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  1. I am streaming a QB each week. I traded away Zeke and immediately Ekeler got hurt. Getting Kittles back has helped. I added Metcalf, as part of the Zeke deal, and he has been very good. I am 4-2 with a reasonable chance at making the playoffs. I am 5th out of 10 teams in total points. I think this is the kind of team that never makes a big splash, but makes the playoffs and exits quickly. Could really use one more guy, if I expect to make any real noise. Hoping to get lucky with a QB that gets hot or adding another waiver wire guy that explodes later in the year.
  2. Plenty of room left for week six. https://www.fanduel.com/entry/50946-238835170?invitedby=fatnate&cnl=maio&utm_campaign=User Referral&utm_medium=iOS&utm_source=Public Contest Invite&utm_content=Link
  3. I had never seen that design. Love it. And at this point, it’s been long enough that we can call it old school.
  4. Week six contest. First 20 will play. $5. Main slate. Need 16 for the contest to run and payout three places. https://www.fanduel.com/entry/50946-238908484?invitedby=fatnate&cnl=maio&utm_campaign=User Referral&utm_medium=iOS&utm_source=User 3-20&utm_content=Link
  5. Still need six more. https://www.fanduel.com/entry/50700-238687247?invitedby=fatnate&cnl=maio&utm_campaign=User Referral&utm_medium=iOS&utm_source=User 3-20&utm_content=Link
  6. Week five contest. Bumped it up to 20-man this week. $5. Main slate. We need 16 people for the contest to pay out the top three spots. Good luck. https://www.fanduel.com/entry/50700-238687247?invitedby=fatnate&cnl=mabo&utm_campaign=User Referral&utm_medium=iOS&utm_source=User 3-20&utm_content=Link
  7. Parker for Montgomery is a deal I would make. Looks like he becomes an immediate starter for you. I do not disagree with keeping them, so you have some depth to deal with the Rona.
  8. It really depends on who is on the wire. In my league the free agent pool is pretty thin, but I do se a couple of names I would prefer over him.
  9. I think you could target guys like Chark, Boyd, Moore, Anderson, or J Brown. Maybe a little more since most people value RB a bit more than WR.
  10. Need seven more, so it pays. Feel free to share the link.
  11. Traded Elliott for Ekeler and Metcalf. I think it makes my team better, but I am not sure it changes the overall season outlook.
  12. Week four lineup question. Flex. High performance scoring. PPR. Bonus on long TDs. DJ Moore WR CAR projected for 16-pts. P Williams WR MIA projected for 11-pts. J Brown WR BUF projected for 14-pts. K Hunt RB CLE projected for 13-pts. I know injuries may help make the final decision, but otherwise what say you. I need two!
  13. Locked and loaded. I am in for week four!
  14. Slow to fill this week. 12-spots still open.
  15. Doing my best Barkley impression....Tuuurrible. Only did one league this year and it is 1-2. I believe this team can make the playoffs, but no shot at winning it. I had an early pick, so Elliott has been as good as advertised. I waited until last to take a QB and some had already taken two, but Burrow has been good enough. Kittles injury has not helped. Poor performances from DJ Moore and Drake are killing me. One bright spot has been Hunt, but it about turns my stomach to play a Brownie. I was not as prepared for the draft this year and my team shows it. It also feels like I had a few guys taken right before my pick, but that is how everyone probably feels.
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