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  1. Bluegrass Preps Week 6, 5th Region Review & Rankings Lots of games changed due to the inclement weather but every team but one played at least one game. Spots 12-18 saw no change in the rankings from last week, although Bethlehem came up with a nice district win against Nelson County and North Hardin is playing better basketball and hopefully trending in the right direction. However, there is lots of change in the top eleven spots of the region, including the number 1 spot. 1. John Hardin 9-5 (LW: 2) The Bulldogs recapture the number one spot in the region as they go 2
  2. For the All A tournament coaches submit who they would like to have as officials. They submit 3 names. From the list of names that are submitted to the assignor, names are submitted to the All A organizers. The All A organizers select the officials. They usually take the name that the assignor submits. The KHSAA has no input in the selection of officials for the All A tournament since it's not a recognized KHSAA event.
  3. A few changes in the rankings this week, including the top spot. 1. Larue County (9-2) (LW-2) The Hawks move into the top spot this week after capturing the crown in the Magnolia Bank Holiday Classic that they hosted. They went 3-0 through the week and have won 4-straight. 2. John Hardin (8-5) (LW-5) The Bulldogs move back up into the number 2 spot after a nice week, going 3-0, dropping Louisville Moore and an impressive win against Boyle County. Their 3rd win was a COVID RPI win. 3. Bardstown (6-4) (LW-1) Bardstown drops to its lowest spot in th
  4. Very little change in the rankings this week with Christmas tournaments taking place and most teams playing out of region. All-in-all not a great week for 5th Region teams as they went 12-24 through the first week of the break. 1. Bardstown (6-2) 1-1 this week. 2. Larue County (6-2) 1-2 this week. 3. Taylor County (7-3) 2-2 this week. 4. Adair County (6-2) No games this week. 5. John Hardin (5-5) 1-2 this week. 6. Washington County (5-2) 1-0 this week. 7. Green County (6-5) 0-3 this week. 8. Campbellsville (5-5) 0-1 this week. 9. Central Hard
  5. Week 3 Rankings 1. Bardstown (5-1) (LW:1) Bardstown holds onto the top spot despite losing it’s first game of the year to district rival Washington County. If they want to continue to hold that spot, they must shoot better than they did against Washington County. 2. Larue County (5-0) (LW: 4) Larue jumps two spots this week as it continues its dominance in the 18th district with wins over Green and Caverna this past week. 3. Taylor County (5-1) (LW: 5) Taylor moves up a couple of spots as well this week. They picked up a nice 60-57 win against Ad
  6. This is the first entry of the year for rankings in the 5th Region. These will likely change quite a bit as the season progresses. 1. Bardstown (4-0) They’ve been the clear favorite of the region thru the first 2 weeks. Led by region player of the year candidate Andrew Mason and a strong supporting cast, the Tigers have been dominant after a close opening game. This week they have 2 district opponents in Washington County and Thomas Nelson. Bardstown should have the chance to separate themselves in the district this week. 2. John Hardin (2-2) John Hardin rebound
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