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  1. So like the Lawrence County situation if one player or coach test positive does that mean the whole team has to quarantine for two weeks every time? If that is the case I am not sure how that is plausible because there will be some positive tests on different teams throughout the state if not all. I don't see how a full season would be even close to possible.
  2. is one of the sherrards out for the year as I have seen one of them hasn't played in awhile for Etown.
  3. Did one of Bethlehem’s best players transfer to Etown? I heard she did but not for sure.
  4. Opening Round 1-Walton Verona 1-John Hardin 1-Owensboro 1-Trinity 1-Scott County 1-Butler 1-Madisonville-North Hopkins 1-Warren Central Semi Finals 2- John Hardin 2-Trinity 2-Scott County 2-Madisonville-North Hopkins Finals 3-Trinity 3- Scott County 2019 Sweet 16 Champion 5- Trinity TB-119
  5. Season Recap The John Hardin Bulldogs amazing season continues as they are still undefeated as they ended up winning the 5th Region for the second straight year. The Bulldogs are the first team since Clay County in 1989 to enter the State Tournament undefeated. This was a team who wasn’t even picked to win their region at the start of the year and they have proved everyone wrong. Going into Rupp Arena they will have a record of 35-0. They average 73 points per game while they give up 54 points per game. The balance of John Hardin is why they are such a tough team to beat. They are one of
  6. Even with a loss good to see Traynor come into his own to end the year. Expecting a big senior year for him next year.
  7. Goode was out with a illness. Since they don't play until Friday I would expect him to be back for that game.
  8. I think the Central Taylor game tonight could be a good one. I am really excited to watch that game tonight.
  9. If I had to predict I would say it will be Larue vs John. I would be very surprised if it didn't come down to the end once again.
  10. The 5th Region Tournament is here, and it looks to be an exciting Tournament this year. Hart County is hosting Region this year. There are two teams who are ranked in the top 10 of the state that will be playing in the 5th Region Tournament. By Saturday night we will know who will be representing the 5th Region at Rupp Arena. 1. John Hardin (32-0): The Bulldogs won the 17th district this last week as they remain undefeated. They beat North Hardin 82-54, and then beat Central Hardin 63-48 in the district championship. What a magical season it has been so far, but they still have more work
  11. 1. John Hardin (30-0): The Bulldogs played two games this week and won both to end the regular season with a perfect record. They beat Hart County 89-66 on the road and beat Marion County 67-59 at home. What a year it has been for John Hardin as they are the only team in the state to be undefeated. In the win over Hart County, Aaron Scott had 24 points. The Bulldogs are looking to win the region for the second straight year. John Hardin will play the winner of North Hardin and Fort Knox in the 17th District Tournament at Elizabethtown. They are looking to win their third straight district titl
  12. John Hardin is the smart pick, but Larue and Central could no doubt win region and it wouldn't surprise me at all. What would shock me is if someone wins region that isn't those three.
  13. 1. John Hardin (28-0): The Bulldogs did this week what they have done all year which is win as they won all three games this week. They beat Bardstown on the road 83-63, they beat district foe North Hardin 58-51 on the road and beat Nelson County 86-61 on the road. John Hardin took care of business this week and did everything they was supposed to do. They are ranked second in the state in a lot of polls which is the highest they have ever been in programs history. In the win over Bardstown Aaron Scott led the team with 20 points. 2. Larue County (21-4): The Hawks played three games this
  14. 1. John Hardin (25-0): The Bulldogs historic season continues as they won both games again this week. They beat district foe Elizabethtown 76-74 on the road in a dandy, and beat Bowling Green 86-59 at home. Bulldogs survived another scare as the Etown game came down to the wire but like every time this season they found a way. They than blew out 4th region favorite Bowling Green which was a nice statement win. Looking at the schedule there is a great shot they will be 30-0 going into postseason play. In the win over Elizabethtown freshman Devon Rogers led them with 18 points. 2. Central H
  15. 1. John Hardin (23-0): The Bulldogs did what they did all year this week by continuing to do nothing but win as they won both games this week. They beat district opponent Fort Knox 90-25 on the road and beat Scott 72-69 at home. This was the second game against Scott and like the first one Bulldogs was down a lot of the game, but this squad continues to find a way to win. John Hardin has won so many close games which shows they know how to win. In the blowout win over Fort Knox Aaron Scott led the team with 17 points. 2. Central Hardin (14-6): The Bruins had a great week winning both game
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