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  1. I believe he may have visited KY Wesleyan last week for a couple of days. I know KW’s head coach was at the Highlands game recently. That would be a great fit for SD - IMO.
  2. I attended both boys and girls Varsity games, BHS vs Holmes, both at Holmes this year. Holmes campus /gym remains one of my favorites in the 9th region. But, I now know why KHSAA is having such a hard time getting and keeping referees. The home fans were completely out of control. Not all of them of course, but a group of about 10-12 Holmes faithful were totally belligerent towards the refs; with the comments, language used, and complete disrespect for anyone seated within 50 feet of them. I was embarrassed for them. Their kids played hard, but I guarantee you, they were equally as embarrassed as I was. I felt bad for the kids. I like a good heated rivalry game / battle, but these few fans took it way too far - as usual. SMH In the girls game earlier in the season, the CPD officers had to escort a couple out of the gym for their antics. None of that tonite, but it was over the top.
  3. Second time Beechwood played Grant Co this season. Grant was better this time around but still over matched. Beechwood, coming off an emotional win vs Highlands about 15 hours earlier, was a little hung over and visibly fatigued in this one. Downton busted his nose twice and left the game for extended periods Both times to stop the bleeding. Tigers were tired on defense and Grant chipped away, taking a 1 pt lead late, before Beechwood closed it out by 9, 70-61.
  4. Who and In what year are in front of tonight’s career high by SD?
  5. At the end of the 3rd, 48-27 Beechwood. This one was more lopsided than the final score shows. IMO, Brossart isn’t nearly the team they were in ‘19-‘20. The big - Govan Is a nice player and The guard #2 can score. Otherwise, they didn’t have much. They’re on the smaller size overall, minus Govan, and struggle defensively. Athletically, two totally different teams here tonight.
  6. Highlands will be good, one of the 4 best in the 9th Region. Sam Vinson, NKU, is one of the better players in the State. IMO
  7. Are you implying an independent is the same as a private school? Or that an independent is not a public school by definition?
  8. I guess they’d fall where every other public school falls, since KY has open enrollment.
  9. IMO, KY has a goofy playoff system for many of the above reasons. I would mainly like to see KY move to a public tourney and a private school tourney like several other states have. I’m a shot clock guy too.
  10. Hatton 3,045 Draud Sr. 2,865 career, 1,094 in his Senior year; 31 ppg Jr., 35 ppg Sr.
  11. Tonight in Ft. Mitchell vs Covington Catholic, Scotty Draud moved to the top of the list in the record book for Beechwood Boys Varsity Basketball career scoring with 2,395 Points. He passed Anthony Frommeyer, Class of 1997, who had 2,389. Very impressive record considering Draud is a junior. Best wishes for the upcoming Region and State Tourney and a strong Senior campaign. Way to go!
  12. IMO, for the Tigers to win, here are a couple of keys. Defensive rebounding is the Tigers #1 need. If they can keep second chance points to a minimum for the Bulldogs, I think Beechwood’s chances go way up. The Tigers have to do a good enough job guarding on the ball. If the Dogs take the rock to the rack, it could cause issues for the Tigers. Make the Dogs play D; motion offense, screens, and dribble drives will be crucial. Especially, if the Tigers are shooting average or below average from the arc. I think the Dogs can get a little lazy on D. Finally, we all know that at some point in the game, Holmes is going to implode and start arguing and infighting with team mates. If the Tigers can remain composed if/when the Dogs make a run, I think they have the experience and talent to beat an athletic Holmes squad. This could be a good game, but I predict Tigers by 13.
  13. Bluebirds shot the ball as well as any team I’ve seen this season. It was the difference in the game. They are a really good passing team too. Role players took the spotlight from the stars tonight. Hughes for Beechwood played as well as he’s played this season. Maybe Rylee is a 15 point difference if he plays next time; who knows. Highlands deserved to win this one.
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