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  1. I knew what they were upset about. Honestly, I thought I heard a whistle before the ball was even snapped, thinking Dixie might have called timeout. Another official blunder. 1st and 10, illegal forward pass makes 2nd and 15. Next play pass interference. What should down and distance be?
  2. Just listened to Dixie announcer and I would call that classless but calling the opposing coach a baffoon. Here is my question, can a high school player return an interception out of the end zone or is it a dead ball at time it is caught?
  3. Why are we talking about Beechwood from years ago when this was Highlands at Dixie. Curious if anyone knows what Sphire was so upset about at end of game. Officiating was poor to put it mildly, but I guess you have to go with what you have available given the current shortage.
  4. I swore I heard a whistle before final INT. Not sure if that was issue or not. The other issue started when Dixie snapped a ball while three officials talking to Sphire.
  5. Highlands has gone to passing game and creating some movement on defense to get back in this.
  6. This team has a lot of warts and for a long time they were able to cover them but. Ow lost if not all are exposed. Starting pitching has been pretty solid but needs to be more pitch efficient. Cannot be at 100 pitches in 5th or 6th inning. Rookies have performed really well. Castellanos and Votto have had very good seasons and each will get some MVP votes. Naquin has been good as his Farmer for the most part. Problem is the other 2 or 3 positions have struggled and there is no depth. Cannot be in a race for a playoff spot and sending three guys to the plate batting under .200 and one of
  7. Well well where does one start? Ryle looks to have remade themselves compared to prior years. More of a short passing game and batter than average run game makes for a potent offense. They have a lot of solid pieces to make a nice run. Birds to me reverted to old habits last night. Little to no emotion from outset. Poor tackling is result of poor technique that has been taught for years. Needs to be more aggression by defense rather than having things dictated to you especially when undersized. Special teams return game is a disaster. Only games that matter are coming up so
  8. The question of the night is will Jared Dougherty send in an email?
  9. St. Xavier Beechwood Highlands Bowling Green LexCath
  10. 0-17. Tonight’s lineup included 4 guys batting under .200 including the pitcher. That isn’t going to win.
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