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  1. Isn’t that the million dollar question?
  2. Schedule is already done, just not released? Didn’t AD tell players to find a place to workout until 2/15? This just so happens to be the official start date of baseball and softball I believe.
  3. Did Highlands win titles before Dale? And after Dale? You are right in that Dale is an outlier, but this program has success before him and will have it after him.
  4. If any of these latest trades actually get made, the Reds deserve to have no fans when fans can begin attending. These professional sports leagues are going to end up with teams only in the biggest cities the way things are going.
  5. Think the “checking all the boxes” rhetoric is a bit over-rated. Seems to me the process worked when James was hired and once he backed out the administration has been scrambling.
  6. I am not saying the officiating is why Highlands lost. They did not play well. The officiating left a lot to be desired for sure.
  7. Call it as I see it. Don’t care how many fouls called on each team, rather the many that were not called. Home cooking at its finest.
  8. Yes what I saw. A hard foul and nothing malicious. Just make sure you call all of them out when you see them. You see the multiple fouls on LexCath that were not called or just focused on this one?
  9. Come on. He went for the ball. If it was as you describe, he would have been T’d up and maybe ejected. Trust me, the officials were certainly in favor of the home team today and if as malicious as you claim they would have called it.
  10. Are you kidding me? I like a lot of your posts but this one is way way off. Harris made a play on the ball plain and simple.
  11. Yeah there are a few on this team that bring little to table if 3’s not falling.
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