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  1. Beechwood 109-30 4 State Titles, 1 Runner Up The 4 titles have come in the last 5 years.
  2. That would be one extremely expensive 5th year. I believe they have one of the highest tuitions in the state.
  3. I’m pretty sure that the deadline to transfer and be able to reclassify at your new school was May 1st. Geisler played Varsity Football at CCH and Varsity Basketball at NCC. I don’t see any chance that he will be cleared to play this coming season.
  4. The 19 team barely squeaked by a 5 loss Lex Cath team, that had their doors blown off twice by Boyle Co. The 19 team had the higher profile win, but the 17 team simply was not tested at any point in the season. They were on a different level.
  5. 2017 CCH was 3 TDs better than the 2019 team. The 2017 team absolutely dismantled everyone they played, and put a running clock on every KY team they played. The 19 team was really good, and had a Senior Michael Mayer, but he was really good in 17 as well, and they had 3 other D1 guys on that team as well. The 17 team was ridiculously good.
  6. Without Cam, Beechwood would have been a top 4 team in 2A with LCA as the runaway favorite in 2A. With Cam, Beechwood and LCA should be the top 2 teams, with Mayfield right there in the mix. LCA is absolutely loaded, and it sounds like they have added a few new pieces as well. Beechwood returns almost the entire team with Cam back, without him there would have been a BIG hole to fill.
  7. That goes both ways. Beechwood’s coaches just learned a whole lot about Weinrich’s defense in the last 5 months.
  8. The toughest game on their schedule will be at LCA. If Pikeville goes undefeated against that schedule, when you have back to back road games against Belfry and LCA, then the rest of 1A should be very afraid.
  9. It’s extremely hard to win Mr Football once, and you think if he doesn’t win it again, then that somehow would make him look bad? The Heisman trophy has only been won twice by the same guy, in the history of the award.
  10. Congrats to Ben Johnson on the win, but this is a serious question. Why does it take 4 months to name a Mr Football winner, but votes for Mr Basketball must be turned in before the Sweet 16? Why the rush to get Basketball turned in, when the AP was clearly in no hurry to announce Mr Football? I think anybody that watched the Sweet 16, would like to recast their vote, or maybe would have at least reconsidered their vote.
  11. WKU should never host the finals again!! They put teams in batting cages with no running water as a locker room!! Absolute joke to be rewarded for a trip to a state finals and to be put in a batting cage with a 10 minute walk to the field as your reward. UK should be the host for as long as they can accommodate it. I can promise you, once on the field, the kids could care less how empty the stadium may look, it’s all about the experience! Lexington is so much more convenient for the majority of the state than Bowling Green.
  12. I’m sure that it definitely came into play when they were making the schedule. The upside to beating a really good out of state opponent is minimal, but if you lose to them, then you get zero secondary points, even if that team has a really good season. It’s just not worth the risk to play those type of teams.
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