can provide that spark.
  5. BG playing their freshman QB gives them a running element at the position that they don't have with the the senior QB. The senior QB is a much better thrower simply because of age and experience. The bigger issue with the BG passing game isn't who plays QB, it's the WR group other than Kibawa. The freshman may give them a spark. But with the teams that BG plays, the scouting report will get out to stop the QB run game and then the freshman can't throw it well enough or have the receivers to beat you. The biggest positive to playing the freshman is you will get experience for a special pl
  6. What happened last night was not good a good look. If we’re counting their rings and experience and it makes it that much worse that it was so pourous. There are multiple streams of the game online that you can see it for yourself. When “taking your time and talk things over and get it right” is more the spectacal than the game itself there is a problem.
  7. Again, this is just how I viewed it from my seat at home. Maybe someone who was there will have better context. It was just strange all the way around.
  8. The most glaring thing for me, was they lost track of downs multiple times in key sequences of the game. Throw in numerous stoppages, where the entirety of the crew came in for conferencing on simple solution things that were obvious to the casual fan. In short it caused the game to never find a real rhythm.
  9. From watching online, I think it’s important to add that was as poorly officiated final quarter I’ve seen in a while. Maybe I’m the only one.
  10. Final. I would rather win ugly than lose but there’s still plenty to work on for the Purples.
  11. Being a players coach is one thing. Undermining the head coach by "buddying up" with the players is another. Sounds like this has happened twice in less than 2 seasons.
  12. I think you’ve got the full picture here. Where I stand, I’m not sure how deep the Purples are currently. We constantly hear reload not rebuild all the time with BG. Sometimes there are years, even for the best teams in every classification, where they have a questionable game or two lost. Highlands was better tonight. It’s not a good look for the Purps to lose this game but there are a few plays that are glaring to me that if corrected the outcome would be different. It’s week one and plenty of season to get right. Onward.
  13. Thank you for your response. I’m sorry to hear about Noon, but let me tell you, I thought Benke did an admirable job and is a very nice athlete. He looked poised and it clearly had a ripple effect with his guys.
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