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  1. I have heard nothing but speculation so far. As I confirm things I will update.
  2. I am being told 2 kids transferring to Ohio schools.
  3. Also when did this become the Bob Sphire football camp and not the Highlands football camp?
  4. $ 150 is quite steep. Price of poker has certainly gone up.
  5. Well nice to hear that cooler heads have prevailed.
  6. That is not the camp to which people are referring. Is there any cost associated with this camp? Or is it to evaluate the talent in the football league for team placement?
  7. Confused on a couple things here. Do high school’s make an announcement of transfers? Also if kid moved why would he be anything but eligible?
  8. This season is awful. The real question for me is how do they get out of this in the next couple of seasons? No free agent worth anything is going to sign here and the farm system is not great.
  9. Wow!!!! Kevin Bundy take over boys job? Mike Code come back?
  10. This Reds team and playoffs is simply not going to happen.
  11. Can someone tell me how Aquino is still in MLB? That guy could not hit the river from the bridge. 21 outs so far today and 12 of them are strikeouts. That folks is not good. Just glad to see Brandon Saho tweets about it every day. The Castellini’s are the laughing stock of all professional sports. Seems like they are making Major League 3 this year.
  12. Call it what it is. Bad baseball. Only team in MLB that is in jeopardy of being no hit every night. Bullpen is not good. There are so many holes in this lineup that they are not capable of stringing together hits to score runs. Cannot go to farm teams for help because they are just as bad if not worse.
  13. I too have heard things that would possibly lead to a suggested resignation.
  14. Just shows you how out of touch this clown show is. First of all, I blame all of MLB for the way things are currently. Secondly, the Castellini’s talking poor mouth is not a good look. You want to make money, put people in the seats by having a consistent winner. Just like Field of Dreams, build it and they will come.
  15. From the sound of things, it appears this kid has not been happy for quite some time. With that said, who or what was keeping him from leaving over the last several years? Also doesn’t sound like he had too many friends outside of basketball team?
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