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  1. Depends on your definition of struggling. They finished pretty well given the fact they started eight freshman last year. Even won a playoff game against their undefeated district champion and defeated the cross district one seed in the season finale. Two years ago they hosted a playoff game. Im anxious to see how it unfolds for them in 2021.
  2. Stewed on it for a while. Bama is always the sexy pick here but I won’t doubt OSU’s ability to compete with top tier teams in the country any longer. Tide by 3
  3. I was way off here. Just didn't expect it, especially after watching most of their games this year. This was Ohio State's best performance in quite some time.
  4. It’s speculation from this end but I’m also hearing Highlands will be featured on the schedule as well. Stay tuned.
  5. In 2021/22 ... Posting this because of how excited I am for these two games once I heard they were being added. Great for the state of Kentucky.
  6. Can’t help but acknowledge how good of a weekend my guy @PurplePride92 is having...
  7. Respectfully, I think that will be a tough one to compare. That year they replaced 20/22 starters after their 2011 title run. The bigger point remains is that BG consistently reloads. It’s impressive the amount of turnover they have on a yearly basis and somehow display the same product on the field most years.
  8. For ETown, that was probably the most strange coaching approach I’ve seen in quite some time in the first half. It cost them the game in all honesty.
  9. He won the game. He won MVP of the game. To be specific, the win was an imperfect perfection. He has my vote. Who in the state could compare with the resume from this year after stapling a title to it?
  10. The opportunity to kick at the end of the first half is going to loom large late.
  11. I’m going to venture to say that if this award isn’t given to Cam then it would be criminal.
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