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  1. The tournament gets pushed up a few days because of a light situation at Boone County. 10/2 Conner v Boone at 1300; earlier this season, Conner over Boone 9-1; Conner better come out ready to play....."any given Sunday" 10/3 Cooper v Ryle at 1730; earlier this season, nothing, they did not play or at least nothing reported on KHSAA 10/5 championship at 1730 Will Maleah and her quickness be enough? Will Juliet be back with her defensive line to make a difference? Does Boone pull off an upset, it has been known to happen! Do the Raiders get healthy enough to make a difference? Good luck to all the Ladies!
  2. Conner seemed to move the ball well just could not hit the back of the net. New face in goal for the Lady Cougars, junior Kelsey Burchett. She had four saves.
  3. Game seemed to be going pretty well, Cougars score first with a follow up by Dixie 1-1 in the first. There is some breakdown in the defense and a goalie switch. All that and center defender Juliet Strange going out with an injury and does not return leads to Dixie taking this one 3-1. I liked Dixie's play, they seemed loose and looked to be having fun! Juliet comes off the field in crutches...... Next up, @ Brossart today 7:30pm
  4. Sacred Heart is really good, of course we knew that. They are skilled, they are physically strong, they can run and the list goes on.....
  5. it was a slow start but we pulled out the dub ..... Elaina Keller one goal Cayley Eilers with a bomb for the go-ahead goal Hailey Oliver one assist Caitlyn Kenny one assist Next up ....Sacred Heart tomorrow at 6:30pm!
  6. No doubts these teams will meet again......hoping for a different result.
  7. Tough loss for the Lady Cougars but we gotta keep it moving for Cooper tomorrow. Mandy Schlueter is top notch! She had all four of the goals for the Cru. Ariel Brogan - 1 goal Ellan Mann - 1 goal Reagan Buchert 1 assist
  8. She for sure is a fabulous player. She is probably the best offensive player I have seen. Her touches are good and vision of the field, great. I felt like possession was equal. At 2-2 we still, IMO felt like the game was still ours to win. An unfortunate hand ball called in the box which somehow resulted in a red card for one of our players and a PK for Schlueter, taking the score to 3-2. After that we looked a little defeated and then comes the 4th goal and it was not good after that. Hate to lose but this will do us some good, refocus us.
  9. Great game and win for the Lady Cougars! Defensive line was amazing as usual and Ally Welch had six saves. Ella Mann - one goal Bre Maidens - one goal Milana Arevalo - one assist Conner will take on St. Henry tonight at Conner at 7:30pm.
  10. Conner Stats: Goals: Ariel Brogan, Ellan Mann, Laurel Frazier, Cayley Eilers and Milana Arevalo Assists: Ariel Brogan, Bre Maidens, Caitlyn Kenny and Juliet Strange Conner is back in action on Saturday at 10am against Cincinnati Country Day.
  11. Goals for the Lady Cougars: Ariel Brogan Ella Mann Caitlyn Kenny The Lady Cougars are back at it on Wednesday, playing @ Ryle.
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