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  1. 5 Bryan Station 4 Mayfield 3 Bardstown 2 Male 1 Bowling Green
  2. I believe the way this works is that Northern Kentucky Coaches Association votes and you cannot vote for your own players. With that said, Charlie Noon not being on the first team is a travesty. I would argue without question that he is one of the top 3 football players in NKY.
  3. 5 Bullitt East 4 Logan County 3 Bardstown 2 Mason County 1 Lloyd
  4. I agree that special teams include all you mentioned and exactly what I commented on. Let me expound a bit to clarify. Kickoff return appeared to have no real scheme or there were a ton of missed blocks. Same for punt return. Class was a nice punter, but again protection scheme was not good as evidenced by several blocks during the year. Yes Burleigh set school record for field goals but not many kickoffs in end zone. You counter that with directional kicking and taking away half the field. 100% agree with you on the efforts, hustle and desire of the kids throughout the year and that is credit to the seniors. Now young guys have to take the momentum and get this team back to state championships.
  5. Special teams were anything but great and I have true knowledge of the game. If I remember correctly you said the frosh would be undefeated. Special teams were “special” only when Mr Noon was making things happen.
  6. So you are saying Scott County player pushed Matteolli and he said something for 15 yard penalty? If so that is WEAK. The kickoff penalty I am talking about was when the white hat blew play dead because ball was not yet placed in play. That is NOT a penalty. Just shows how the officiating crew was disconnected on many crucial calls.
  7. If Highlands doesn’t try a field goal and scores a touchdown then different ballgame. Those who think this was a total mismatch did not watch the game I did. Scott County defense was average to me. Highlands moved the ball and as someone said earlier their were 3 or 4 passes that just missed being long touchdowns. That unfortunate is the what if game.
  8. To me the game changing play was the blocked punt. Special teams were a concern all year and last night they hurt in crucial situations. Defensive scheme was not the best in my opinion. If me I play Fenik and Stojokvic inside and Robinson and Dunn out in tackle end gap because they are my two best tacklers. Offensive play calling been a problem all year. Down 6 with 6 minutes to go and throw it on every down? Run some offense and clock. The clock was your friend there. Also explain the field goal down 14-0 please. Officiating questions. Can someone explain the penalty on Matteoli after the touchdown. Also the 5 yard penalty on the ensuing kickoff. Liked what I saw from the heart, hustle and desire last night to the very end. That has been missing and I credit the seniors for buying in and pushing the younger kids. Still work to be done but their was progress from start to finish.
  9. Explain pull away or hold on. Those are polar opposites.
  10. As I said to someone earlier this week, I would have much more confidence if Weinrich was calling the defense on this game. Biggest question mark for me is can the defensive front control the line of scrimmage. If so, Birds have a really good chance to win this game.
  11. I have to ask this question. How many state titles has Scott County won? The reason I ask is that everyone talks about this offensive scheme like they are some juggernaut that nobody can beat yet I don’t remember many titles won. I would like to reiterate that I am not trying to be sarcastic here, would like honest answers.
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