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  1. Once we get everyone wearing a mask, who is responsible to make sure they are being worn correctly? I see so many wearing them below the nose.
  2. I have two elementary age kids — third and first grade. They are both smart kids and enjoy school. But, honestly after ten hours of work coming home to be the teacher for them is a pretty low priority. I have seen nothing but praise for schools and teachers providing ‘learning’ online — aka doing their job. However, it’s all from 8a-3p. The class room meetings and instructions — nothing in the evenings for the families still working. Honestly, I am not to concerned considering this is for a few months over lifetime of learning, but in my opinion it’s a joke to think young kids are getting half out of this process. I respect the teaching community and those that are part of it, but for my family this is a failed experiment.
  3. Both the 1999 KET documentary and the 2002 ESPN documentary are great. The 1999 documentary will occasionally come on the KET Station (you can look ahead on the website to see when it could be playing). It features teams from different parts of the state (Scott County, Ballard, Clay County, Paducah Tilghman). The 2002 documentary was narrated by Ashley Judd. It features different teams as well (Lexington Catholic, Red Bird, Feds Creek, Rose Hill Christian, Ashland Blazer, and Paintsville). Pretty cool/ironic that both documentaries got lucky in a way that both followed a team that won the Sweet Sixteen their respective years (1999 Ballard, 2002 Lexington Catholic).
  4. Has anyone heard or seen a timeline to shut down all work? You can close all the restaurants, bars, and schools you want, which slows the spread and buys time to find a cure. But, most people are still going to work everyday, in close proximity to one another, performing there daily tasks. After long days on the job, we load up and head back to the house to share our workday with our families. How do people survive without working and making money? I know many people live check to check and that steady income keeps essential living needs covered. I have seen and heard a lot of talk about doing right for the greater good, by staying home and avoiding others, but if people cannot take care of their own families how can they worry about the village. It is a very worrisome dilemma and seems to be something we may all have to consider soon.
  5. I am planning to attend, along with several friends and family.
  6. Anyone concerned that next week will be canceled for fans? I only ask, because of the number of changes that are being made across the country to different events where large numbers gather. I am sure we have all seen those announcements. The hysteria is real and I am concerned that I will be missing my first State Tournament since the 1980's -- a time way before face masks and sanitizer.
  7. Would Rabe move back to Ryle for senior season? Cooper_fan may know something about this.
  8. Bourbon County head coach Tony Sosby had his players cut down the nets at Harrison County that night! LOL If I am not mistaken there is a banner in BCHS gym that reads 1997 37th District Champions.
  9. 5'5" Sophomore Connor Bishop did a great job of smothering Gavin Rabe. Rabe was easily frustrated all night with the face guard.
  10. 384-pts last night One of my better efforts. Finished 439 out of 18768. Took 429-pts to win it. I got back 3.6X my entry.
  11. 350 is the new 300! I have scaled back, but still playing daily. Usually doing one single entry and one GPP entry. Trying to keep my nightly cost below $7. I have not hit anything big, but I have cashed enough to maintain this NBA season.
  12. Pricing on FanDuel has been so soft all year for NBA, couple that with the research websites and optimizers that are available and it has produced some monster totals this year in NBA.
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