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  1. This will be a tough job. Coach Smart did a fantastic job at Grayson. Got them to Region title games. He had to be the winningest coach in school history there. Best of luck to him!
  2. Better days will be ahead for Warren Central. I know they played a ton of young kids this year. The streak will end. The short term question is are they building numbers at Moss and in the young groups. The long term question for 2021-2022 is when these young kids get older can they get to compete with G’wood, East, AC-S, Logan, R’ville and pull off a winning season to build momentum for a real turnaround. I sure hope so. I hate that I’m even about to say this but I think it’s in the best interest of the program to end the series with BG. It’s not even a rivalry anymore and the game is a disservice to the kids at Central. That is one more possible winnable game that can be put on the schedule for those kids.
  3. Casey’s best athlete tore his ACL in their 2nd scrimmage. Stuff happens to everyone. Game went down to the final minute. Good win for Glasgow. Casey did a terrific job with what they had to do to compete.
  4. Casey threw for over 200 yards. I think Casey holding the ball for about 75% of the first half hurt Glasgow more than the weather.
  5. He has been a high school assistant for the past few seasons although he has coached at the middle school level and been President of youth league programs.
  6. Would love to see Dee Mucker get a shot at this job. Very well connected to youth programs in the county. Been an assistant and defensive coordinator for many years at the high school level in JCPS. Top notch person who you would want your kids around and who would be an excellent mentor and role model. Would be able to relate to the kids and parents and give Seneca a great shot at building and maintaining a solid roster size.
  7. 2016 Pre-season 1 - Trinity 2 - Male 3 - St. Xavier 4 - Simon Kenton 5 - Scott County 6 - PRP 7 - Lafayette 8 - Central Hardin 9 - Henderson Co 10 - Cooper
  8. Couldn't agree more! Egli has done a very solid job at Nelson. Just like most all other coaches the years he has better players he has good years. The years where talent and experience are lacking they have a rougher year. The guy can coach. Period.
  9. I would say, "What in the name of Kevin Wallace and Ty Scroggins are you talking about?"
  10. Marion County would be very fortunate to have Josh Jaggers. He had some good players his first year and beat some very good teams. Then he had to deal with a talent slide and chose to go young knowing it would be rough but the future would be brighter. Unfortunately, he didn't get the chance to see it through but LaRue 'should' see the benefits from that decision over the course of the next two seasons. Jaggers' wife is from Marion and he would be willing to establish roots and relationships (youth, MS, players, community) needed to build that program. The tough decisions that he made at LaRue show that he is willing to build a program for the long term. All of that should appeal greatly to the powers that be in Lebanon.
  11. Josh Jaggers would be great for Marion County. They already have a solid DC in place with Matthew Mattingly. It would work out well because Josh is an offensive guy. He knows that area well and has family all over that area so there are roots. Plus, he is the kind of guy you would want your son to play for.
  12. J-Town Defense dominated. Had 5 picks on the night including a pick six by Dakota White. Dylan Adkins rushed for over 100 yards and had two scores. Chargers match their win total from last year against a team that had won 11 or 12 of their last 14 games coming in.
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