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  1. Maybe the answer to the Reds woes was not having Votto in the lineup.
  2. They were playing in Philadelphia were they not? That to me is where the issue is. Cubs are also worried about coming to Cincinnati.
  3. Not feeling well per Ken Broo. Hopefully not covid.
  4. Glad to see nothing has changed with the head case closer this team has. Also why is Bob Stephenson coming into a close game?
  5. Not sure why this Davidson guy is getting AB’s. Sonny Gray is dealing.
  6. The Schloemer’s are great people. Doug played youth basketball for my dad and he could fill it up. I never knew George, but Mark is a great guy as well. Certainly miss the days of the Newport Boys Club. Best basketball in the area was played there back in the day.
  7. Who are some of the top players returning this winter?
  8. I am going to reply in this thread for the last time. My wife has been suffering from cancer since November of 2013. She keeps fighting the battles to win the war and so far so good. I would sure hate to lose her to this virus because of the many people who think they know more than the professionals. It is pretty easy to find the SELFISH ones based on the posts in here. Hopefully those of you who think you know everything about this have received your medical degree and not just from what you read on the internet because we all know that of it is on the internet it HAS to be true.
  9. What makes him a ‘great’ hire other than being from outside? What experience does he have to be a high school athletic director and how many years in that position?
  10. Certainly not what you might be thinking it is. All coaching staffs will be returning unless one of them is getting the job. Are there going to be fans in the stands this year? If not, first order of business should be how can we get our games into as many households as possible.
  11. Been a very cloudy and humid day so far in Cincinnati. Hoping that helps some later in the day when the front advances to the area.
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