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  1. That is what you have to weigh as a parent and the player. PWO is a nice gig trust me, but there are no guarantees that the free ride will come or the playing time.
  2. I will address this topic some. Bob Sphire is in a situation very similar to the one Tom Duffy was in when he arrived. Got the program turned around and heading in the right direction but stepped on some toes in the process. Winning cures a lot. The big question with Bob is how many more years does he have left? There is plenty returning for the Birds next year to be in the hunt again. The key is to have classes mesh so that best are getting on the field. I firmly believe that the next coach is residing in Fort Thomas and coaching in Ohio. Missed the first time, but will not miss twice. Only question would be how they employ him. As for QB next year, there are three kids to fight it out, but two are really good “football” players and will find a place to play somewhere. Name to remember for next three years, Gabe Williams.
  3. The final pass should have been thrown away and then try the field goal again. May have been no good but you at least have that chance.
  4. Actually one step further. The main issue I see in hiring him as next coach is that he is not a teacher.
  5. And the Bengals were minus a top 5 player in the league.
  6. Can someone elaborate on the hurdling call? My view was blocked and was curious what actually happened. Also anyone have more info on the first penalty call of the game.
  7. 5 Christian Academy of Louisville 4 Mayfield 3 Bryan Station 2 Covington Catholic 1 Trinity
  8. I lost a 9 legger last night because Lebron sat last 1.5 quarters.
  9. Don’t offer any encouragement and be careful what you wish for.
  10. Cannot like this post enough. Some of the antics I witnessed in the stands last week were absolutely embarrassing.
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