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  1. It’s extremely hard to win Mr Football once, and you think if he doesn’t win it again, then that somehow would make him look bad? The Heisman trophy has only been won twice by the same guy, in the history of the award.
  2. Congrats to Ben Johnson on the win, but this is a serious question. Why does it take 4 months to name a Mr Football winner, but votes for Mr Basketball must be turned in before the Sweet 16? Why the rush to get Basketball turned in, when the AP was clearly in no hurry to announce Mr Football? I think anybody that watched the Sweet 16, would like to recast their vote, or maybe would have at least reconsidered their vote.
  3. WKU should never host the finals again!! They put teams in batting cages with no running water as a locker room!! Absolute joke to be rewarded for a trip to a state finals and to be put in a batting cage with a 10 minute walk to the field as your reward. UK should be the host for as long as they can accommodate it. I can promise you, once on the field, the kids could care less how empty the stadium may look, it’s all about the experience! Lexington is so much more convenient for the majority of the state than Bowling Green.
  4. I’m sure that it definitely came into play when they were making the schedule. The upside to beating a really good out of state opponent is minimal, but if you lose to them, then you get zero secondary points, even if that team has a really good season. It’s just not worth the risk to play those type of teams.
  5. As far as in state teams, they need to put more weight on if you play up in class and lose to a really good team, then you should get rewarded for that. As it currently stands, if you play a good much higher class team, and lose, you are not rewarded for throwing your hat in the ring with the big boys. A perfect example of this, was this past year. Beechwood’s only 2 losses were to 5A Cov Cath by 2, and 6A Dixie by 8. Beechwood also had wins over 4A Corbin, and 6A Ryle, but yet, they were on the road for the semi finals to play West Carter, whose best win was against 3A Russell, but they had a bunch of wins against mediocre to not good 4A and 5A schools. I think what you see happen in 1A, with KCD stacking up wins against mediocre to bad 4A and 5A schools and they pad their RPI. Pikeville plays much better competition and they end up worse in the RPI because of it. These are just 2 examples, there are several just like these, across the state. As far as out of state competition, that needs to change as well. Beechwood has several really good teams they could match up with across the river, but the only teams in Ohio that are willing to play Beechwood, are the ones that view Beechwood as a Harbin points cow. Nobody in Ohio that thinks they will lose to Beechwood, will play Beechwood, and with the current RPI situation in Ky, Beechwood would be dumb to play an Ohio team that would more than likely beat them, because beating them is a low reward, and losing to an Ohio team is a high risk situation. Just my thoughts on the situation!
  6. Scheduling for really good, small school programs is going to get increasingly more difficult. The RPI has changed everything! Bigger schools don’t get much of a reward for beating a smaller school, and if it’s a smaller school such as a Mayfield, Beechwood, LCA type of team, that they would in most cases probably lose to, then the mediocre 5A and 6A schools are not really going to line up to take this chance. This leaves teams like Mayfield to either play a bunch of really good 5A-6A schools, or find some mediocre 4A, 5A type teams to play. Unfortunately, the RPI is changing the way teams construct their schedules.
  7. BG, Dixie, and CCH will probably all beat Highlands. I’ll say 7-3.
  8. You need to win to boost that RPI, Corbin lost 3 out of 4 games to Beechwood.
  9. This is a serious question, what has happened to Frankfort? They used to always field a competitive team, and had some very good teams. I’m not taking a shot at them, I’m just curious why have they dipped so far in the last few years? Are they losing players to FC that they used to be able to keep at Frankfort? They went from battling Beechwood and even beating them one year, to getting beat by Eminence. Seems like a really fast free fall.
  10. Just for kicks and giggles ... https://www.discovermagazine.com/health/worried-about-your-foul-mouth-swearing-could-actually-be-good-for-you And this ... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9189539/Science-reveals-swearing-sign-intelligence-creativity-helps-endure-pain.html
  11. Well when almost all the MAC schools asked him to come to their camps this past summer to show them that he had improved his arm strength, and then those camps did not happen, then I would say that he was a victim of circumstance. His arm was much improved from his junior year, and he did not get to showcase that.
  12. There were 400 less scholarships given out this year by FBS schools than normal in 2021 recruiting class. https://247sports.com/Article/College-football-recruiting-teams-signed-400-fewer-recruits-than-normal-in-2021-160649532/?fbclid=IwAR1lg5b45jyZvdPNHr5LQO99RQE4jNuqWYIA0rZQiJGupv4gXc1Yu57Lr6g
  13. If Covid doesn’t happen, Hergott would have had multiple D1 scholarships. All of the summer camps at Universities were canceled, this year didn’t count against player eligibility, and the transfer portal turned into the Wild West this year because players can transfer out and not have to sit. All of these factors came into play this year. Hergott playing at Beechwood has nothing to do with him not getting a D1 offer. Beechwood plays a tougher schedule than many of the bigger schools in the state, and the kid won Mr Football, I don’t think where he went to school was the reason he didn’t get an offer. It was a crazy year for seniors, and had he gotten to show his improved arm strength at those one day camps, he would have had plenty of MAC offers.
  14. Good call. I was wrong. I hope it works out for Highlands. I hope it works out well for EVERYONE!
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