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  1. See link for article below about those schools being quarantined. So sad for these two programs. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/10/15/two-northern-kentucky-high-school-volleyball-teams-have-positive-covid-19-tests/3669855001/
  2. I really thought the fog was gonna take this one. Dixie scored the first two goals and were able to hold off the Pandas. Congrats Ladies!
  3. ***Correction**** Dixie v Conner is at 5pm ***Additions*** Semi finals and finals will be at Tower Park
  4. For anyone who cares ConnEr is spelled with an E....good luck to all the ladies!
  5. 33rd District Finals.....Cooper's first, it was an interesting game with interesting calls. Cooper Audrey Durr - 1 goal Maleah Alexander - 1 goal Conner Juliet Strange - 1 goal Both teams advancing to the 9th Region tournament starting this weekend.
  6. Conner advances to the 33rd District Final. Conner Elaina Keller - 1goal
  7. Even though Conner was defeated, they still fought to the end. Highlands Laney Smith - 2 goals Macy Hedenburg - 1 goal Faith Broering - 1 goal
  8. Conner Elaina Keller - 1 goal Scott Lydia Bowling - 2 goals Kylie Ronnebaum - 1 goal Thank you to Scott who shut the lights down and made our kids find their way out using their phone flashlights......not sure what that was about?
  9. Cooper Madi Redlinger - 1 goal
  10. Notre Dame Ellie Greenwell - 2 goals Lauren Carothers - 1 goal Natalie Schuh - 1 goal Congrats to all the NDA seniors!
  11. The Lady Cougars get their second district win of the season. Conner Hailey Oliver - 1 goal Sydney Nobel - 1 goal Boone County Averi Hicks - 1 goal The Lady Cougars will play Notre Dame on Saturday.
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