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  1. What makes him a ‘great’ hire other than being from outside? What experience does he have to be a high school athletic director and how many years in that position?
  2. Certainly not what you might be thinking it is. All coaching staffs will be returning unless one of them is getting the job. Are there going to be fans in the stands this year? If not, first order of business should be how can we get our games into as many households as possible.
  3. Been a very cloudy and humid day so far in Cincinnati. Hoping that helps some later in the day when the front advances to the area.
  4. I thought that when he left Campbell County that he was not going to coach anymore in order to take care of his dad? So what was the real reason he left Campbell County?
  5. This issue has nothing to do with graduation rate. This issue goes all the way back to when Luke was first entering Highlands. Family did not want him treated differently than an ordinary student. That is why he was getting a diploma.
  6. That is a bingo in all caps. IRS system not capable of differentiating and getting checks out in short period of time.
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