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  1. There is absolutely nothing that would put Boyle over JC at this point. Nothing.
  2. 4A is extremely top heavy. The fact that Wayne County and Hopkinsville are in the top 10 is a reflection of the lack of depth in the class.
  3. Coach Wolfords last 2 years at St X they were in the state semi's and played in the state finals. They are now 3 years into a new coaching staff. The one thing that hasn't changed is the coaching staff at Trinity.
  4. With Dez Wilson out BG has NO weapons on the perimeter. Sure Dingle is a big time player, but he is a TE that is easily taken away when you have no other threats. It may be the worst group of receivers BG has had in some time.
  5. Call it what it is. Better team won tonight. They’ll see each other again. Until then, congrats South Warren.
  6. I mean, the score is still 24-6 and the game was never in question. PRP has several very solid athletes. I’m assuming by this post you were expecting PRP to get clocked?
  7. The only point is that he brought up that Bowling Green lost 28-0 as a factor to having CC at number one. There is a lot of room for growth and change in one year. I don't recall discussing anything about where to rank Dixie Heights though and honestly I'm a bit confused at how you're spinning this. But nevertheless, I think every year should be treated differently in terms of how you are going to approach rankings.
  8. So just so I am understanding you correctly, you are saying that rankings for this years class of 5A should include what has happened in the past? Not only do I disagree with that, I find that a disservice to any team trying to make a name for themselves any given year. What other factors should be included? Covington Catholic has a rich history, we agree there. You think Bowling Green’s isn’t comparable? The last decade they won about half of the titles in their class. Covington Catholic was no where to be found in 4A. In fact, the first couple years they showed up in 5A they let Pulaski County represent the eastern side of the state. See how easy that is? If we keep it to the talent on the field and let the results speak for themselves.. Covington Catholic just played a Dixie Heights team that went 5-7 last year down to the wire and most say they should have lost that game. Also just last year, since we are talking about the past, Covington Catholic smoked that same Dixie Heights team 45-0. What other factors are you wanting to include?
  9. Sure it does. But a loss to Bowling Green won’t make me assume they are down. These two teams have played the last ten seasons just about and every year it’s a war. However, I’ll change when the facts change. Should Saint Xavier only win two or three games and get bounced early in the playoffs I may look back at my opinion and wonder what kind of koolaid I could have been sipping.
  10. This is also where I am at. Plenty of season left, but outside of Owensboro, the other two left a little more to be desired for me personally. I also hate the whole "well they lost to (insert whoever here) last year so by default they should be behind them". Not saying it's wrong to have that opinion, but I just respectfully disagree.
  11. After physical domination and shocking most on this site, I ask you, is Bowling Green the clear number one in class 5A?
  12. After some reflecting on the score and reading up on how the game played, I think I’m prepared to give a hot take: Bowling Green is the number one team in class 5A. I was wrong in a big way about this game. Physically dominating Saint X just does not happen. You don’t see it. There is so much season left but I am thoroughly impressed.
  13. To be quite honest I think familiarity is key in most regular season games, and these two know each other about as well as anybody. This yearly game almost feels like a rivalry at this point. A game most look forward to every year. A ton of pride given, coaching trees connected everywhere, and just all out grit on the field for the players. I’m excited to watch. Saint X 28-24
  14. This is the only thing I can come up with that is a positive result of COVID.
  15. That’s... a really tough eight game schedule.
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