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  1. “Speed” The 2023 Purples, I believe, will have as good of team speed as they’ve had in quite some time (which is saying a lot). As Purple88 mentions, if the offensive line can become a solid unit, the Purples should average 40+ points per contest. In all the years I have been an avid Purples fan, I cannot remember a season where EVERY SKILL PLAYER returns! QB, Deuce Bailey seemed to improve every single week. I believe he is a national recruit with some major offers coming his junior year. Purples coaching staff perhaps had one of their strongest seasons this past Fall. Great write up, Purple88; is it August yet?
  2. I think any tourney the Dragons are in this season, including STATE, is going to be a very tough “out”. The games this season vs the BGHS Purples will be very fun to watch. Capacity crowds.
  3. Congrats to all 12 teams that made it to Kroger field. A very special congratulations to our six champions! What players were the Alphas this past weekend? Stats? Who impressed you? Why? Would love to read about these athletes on this post. Congrats again to these teams!
  4. Just got home. Clearly, Deuce Bailey (as advertised) was the best player on the field. His O-line continues to impress. Thankful for the win, but prayers goes out to the players that got hurt. Unfortunately, both seemed to be pretty gruesome injuries. BG has been a different team since the reverse pass for the win at Father Ryan. It changed the DNA of the season. BG may meet their match next Saturday evening but any Purple fan would have been pleasantly surprised if at beginning of season if someone told us we would be playing for another ring. Seems to me the pressure is on Freddie D. Purples should just do next Saturday what got them to Lexington. Use the run to set up the pass. I know this will be unpopular but I think Deuce Bailey will once again be best player on the field next week. Kid is playing lights out! Will be fun!
  5. I don’t mind friendly “competition” bantering back and forth with one another but too much, is well, too much. Southwestern is having perhaps their greatest season ever. This gives the players, sidelines and fans a huge dose of confidence - well deserved! BG has surprised many of how quickly they have risen to a very competitive team. They (like Southwestern) will be a tough out. To me, the X factor (besides the usual time of possession and who wins the turnover battle) is Purples QB, Deuce Bailey. He has thrown the ball all over the yard with more than 2,700 yards this season! Perhaps his best weapon is his legs. He’s a true D-1 talent and only a sophomore. If Bailey has an above average game, the game will be decided in the 4th quarter. Purples fans are excited to make the trip. We know that the Purples must bring their A game to pull this off. At beginning of season, I don’t think BG or Southwestern thought that their teams would be 4 quarters away from the turf. Hey Purples fans… let’s go Krogering! BG 42 Southwestern 30
  6. It is going to be a classic post season contest between two good teams. Nothing beats high school football, IMO. Here’s a few questions I’d like to ask Southwestern fans… Who were the best player/athletes you’ve faced this year? What position did they play and why were they considered a threat? What teams have you played that threw the ball more than ran the ball? How is your D-Line? Special Teams? Does your kicker put it in end zone on kickoffs? Purples D has improved all year. I would think that Sothwestern haven’t faced a team this year with more scoring potential than the Purples. I would also think the Purples are the fastest team they will face this season. Hoping rain stays away. Gonna be a good one!
  7. Watched game from cruise ship from the middle of ocean. For what it’s worth, Wi-Fi now works very well on cruises! Also, Purples played pretty well! I believe Purples drew them offsides on a hard count, 8 times! Hard to win against a team that played near the 50 the entire night. Great job, Fratus and special teams. I believe the Purples game on Thanksgiving Friday will be one of best games in the state. Lastly… Rarely does a Purples fan make the following statement, “Go Red Devils!”
  8. Very impressive win for the Purple and Gold! I still can’t believe that ALL of our skill players are so young. In fact, VERY YOUNG! They are as talented a group as any previous skill positions from top to bottom as the Purples has had. You may question that but I truly believe it to be true. I’ve seen every skill unit the Purples has had since the early/mid 80’s. QB, Deuce Bailey, continues to improve and the game is starting to look easy for this SOPHOMORE. The kid can play. D1. With any future help from the O-line next two seasons, he will have video game like numbers. Smart, accurate, cannon (big time cannon!) and great legs is all apart of his arsenal. The secret sauce for the Purples this season has certainly been the O-line. They are a great unit. Will the Purples get another ring? Doubtful. But it doesn’t take away from the fact of how this team is starting to gain their identity. Identity for not just this season. Their skill players are the Alphas and they know it; this confidence is a great thing for high school kids. “7 on 7’ tourneys that feature still positions will certainly be fun to watch for Purples in the coming off seasons! Go Purples!
  9. Perfectly said. Lofton is a player. Will it be enough to beat the Devils. Probably not but the dude can play!
  10. Yes sir. I believe the Purples are at full strength. A few bangs and bruises like everyone else but I think the O and the D and special teams will be playing each preferred starter for Friday night
  11. No team should be able to "opt out" and no team should get a bye week. Blowouts can (and will) always occur. The problem is allowing too many teams in each class a chance in the playoffs. To me, it's like the "participation" trophy. Not every team has earned a trophy and not every team has earned the privilege of playing in November. Quit allowing 2-8, 1-9 and 0-10 teams in playoffs. IMO, the playoffs should begin in November and end in November. Fewer weeks in playoffs means fewer teams in playoffs. It's not that hard!
  12. Purples need to get up 4 scores and then get the skill players on both sides of ball out of the game. Let JV play entire second half.
  13. You couldn’t tell tonight but he’s a great player. Deuce Bailey - Sophomore - high ceiling for sure. Purples dropped more passes in one game tonight than all other 9 games, combined. I do think Bailey will get some offers from Power 5 conferences
  14. Totally agree. I WANT to play St X. EVERY YEAR. Just not last week of season. If you want to play tough schedule, good! Just play final week with a team that you feel confident you can win and get your starters off the field. People say that you can’t predict injuries - true. But, you cut your chances of injuries in half if on last game your athletes only play half the game Both Purples injuries (Kibawa and Fratus) come late in game when game was already out of reach. Again, I want to play X - JUST NOT LAST WEEK OF REGULAR SEASON!
  15. If Douglass doesn’t win state this season ….. They are now, hands down, favorite. Running clock possibility next 5 weeks.
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