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  1. Beechwood has 14 titles in 18 state finals appearances. Runners-Up In 95, 02, 03, and 15.
  2. I couldn’t tell you the last time Dayton has won that district. It’s been Beechwood or New Cath and Bellevue every year since at least 1976. Ludlow won it in 75, Beechwood in 74, so it would have to be sometime before 74 since Dayton won the district.
  3. Lickert never won the district at Dayton.
  4. Beechwood’s first four games were against 4A Regional Finalist Corbin, 5A State Semifinalist Cov Cath, 6A Ryle, and 6A Regionals Finalist Dixie. So those 4 games which made up 33% of Beechwood’s schedule, Hergott put up 1,204 Total Yards, which made up 34% of his total yards for the season. Beechwood went 2-2 in those games and lost to Cov Cath by 2 and Dixie by 8. They beat Corbin on the road, which was Corbin’s only loss until they lost to Johnson Central in the playoffs. As far as “padding” the stat book against Newport, Hergott rarely played past the 3rd quarter of any game from Week 5 until the semi finals.
  5. Great post and completely agree, but Hergott actually finished higher than Broyles in completion percentage this year.
  6. You are proving my point -- wasn't addressed with honesty then -- so I struggle to see how a great coach is going to want to move forward now. For the last 5 years -- the Fort Thomas Mafia is convinced that there was plenty of talent to win and that the blame should fall on someone elses shoulders. I just don't think that they figured out who the right person to blame is. I absolutely agree that it is time to move forward. But until you address the problems of the past -- the same thing could happen all over again. I hope it doesn't. But its real hard to be hopeful from the outside -- knowing what happened and the complete unwillingness to address it.
  7. My first thought here ... Highlands to Beechwood isn't an apples to apples comparison at this time. If Coach Rash leaves--and there is a 4 to 6 year downturn in the program at Beechwood I would venture to say that there is a high likelihood that you would be correct. We truly don't know--and won't know until Coach Rash leaves. Hopefully that won't happen for a few more years at least! At the same time--the Beechwood faithful seemed to pick up on the impact of Ginger Webb much, much, much quicker than what the Highlands faithful did. (Which is really interesting -- because it directly impacted the players that both programs were taking in -- and then no longer taking in). Beechwood seemed to eventually figure that out -- then went to work fixing it (not as quickly as people would have liked). You still have Highlands people who don't have a clue of what really happened. Then you compound that with the fact that the "Fort Thomas Mafia" is apparently absolutely convinced that they have had enough talent to be just as good as they used to be since all this happened -- makes me think that any new, informed coach coming into Highlands better double check and make sure that there are no more Ginger Webb's waiting in the wing--simply because you have a component of the population who isn't seeing the forest through the trees. Nothing against the homegrown talent--but it is abundantly clear that you need a few kids from outside of your city limits to push you over the limits. (I don't think anyone from Beechwood would disagree with that -- after Ginger left--but there were probably quite a few who may have felt that way before she completely choked out athletics in general -- and not just football at Beechwood). If my Ginger Webb diatribe doesn't make sense -- here it is in a nutshell -- Ginger closed off the pipeline of great players coming from out of district. I think the faithful liked that a little too much -- and it was/is significantly easier to blame that on the previous coach/staff by saying "the talent is there" -- Ha, ha! Malarkey! (I think there is a great base of talent there--but the ones who put things over the top are no longer coming--and when they do--they leave--Pretty QUICKLY!) I think Dale saw the writing on the wall and realized with Aunt Ginger involved -- that things were not going to be manageable for him either. So he left--and left in a pretty interesting way (not questioning the family motives--but I think the timing is something he probably would have worked around differently a few years earlier). If you can prove me wrong--fire at will. Whether it is Beechwood, Highlands or Po Dunk U -- Coaches have more options today than they used to. If you are good--you have a little more power to set your own course. I simply don't think that is possible at Highlands right now. And I don't think it is possible until the "faithful" takes a long look in the mirror and admits that they need to go backward before they go forward. If they make that commitment upfront to a great coach--they have a chance to get someone of top caliber. If they continue to walk around without acknowledging reality --- I think it will be tough sledding.
  8. My apologies! I am a frustrated home owner in a different area of the Tri-State. Actually--it may border on jealousy that I am not able to sell my house for the same price as other houses in Fort Thomas that are not even half of our square footage!
  9. A little more data that speaks to Cameron Hergott's career at Beechwood CameronHergott2020_Complete.pdf
  10. Just to clear up a few points that are technically true -- even if it sounds like they are not in this case: *Public jobs are supposed to be posted for 30 days (if there is an immediate need -- this period can be waved--at least that is the way I interpet what I am seeing in front of me). *Principals have ultimate hiring/firing authority for the schools in which they are employed (that doesn't mean that they can't be held account/responsible for the decisions that they make--but it is 100% their decision as to who they hire). Opinion: I doubt that Highlands is anywhere near close to announcing a name at this point. Still plenty of time to continue to to collect applications based on the 30 day rule. Still plenty of time for coaches to apply. (And they better make sure they follow the 30 day guideline for one simple reason -- football just ended in Kentucky and is still going on in a lot of other states--I figured I would throw that in since so many Highlands fans are convinced that the Kevin Kelly's of the world are lining up to apply in Fort Thomas!). Hiring Committees (aka--Make People Feel Like they are Important and Part of the Process Committee's) are important in some places and not so important in others. In this case, unless we know who the committee members are -- then there is really no reason to speculate as to what their true role will be. I am still extremely skeptical as to why the people of Fort Thomas think that they are going to attract the type of coach who immediately puts Highlands back at the top of the heap. Between the unrealistic perception of reality of the fans, horrendous real estate prices and the numerous additional issues -- its a much tougher sell than what the faithful realizes.
  11. Yeah, I see your point, and my point is, they return 4 of the 5 offensive lineman, and have replacements waiting in the wings with Austin Waddell and potentially Tanner Jackson if he bumps down to the line. The O Line will be just fine next year. Yes, Beechwood revolves their offense around the talent they have at certain positions, but the loss at QB is HUGE. The line will be better next year than it was this year. Nobody walking through the door is going to replace Hergott.
  12. Beechwood returns 4 out of 5 offensive lineman and loses a potential Mr Football candidate that just put up the single greatest season in school history at QB. I think it’s pretty evident what the most glaring need will be.
  13. You said the ONLY issue Beechwood would have next year would be replacing Nachazel. That would imply that replacing Cam is not an issue. What did I get twisted?
  14. So let me get this straight, you don’t think replacing Cam Hergott will be an issue?!! The kid accounted for over 80% of the offense and you don’t think finding a replacement is going to be critical to success? You must have a solid O Line to succeed, that is 100% true, but you don’t lose a player like Cam Hergott and just think you can plug anybody in there and not miss a beat.
  15. Also, for people that want to say that Mr Football is more of a career award, here is some food for thought. Career Stats Cam Hergott 441-673 65.5% 6,214 Yards 65 TDS 20 INTs 366 Rushes 2376 Yards 34 TDS Total Offense 8,590 Yards 99 TDS Kaiya Sheron 413-640 64.5% 7,080 Yards 56 TDS 16 INTS 248 Rushes 1929 Yards 25 TDS Total Offense 9,009 Yards 81 TDS Hergott MVP of the 2018 Class A and 2020 Class AA State Championship games. Sheron MVP of the 2019 Class AA State Championship game. Head to Head Hergott beat Sheron in 2018 Sheron beat Hergott in 2019 2020 Hergott 1-0 vs LCA 2020 Sheron 0-2 vs LCA Senior year advantage Hergott Career Stats are virtually a dead heat
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