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  1. Well Burnett did step in for the 2002 season when Yeagle stepped down a week before the season opener. Yeagle then came back for the 2003-2005 seasons and then resurfaced at Lloyd in 2007 for that lone game against Beechwood.
  2. Yeagle’s last year at Beechwood was 2005. He sat out 2006, and then took the Lloyd job in 2007. He coached one game for them, which was the game against Beechwood, which Beechwood won 20-0 and after that he went back on leave.
  3. Great look ... you can't respect a man who has put other kids before his own family for over 15 years due to timing? Not sure what I can say to something like this. It does speak to why coaches are leaving the profession at break neck speed. Coach has spent more time with those kids than an average parent does with their own. I am sure his kids and family will get a huge laugh out of your lack of respect.
  4. Didn't Joe quit teaching a few years ago? I am really hesitant to attach Joe's retiring from coaching as something that is directly related to his wife's situation (I can understand having an indirect impact). I just feel like he was retiring if they beat Beechwood in 2022 ...or retiring like he did this year. I could be wrong ...but Coach Joe is getting the benefit of the doubt until some additional information is provided.
  5. Seems like there are more college coaches visiting Beechwood than ever before. Kudos to Coach Volker for making it a priority!
  6. Coach Jones does a great job. I hope he wins the big trophy soon.
  7. I really enjoys the times when we agree! To snakes point ...I think that LCA got a little to used to beating teams of high caliber ... at it gave them a sense normalcy. Great point here. Obviously the schedule isn't ideal. If they approach it right ... it can be overcome. Having Mayfield on the schedule helps. Graves should be better as well. They certainly are not the only team in this state that deals with a not so great last 5 or 6 games in the regular season. They need to make sure their starters are playing into the 3rd quarter to stay sharp. There are lots of great schools who do it year after year.
  8. I hate to sound selfish ...but we are losing great coaches in every sport across the board. Coach Orem has done an incredible job. First class. I have a soft spot for great coaches of female athletes. Coach always seemed to get the best out of the student athletes she was responsible for. I hope she enjoys her time away ... and I also hope she gets the itch to come back soon.
  9. Is this serious? Completely wild to think that Coach Orem is not coming back .... what in the wide world of sports is going on?!?
  10. Not that my thought matters ... but I hate that there are coaches that think this way. The cupboard isn't bare for the Cooper girls. This dude is a season or two away from creating a potential dynasty at Cooper. Instead of taking that step .... coaches think the better move is leaving to go somewhere else. The hard part is over for the Cooper girls ...why not take that program to the mountaintop and finish the last step before looking for other jobs. that's why I love coaches like Noel Rash ... there were some not so great seasons in his tenure. But he stayed the course and took the program to the next level. You just can't be ready to bolt after a great run of talent leaves. If a coach has faith in their abilities to coach ... departing talent isn't the end ...its another door opening. That thought is why I love Bowling in this job. He will take what the previous staff did and build on it. And he isn't going to jump ship for a better job once he makes great progress.
  11. Yeah ...ugh. I feel like Bowling is the best option. I think he knows Conner and Conner kids better than either of the other applicants. In my opinion ... that matters significantly to me. I think he has a great basketball mind ...I understand why you probably don't know that. And it is fine. I understand that there are good applicants ... I just think that when you have a guy in house who understands the game, and understands the school it is hard for me to see past that in this case. Whats up with Cooper where both basketball coaches are looking to bail?
  12. Hopefully the Conner assistant is John Bowling. If not .... ugh. Bowling has lived and breathed Conner basketball since at least the late 80's. In my top 3 of basketball minds ...and most importantly ... he has the right mentality to be an extremely successful head coach.
  13. The name I’ve heard was Sam Elsbernd.
  14. Sorry ... I am not "hearing" anything. Not to mention, why would I want to break the "I heard" game that "people in the know" always play? One is at the top of one class, the other? that's where I am stopping. The most interesting aspect of the situation is that both of these guys, at the very least, had respect for the previous coach and are smart enough to realize the they would be out of there at the admins whim at a moments notice. Apparently there are admins who think that state championships grow on trees and any time certain coaches go places it means they will win a championship there as well. What I don't understand, was either of those inquiries even serious or was it just to say they tried? They had a guy that was heading in the right direction. Why not do everything you can to keep that guy first, even if he is looking at other jobs. Who doesn't do that nowadays? At the end of the day a lot of places have really good coaches. Administrators need to get over their selves long enough to realize that building programs takes people who are willing to do tough things - they are either part of the problem or part of the solution and most importantly are willing to check their egos at the door.If not, this is what happens.
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