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  1. Pretty sure McGillis came from Ohio and played mostly JV last season. McGillis will possibly start this season along with the three you mentioned. No idea on the 5th starter. Either way, they'll be a very difficult matchup for any team in the 9th Region.
  2. Any thoughts on NKY Coaches top teams or 9th Region top players? Any teams / players left off ? There will be lots of new teams with '21 graduations and some who have several returning players and contributors. Who are the dark horses?
  3. After reading the article, I was curious if there were any opinions or thoughts on the topics discussed? - NKY Coaches Top 10 teams. - Ninth Region's Top 10 Basketball Players voted on by Coaches. (I think Campbell County is a 10th Region team?) - CCH schedule, "Anybody, Anywhere." "Trinity, St. X, Lex Cath, and a number of 9th Region teams won't schedule us... 8/30." https://www.rcnky.com/articles/2021/10/08/dan-webers-just-sayin-cov-caths-ruthsatz-finds-home-nky
  4. Championship game in the 35th District is Beechwood vs. Cov Cath at Beechwood, 05/31 Monday, first pitch 1:00 pm. Projected starters for both teams are CCH - Hutson and for Beechwood - Berger. Two of the better arms in the 9th Region. Could be a battle if both teams play to their potential and could be a preview of the 9th Region Finals?
  5. Isaac Speicher has been named Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach at Beechwood. Speicher has been at Calvary Christian and most recently Head JV and Varsity Girl's Assistant Coach at Scott High in Taylor Mill, KY.
  6. Oak Hills had a very nice team. Beechwood hit a little more in the late innings after being down 4-0. Tigers battled.
  7. Tigers win with Berger pitching a 6 inning gem and Fieger tossing a scoreless 7th.
  8. Who pitched for WV and what was the line ?
  9. Sam Stacy with the Win for the Tigers, Zach Norris Saves it.
  10. Beechwood 13 beats Colerain, OH 3 in 6 innings.
  11. Head Coaching position became vacant 03/26. Successor?
  12. Sophomore Jack Hendrix from Highlands will be really good this year. Fastball - low to mid 80’s and his slider is really good. Only disadvantage is he has no Varsity time until this year. It may take him a couple mound appearances to build confidence, but he will adjust and I’d be surprised if he’s not Very successful for HHS this year. Great kid too. Sophomore Mitchell Berger from Beechwood. Mid 80’s fastball that is heavy. Off speed is above average and improving. He’s a bulldog on the mound. Mitch will be a big part of the rotation for the Tigers, if not their ace closer this y
  13. Good points. IMO, there is also no equitable way to seed teams when, like this year, the top 3 teams in the last State rankings are all private schools. There’s a reason for that. I’ll never be convinced that a classless system is the best tourney model. Sure, if you’re one of “those” programs, but if you’re in the majority of “everybody else,” it’s not nearly as fun. The game has changed soo much over the last 40 years, I just think it’s time for KY to go to a class system in the playoffs. The rich get richer is what’s happened. Even many of the biggest schools are struggling to compet
  14. Beechwood looked physically tired, after 4 games in 5 days. I know WV had 3 games in 5 days, but they also had a 3 L run in that span. One team had a hot shooter and the other couldn’t buy one from outside. Draud was the difference. Smithers was non existent in the 2nd half, credit the Tigers D. He’s a nice player, scored almost at will in the first half.
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