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  1. This is the only thing I can come up with that is a positive result of COVID.
  2. That’s... a really tough eight game schedule.
  3. That 2011 team had 2-3 high end talents (James Quick, Reggie Bonnafon, Ryan Wright). I know the 2020 version of the Rocks will be very good, but don't think they have that type of high end talent.
  4. Not sure what games you watched, but he was highly regarded from day 1. Lexington, Alabama football star Jedrick Wills picked 10th overall in NFL Draft Coming out of high school, Wills was the highest-rated prospect in Kentucky by both 247Sports and Rivals, and was considered one of the best offensive tackles in the country. Rivals ranked him as a five-star recruit and the 25th best overall player in the country, regardless of position, while 247Sports pegged him as a four-star prospect and the No. 34 player nationally.
  5. Not first round, but recent KY High School draft picks: 2011 Luke Stocker 4th round 104th pick 2013 Larry Warford 3rd Round 65th pick 2017 Taywan Taylor 3rd Round 72nd pick 2019 Damien Harris 3rd Round 87th pick All were on NFL rosters in 2019
  6. Owensboro's regular season schedule leaves a lot to be desired and a playoff run of beating Muhlenberg, Graves, Fairdale, along with an 11 point loss to Frederick Douglas does not make me think they are better than BG or South Warren.
  7. I'd go BG and South Warren 1-2 with McCracken and Owensboro 3-4. There is nothing, IMO, that indicates McCracken or Owensboro is ahead of BG and S.Warren. After that, I'd go with Mayfield 5, Henderson 6, Madisonville 7, Hoptown 8, Logan Co 9, Apollo 10.
  8. The KHSAA charges a membership fee for each school at the beginning of the year. That fee could go up significantly thus passing the burden on to the schools. I don't know about other states, but that is one reason why the KHSAA does not skim off the top of post season games until they are the ones hosting the games (championship games).
  9. John Hardin isn't at the level they were from around 2005 - 2015 when they were mopping the floor with everyone in the region. North Hardin has had their number the past 4 years winning 4 straight. Their record against Central Hardin the past 4 years is 2-2. I don't believe they have played Etown. The Bulldogs record in the playoffs the past 4 years is 5-4 compared to North's 4-4 record and Centrals 5-4 record. If players are flocking to other schools it hasn't made a huge difference in those schools. Who knows what the future will hold for the Bulldogs, but they have hired a championship pedigree coach and I don't believe it is the rebuild that some are making it out to be. Good luck to Coach Preston and the Bulldogs.
  10. Not sure on Boyle / Mercer, but most school systemes have reciprocal agreements for state funding and there are no fees or tuitions.
  11. Boyle always has a handful of kids on their team that don't live in Boyle Co. Nothing wrong with that if that is their choice. In saying that, what a poor decision by Bartleson. Threw away a 250,000 education stealing a car and guns?
  12. The job has been filled by Bryan Jones. Link
  13. As far as players go, you are 100% correct. Without getting in to too much detail, I’d say there are still many familiarities that both teams can capitalize on from previous experiences. I only mentioned that fact to be clear that there is quite a bit of ground to cover. I’m excited to see how Ohio State approaches their defense. To the second part of your response, I personally just don’t see Ohio State winning by a multi possession margin. I’m not dying to be right about it or anything, because nothing in sports really shocks me now-a-days. I’ll be happy to admit I’m wrong if they torch the Tigers. Ohio State always has the talent to play so it usually comes down to coaching. We will find out if Ryan Day can get em through.
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