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  1. As expected, Sam Vinson got the snub for a kid from Lexington.
  2. The kid certainly showed out at state tourney. Well deserved honor for the young man.
  3. The Reds need to get Lorenzen back in the fold and find some bullpen pieces. Ceonel Perez does not belong. Also Doolittle is done as proven by his horrible spring training. I know you cannot win them all, but the Reds gave this one away.
  4. I see top 15 twice, third highest and best safety. Then for Jackson, above 70th percentile. No problem with Bengals moving on from him. I thought he signed with Washington? Another team that is a total mess because of the owner.
  5. Yes Jackson was overrated. Where did PFF rank him last year?
  6. That is weak on the part of Major League Baseball. Another spineless decision to keep the lesser teams in check. Next series, Molina wears one and then someone else like Arenado or Goldschmidt. Like the Reds fire so far. Playing with a little edge hurts nobody.
  7. William Jackson was overpaid as a free agent. Not that good and glad to see he is gone.
  8. So why would that happen? He would not be eligible for football or baseketball.
  9. Highlands needs to move Ashland shooters off the spot because they not near as effective when moving. Birds have to keep playing as they have all year. Sam Vinson is showing why he is Mr. Kentucky basketball, no questions asked.
  10. Afraid it is going to be another long year. Starting rotation is weak, bullpen questions and lineup does not make enough contact to consistently win.
  11. If Highlands scores in the 50’s they lose for sure. I know little to nothing about Muhlenberg County, but can say that Sam Vinson will use the bigger court to his advantage.
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