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  1. Nelson County has hired Mark Evans, former head coach from Mercy.
  2. Michael Menifee has stepped down as head coach for the Lady Cardinals citing personal reasons.
  3. Taylor assistant coach is accurate. Believe this will keep a couple of kids who were thinking of transferring to Green at Taylor.
  4. Haven't seen this one posted anywhere. The current boys coach is also the AD. I wonder if there is a change there as well.
  5. Hearing that they are down to a final 3, two of which might include Bracken HC, Adam Reed and Thomas Nelson HC, Josh Kays.
  6. All of Coach Brewer's kids have graduated. Have also heard his name rumored to this job, but recently told he might be in consideration to join Kenny Payne's staff at U of L.
  7. Hearing that the Taylor/Green County game was called in the 6th inning due to benches either emptying or nearly emptying. Have been told multiple ejections. Anyone know what happened?
  8. I was told yesterday, that the entire coaching staff was non-renewed. That doesn't necessarily mean that they won't be back, but just that, they've been non-renewed.
  9. My understanding was that he was given the option to resign the day after the incident. He did resign and they were waiting to announce the job opening. Not sure why they would wait so long, but that's their decision. Cofer will land somewhere if he wants to continue to coach. He's an excellent coach, but just my opinion, he always had a few people who stirred things up and kept things contentious for him. If the next coach at North is going to be successful, then they also need to remove an assistant coach as well.
  10. That's a great nickname for the Perry kid. Have only seen Lyon play once this year. Have seen John Hardin a few times. I'll take John Hardin in a close one.
  11. John is a good guy, he referee's basketball in the 5th Region. Not sure what his baseball experience would be, but just as a human being, he's a quality guy. At least from the few interactions I've had with him.
  12. Hate to go against my region team, but Bullitt East will be too much for the Banshees. Score may end up being close, but I don't feel like this game will feel close.
  13. I don't really see anything wrong with the official either, and hope that you're right, but I don't think that will be the case.
  14. This is a really unfortunate incident. And there will not be equal penalties. I certainly agree with the assessment that the player initiates this incident and the official escalates it. I'm not saying I wouldn't have done anything different if I were the official. In the heat of the moment, a shove to get the player away from me would seem appropriate. But here's what will bother me: the player, if he's not a senior will be suspended for 2-3 games to start next season. If the school really pushes it, they will likely get to count a scrimmage as one of those games. That official has most likely worked his last postseason game. If he is allowed to come back and in my mind that will be a big if (also why would he want to?) he will see a drastic reduction in his schedule from this year. Just my opinion.
  15. Really surprised at how close this game was. Haven't seen stats for Larue, but missed free throws really hurt. Kudos to Larue for making this game much more competitive than it should have been and to Bethlehem for pulling out the W.
  16. It is a high school rule that bench personnel cannot leave the vicinity of the bench to participate. I was just told that the Bowling kid will be out tonight against Washington County.
  17. There were two Bardstown players that left the bench. I'm not saying that I blame them, but if you leave the bench area it's usually an ejection and suspension.
  18. The last rankings as we head into post-season play tonight. I looked more this week at overall season instead of week-to-week. 1. Larue County (22-6) 2. John Hardin (20-9) 3. Taylor County (18-10) 4. Campbellsville (20-9) 5. Central Hardin (16-9) 6. Bardstown (14-11) 7. Thomas Nelson (17-11) 8. Adair County (18-11) 9. Green County (14-12) 10. Bethlehem (14-13) 11. Elizabethtown (13-12) 12. Washington County (11-15) 13. Caverna (11-16) 14. Hart County (10-16) 15. Nelson County (7-22) 16. Marion County (3-24) 17. Fort Knox (2-21) 18. North Hardin (9-16) A few things…Larue, John Hardin & Campbellsville all get to the 20-win mark to close out the regular season. Central Hardin is playing as well as anyone in the region right now. Brett Decker is a machine scoring 40 & 36 points in two of his last 3 games. Bardstown’s record won’t show how good they actually are. They’ve played the toughest schedule in the region. Finally, North Hardin…I’m not sure there is a more disappointing way for their season to end than it has. They were talked about in the pre-season as a region contender. The season has had its shares of ups and downs and at moments they looked like the team that many thought they would be. Then other moments they looked completely unmotivated and lost. The situation on Friday night was as ugly as it gets for a basketball program. If that culture is going to change, it has to be changed at the top of the program and work down. It won’t happen overnight, it’s a process but it’s a process that has to start soon. District Tournament Predictions 17th District- John Hardin/Fort Knox- Fort Knox gets to move onto the semi-finals to play John Hardin due to North Hardin having their season ended. John Hardin defeated Ft. Knox by 51 in their only regular season matchup. This should be more of the same. Central Hardin/Elizabethtown- This should be an absolute war and a great game to watch. Decker is playing great, but so is Murphy. Central is the hotter of the two teams right now. But only 5 points have separated these two teams in two games. Central won by 3 and then E-town by 2. I’ll take Central. 17th District winner-John Hardin, Runner-up-Central Hardin 18th District Larue/Caverna- Larue has beaten Caverna twice in the regular season, winning easily both games, most recently by 40 points. Larue also finally has a fully healthy team. Larue should advance to the district finals. Green/Hart- This is an interesting game. On the one hand, Green has consistently been in the top 10-12 teams in the region and Hart has been consistently toward the bottom. Hart is playing well to end the season though and they recently defeated Green. I think Green’s experience here ultimately wins this game and then they fall to Larue in the finals. 18th District Winner- Larue County, Runner-up- Green County 19th District Washington/Nelson County- Washington should win the 4/5 play-in game. Hughes has returned to the lineup for the Commanders. He doesn’t look 100% yet but he should be enough to elevate the Commanders over Nelson. Washington/Bardstown- If Washington wins, their prize will be to play Bardstown. Washington had a marquee win over Bardstown early in the season, but they haven’t played nearly as well since then. The caveat is whether Bardstown will have their full team. I haven’t heard yet if there are any suspensions, but I strongly expect Riley, Bowling & Bell to be out. If that’s the case, this game could be very close. Thomas Nelson/Bethlehem- Thomas Nelson’s shooting should be enough to catapult them to the win. They split the regular season but Thomas Nelson’s win in the second game felt like a statement win to the district that they weren’t going anywhere. I like Thomas Nelson on their home court to win this one. Thomas Nelson/Bardstown- If my predictions pan out, this is the final. If Bardstown players are suspended for more than 1 game, I like Thomas Nelson to capture their first district championship. 19th District Champion- Thomas Nelson, Runner-up- Bardstown 20th District Taylor/Marion- Marion has struggled all year. Taylor is playing well and peaking at the right time. I’ll take the Cardinals in this one to move on to the finals. Adair/Campbellsville- Campbellsville has the home court advantage here. They split the regular season series. The Eagles have won 8 of their last 9 games that includes a win over the Indians. The Indians dropped a disappointing game to Hart to end the regular season. I’ll take the Eagles. 20th District Champions- Taylor County, Runner-up- Campbellsville
  19. If this had been an isolated incident, it would be bad enough, but the whole last 2 minutes of this game is just awful. Cofer (head coach) gets a technical foul, after North leaves their bench coming out of a timeout, North players try and get in the Bardstown huddle and teams have to be separated and then the fight that took place. I'm not sure if KHSAA has ruled on Bardstown players. I could potentially see 2, maybe 3 players being suspended. I was told that the decision to shut down the season came from Hardin County schools, not KHSAA. Not saying that the outcome would have been any different, but appears to me that HCS wasn't waiting for Lexington.
  20. Heading into the last week of the season, things aren’t really much clearer in the 5th Region than they were when the season first began. There are about 7 or 8 teams if the regional draw is favorable, who could potentially win the region. 1. John Hardin 18-8 (LW:2) John goes 2-1 on the week and reclaims the number one spot in the rankings. They lost by 8 to Evangel early in the week but bounced back to defeat Bardstown, and then a much closer game against Caverna than I’m sure was expected. 2. Campbellsville- 19-8 (LW:3) Campbellsville moves up one spot the to the number 2 spot this week after going 3-0 and extending their winning streak to 7 games. Their wins this week over Nelson, Mercer and Warren East were won by an average of 14 points a game. The Eagles haven’t lost since their loss to Harlan in the first round of the All-A State Tournament. 3. Larue County- 19-6 (LW:1) Larue had a tough week and the Hawks dropped 2 out of 3 this week. They had a 40-point win against Caverna that locks up the number 1 seed in the 18th district for them, but that win was sandwiched in between 2 double digit losses to Elizabethtown and Taylor Co. 4. Taylor County 15-10 (LW:5) The Cardinals will be the number one seed in the 20th district. They go 2-1 on the week after a 6-point loss to Garrard County, they rebounded well with a win against Bardstown & then a 13 point when against Marion County. 5. Bardstown 13-10 (LW:4) Bardstown drops one spot this week after going 1-2 this week. While the win-loss record isn’t the most impressive, Bardstown has more than likely played the strongest schedule of any 5th Region team this season which should serve them well heading into the postseason. Playing teams like George Rogers Clark this late in the season can only help them as they prepare for the 19th district and 5th Region tournaments. 6. Thomas Nelson 15-10 (LW:6) Thomas Nelson holds at number 6, mainly due to Campbellsville and Taylor having good weeks and previously being above them in the rankings. Thomas Nelson went 3-0 with 2 wins against Cloverport & Fort Knox but also a big win against Washington County that locks up the #2 seed in the 19th district. Thomas Nelson is shooting the ball like crazy right now and if they continue this shooting into the postseason, they will be a tough out for whoever they draw. 7. Central Hardin 15-8 (LW: 9) The Bruins move up 2 spots this week and had 2 big wins against Meade & Green County. While Meade County is undermanned this season, the 29-point win against Green could have been much worse and felt like it was even more lopsided. Brett Decker set the single-game scoring record for the boys with 41 points against Green. The Bruins are peaking at just the right time. 8. Elizabethtown 13-9 (LW:8) The Panthers went 1-1 last week, playing at the time the #1 & 2 team in the region in John Hardin & Larue. The Panthers fell to John Hardin but then beat Larue by 9 in a game that they absolutely dominated. 9. Adair County 15-10 (LW: 7) Adair County drops 2 out of 3 games this week but they win the one game they needed, which was against Marion County. The win against Marion keeps them out of the #4 seed. The Indians have got to get solid play from Loy & Janes from here on out if they are going to be able to make a run in the postseason. 10. North Hardin 9-14 (LW: 12) The Trojans win 2 out of 3 and seem this week snapping a 4-game skid. The Trojans beat Marion & Adair County after losing by 19 to Spencer County. 11. Green County 12-11 (LW: 10) The Dragons drop out of the top 10 for the first time in several weeks. The Dragons had a 3-game winning streak snapped, losing to district rival Hart County and then lost 2 more to Cumberland County and an absolute beatdown by Central Hardin. The Dragons right the ship with a win against Nelson to end the week. 12. Caverna 11-14 (LW:11) Caverna drops one spot in the rankings this week. They went 1-2 on the week that included a 40-point drubbing from Larue County, but then they played John Hardin to within 12 points the next night. Caverna is young and if they are thinking about anything past the district tournament, guys are going to have to grow up quickly. 13. Bethlehem 10-13 (LW: 14) Bethlehem goes 1-1 this week, with their most notable game being a win against Washington County. That win will place them as the #3 seed in the district and keep them out of the 4/5 play-in game. 14. Washington County 9-14 (LW:13) The Commanders haven’t won since January 21st. They were 9-7 then and looking like a real threat to Bardstown’s 19th district dominance. Jakobie Hughes got hurt and they have since lost 7 in a row. Hughes returned last week but he’s not back to 100% (or at least doesn’t appear to be.) Washington County dropped 2 district games last week and will now be in the 4/5 play-in game for the 19th district tournament. 15. Hart County 7-16 (LW16) Hart goes 2-0 last week and defeats district opponent Green County. The significance of that win means that they will be the 3 seed in their district, they’ll face Green County again and they avoid having to play Larue County. Hart’s chances at making the region just got significantly better. 16. Nelson County 6-20 (LW: 15) The Cards go 1-3 on the week, winning over Whitefield Academy, but losing to region foes Campbellsville & Green County. 17. Marion County 3-21 (LW: 17) I can’t imagine that there is a team that has had a more disappointing season than the Marion County Knights. Touted as a possible region contender at the beginning of the season, this season has been nothing short of abysmal. The Knights go 0-3 on the week, losing to North Hardin, Adair & Taylor County. They start this week off against border rival Washington County. 18. Fort Knox 0-19 (LW: 18) More of the same for Fort Knox. It’s been a long season for Kip Rambo. You have to go back to Feb. 21st of 2020 for the last win by Fort Knox. (They didn’t play in the 2020/21 season. ) The Golden Eagles are now on a 21-game losing streak. They have 3 winnable games this week against Cloverport, Highland Latin, and Whitefield Academy. Logan County and Red Bird are the only other 2 teams in the state without a win.
  21. Not much surrounding him, and probably believing too much of their own hype. Although I will say they are the best 2 or 3 win team that I think I've ever seen.
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