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  1. Amazing is it not? Maybe those "in the know" aren't really "in the know"
  2. I know for a fact that none of the current staff applied for the head coaching job or had any desire to. I talked to 3 of them and they all said the same thing; everyone is a paraprofessional and couldn’t swing it to be the head man with their careers. As usual, you couldn’t be more wrong.
  3. I believe Beechwood is opening the season against McNick this year. I heard that the over the weekend.
  4. Especially at closing time, those 5’s becomes 7’s!
  5. They are really “in the know” after they have a few pops in them!
  6. He was Noel’s old head coach at TMU, could be life coming full circle and Vic comes back from the moth balls to take the reigns from his former protege! Noel could run a puppet regime from behind the curtains!🤔
  7. Tigers bringing Vic Clark out of retirement?
  8. Spot on….these “offers” today, are not like they used to be 20-25 years ago, when if they offered you a scholarship it meant you had a scholarship. Now most of these offers are non-committable, which is like giving your girlfriend a promise ring, and never actually getting her a real engagement ring and eventually getting married. It’s really ridiculous when some of these teams offer 25 plus guys at one position.
  9. I would think this far removed from National Signing Day, that it is a PWO, but maybe not.
  10. Common denominator between the two….
  11. Let's be clear ... No One is calling Cash out. And that's all that needs to be said about the situation. The truth is out there - people don't have to look to find it
  12. North Laurel, I think has the star of the future with Brooke Nicholsen. She reminds me of Sophie Galloway from Marshall County a few years back in their big run. Sophie was the most impressive track and field talent in Kentucky for an extended period of time ... came out and played basketball and help a ton. Brooke reminds me of her ... physically, quick off the dribble ...plays defense and scores. Great job by GRC ... very impressed by Nicholsen.
  13. I’d say the QB room goes: 1. Pitzer 2. Reardon 3. Harney
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