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  1. Bowling Green Purples. Incredible decade that is very close to the top of all schools in Bluegrass over last 10 years. Overall record: 122-14 6 State Championships in last 10 seasons. Heck of a run!
  2. Have some free time? Give us the scoop of your high school team this past decade. In the last 10 years: Overall record Playoff runs State Championships Your "snapshot" thoughts of the last 10 years for your school
  3. Certainly many other school systems, like Bowling Green City Schools does a great job of supporting their high schools but for you that may not know, Bowling Green City Schools is very blessed to have Gary Fields as their superintendent. He is not just the superintendent but he is a fan of the Purples. Former coach, teacher, principal and now superintendent. I know he supports all the student athletes in each sport but he is a football guy. I contribute some of the recent success of the football Purples to the comradery from the "Top Down." This starts with Gary Fields. The Purples has
  4. Bowling Green Purples D-line would (should) rival any D-line in the bluegrass this upcoming season.
  5. Outside of the obvious Louisville rivalries, BG/South has quickly turned into a a top 5 rivalry throughout entire state, IMO. Really fun to watch. Air is thick with tension! Even as a Purples fan, it is fairly obvious that South shot themselves in the foot last November with all the turnovers. South will (should) have one of their better teams come August. A few studs in skilled positions will allow them opportunity to win majority of their games. What makes this upcoming season games special between South and BG will be the quality of play and players on Purples de
  6. Name the Highschool team that you follow and give your projection of this upcoming seasons STRENGTH and WEAKNESS for the team you follow. Be as detailed as you desire to be.
  7. BG City schools have voted not to allow students to attend the “re-do” year.
  8. Hoping there were some former prep stars from the Bluegrass that got selected in this year's NFL draft or signed on with a team at conclusion of draft:. Bowling Green Purples: Senior guard, Jordan Meredith signed with the Los Angeles Rams following the conclusion of the 2021 NFL Draft.
  9. Again, it won’t be many athletes that do this but there will be some! We may be surprised that a few of these athletes that take advantage of this will be kids that were huge contributors to their team last season. According to the official document, it shouldn’t be too much longer until general public/fans learn if any kids will be 5th year seniors. I’m sure if any kids decide to stay (if their school board approves) that we will start seeing threads in this forum mentioning the names of players/schools. The “off-season” thread of Bluegrass Preps may be a bit more active wi
  10. Thanks for all the responses. Again, I do not think it is PROBABLE but it is POSSIBLE that some kids will stick around. Not many but a few. I am thinking about 1 athlete in particular. Stud on the baseball diamond. Was getting several decent looks from some strong mid-major schools. March of 2020 rolls around, school dismisses and this kid (along with hundreds of other) misses his junior season of baseball. He panics and signs with a JUCO. Granted he has this upcoming season to play but ….. If he plays lights out this year and has an extra season next year, if he so chooses, he would
  11. Is it official in state of Kentucky for current seniors to have “the option” to repeat their senior school year this upcoming Fall? If so, is it correct that athletes can have extra year of playing eligibility in their sport as long as they do not turn 19 years old by a certain date? If all of this is true, do you feel that any current seniors would take advantage of this? My take - Although it is unlikely, some may choose to do this. With NCAA basically having same rule, recruiting has slowed down for this upcoming season for many athletes. I would think some kids th
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