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  1. First season in a LONG time that the statement, “Purples reload rather than rebuild” is NOT true. Typically, reloading has come easy for the Purples but not this season. A couple of reasons for the rough year: 1. The offensive line has struggled more this season than any other in recent memory. I know some injuries have occurred and has forced them to scramble up the line but they have REALLY STRUGGLED. 2. The offense has no identity. Because of the O-line struggle, the offensive play calling really doesn’t matter. RBs getting tackled AS SOON as they touch the ball, QB rare
  2. Should be one of the better games this weekend. Purples seem to be playing with a bit more "swag." Although it is asking a lot from a Freshman to go into a place like Boyle County (and facing a 5 year Senior QB) I think Deuce with the correct play calling from the sideline and him using his legs when needed, could perhaps get the job done. I expect it to be a 4th quarter game for sure. Games like this is what makes high school football so fun. Safe travels to everyone and good sportsmanship to both teams. Should be a dandy. Purples make some head turns across the Bluegrass …. Pu
  3. Purples not only won on the scoreboard but for the first time this year I feel that the team won on the sidelines and in the locker room as well. Tough decisions on switching up line up were made and thankful that it seems in best interest of the team. Not taking anything away from anybody! Not that it matters but the last touchdown from Kibawa should have actually been recorded as a touchdown pass from Bailey. Correct me if I’m wrong but a jet sweep that the quarterback tosses to the receiver (not direct handoff) should be just as if it were a shuttle pass. Regardless, gre
  4. It’s not the athletes fault. A lot of families wouldn’t turn down the money. The rule that was passed allowing Universities to do this is the problem. Think about how many 5 and 4 stars across America high schools will only play until they are called up to make $$. What benefits the college campus, crushes high school campuses. Add to that the voices that will speak into these athletes lives trying to get a piece of the pie. What used to happen (illegally) on college campuses, luring athletes has now been made legal to 17 and 18 year old high school athletes. Ridiculous.
  5. I know it is all about the athlete but terrible for high school football. Everyone has their opinion but that won’t change mine. Terrible for high school athletics. The snowball has been released and it’s heading downhill. Fast
  6. Hats off to Highlands. Consider this and you will understand my earlier comments concerning how uncertain the Purples offense is (so hard for me to say because BG usually dominates on offense). The Final score was 21-18 Take a way pic 6 and it’s 14-18 Purples Even give back the safety points and it’s 14-16 in favor of Purples My point…. BG defense allows Highlands only 14 points and Purples still gets beat. That doesn’t happen in 19 out of 20 seasons. This year for Purples is one of those seasons - If decisions aren’t made on offense to move som
  7. Perfect write up, 88! Will be a lot of fun (and very interesting) to see how everything unfolds. I think there is a Purple or two that the fans yet know about. After Saturday night, these names of players will soon be a lot of topic of conversation! Let the games begin...
  8. Could be the #1 game in all of the state this weekend. All the above mentioned posts about keys to the game is spot on. Personally, I think Owensboro's biggest question is.... Can the Red Devils get the St X offense off the field? I think there are only 2 or 3 teams in the state this year that will achieve this. Add to the fact that X has their defense in a high gear this season. My prediction... St X 27 Owensboro 13
  9. I have a little different take on it than most.... * Fewer players travel together = less chance of Covid outbreak * New Coach; First game. "Bowl Game" feel. Comradery is a big thing in all sports but especially High School football. Smaller group overnight = more time to mix and mingle with coaching staff and players. * I think Highlands not only lost more games on the field than they are accustomed to recently, but also lost some cohesiveness between each other recently as well! * I think its a good move. Its not like they are going to do this every week. Things are on
  10. The name of the game this year for the Purples is about the exact opposite of what normally is the teams desire. Typically, the Purples want their offense on the field. 9 out of 10 seasons the offense will average more than 40 points per game; along with a defense that will dominate field control, giving the offense a short field each possession. This season, the defense is likely to do as in years past (they are really good!) but the potential problem is that if our offense can’t consistently move the ball down the field and has several 3 and outs, the D will get gassed fairly
  11. Great write up by both men supporting the Purples and the Birds. This upcoming season is going to be another long, crazy path to navigate through. As far as this game, it is important for both squads. Nothing better than high school football. Lots of questions to be answered for Purples offense. It is first time in many seasons that Purples are a bit unsure of their #1 running back. Along with an unproven QB; Will be interesting. Can’t wait! I’ll drink the Purple kool-aide out of the gate and take the Purples 27-6
  12. Bowling Green Purples Although a huge coaching transition occurred a few years ago that perhaps many fans were not excited about, Coach Mark Spader has stepped up to the plate and delivered. He was able to keep most of the other coaches on the sideline with him which allowed for a good transition and a continued state of comradery with the players. I would think that most on this board would agree that Bowling Green, a public school, has a tremendous amount of pressure to keep a great product on the field. Coach Spader and his staff have not only done this but has built lots of respect wi
  13. Without talking about your favorite teams success ON the field, boast about your Team OFF the field. Talk about who coaches your team: Good Coach? Good motivator? Staff? Father Figure to the kids? Behind the scene hero’s? Talk about your fans: Passionate? Traditions? Super Fans? QB clubs? Lets discuss the sidelines and the stands of your team! I want to hear great, positive opinions on each of your favorite squads, without talking about their success on the field!
  14. Bowling Green Purples. Incredible decade that is very close to the top of all schools in Bluegrass over last 10 years. Overall record: 122-14 6 State Championships in last 10 seasons. Heck of a run!
  15. Have some free time? Give us the scoop of your high school team this past decade. In the last 10 years: Overall record Playoff runs State Championships Your "snapshot" thoughts of the last 10 years for your school
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