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  1. This is just what I’m hearing, but apparently the church is back in Edmonson County and there are a lot more things under the surface here then just “pursuing a pastor job”. Sounds to me like certain people in Brownsville didn’t take too well to him leaving and he crumbled under that pressure. Wish I could be a fly on the wall during that decision making process.
  2. Hired in March and out in May. Tommy Muse named interim coach.
  3. His dad is strength coach at WKU. He moved to SW his freshman year.
  4. Coach Burgett did a good job with the Maroons, but he took over a team that had gone 10-3 the year prior to him taking over in 2015 from Brock Shoulders. Chris Price has been an assistant coach at Madisonville since 2009. Looks to be a very good hire.
  5. Chris Price has been named Madisonville Head Coach.
  6. I think this is the year Glasgow has had circled for a bit. All the top teams lost key contributors. I think a state final appearance may be a realistic possibility for the Scotties this year. It will most certainly come down to coaching, because the talent is there.
  7. Imagine the angst Frederick Douglas feels. No team has had more D1 talent the past 2 years and they have the same results Owensboro has the past 2 years. A semi-final and state final appearance. I just think putting the blame on scheduling for not winning a state championship is a lazy take. That's the point. Regular season scheduling and the RPI it produced allowed Owensboro to have Frederick Douglas at HOME.
  8. Soft scheduling hasn't affected Owensboro at all the past 2 seasons. They have been in the state semi-finals in 19 and the the state championship game in 20. Not to mention Daviess and Henderson are 6A teams that will boost their RPI to the best in 5A. See the 2020 final RPI. Maybe Coach Fallin is playing chess while the "tough schedule" teams are playing checkers.
  9. Highlands is Highlands and this looks to be a great hire. But something must have been in the air for Sphire to leave a $120,000 a year job on the SE Georgia coast.
  10. Cleavenger was a former player, was he not? I think it is just the opposite. Former players in coaching will steer clear. The problem is the non-Danville gypsy administration that has not a clue nor a care about Danville football. Until Danville HS people are back in charge of running Danville HS this is going to be tough.
  11. You guys have given me a pretty good laugh reading this thread. Tennessee reaps what they sow. Hard to feel sorry for a fanbase who has the sense of entitlement they do. This may be for another thread, but, all the time I hear about if Texas, USC, or Miami is "back"... I think maybe one day all three can be great again. It's hard for me to envision any point in my lifetime where UT football could be great again. I'm not married to this take, however, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. To be blunt, it's a complete clown show and has been for quite some time.
  12. Depends on your definition of struggling. They finished pretty well given the fact they started eight freshman last year. Even won a playoff game against their undefeated district champion and defeated the cross district one seed in the season finale. Two years ago they hosted a playoff game. Im anxious to see how it unfolds for them in 2021.
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