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  1. So I will say it again ... are you sure you are doing it right? If what you say is correct--are you saying the KHSAA is not following the published calculation methodology? I could be wrong ... -- but I think you may be missing something.
  2. Are you sure? Am I not reading this correctly? The KHSAA has adopted for its RPI using the following final calculation: WPVAL shall be .35 (or 35 percent) OWPVAL shall be .35 (or 35 percent) OOWPVAL shall be .30 (or 30 percent) https://khsaa.org/rpi-calculation-steps/
  3. No -- not necessarily directed at you -- more like directed at anyone/everyone. I feel like it is going to be extremely close either way -- just like you said -- we won't know until the dust settles.
  4. Quarterback Ratings for some of the QBs on this list and other top tier QBs in the state when using the NCAA formula. 1. Cam Hergott 251.56 2. Brady Clark 231.73 3. Jagger Gillis 184.37 4. Samuel Cornett 184.33 5. Caden Veltkamp 182.42 6. Joe Humphreys 178.23 7. Isaac McNamee 173.79 8. Jake Sivori 150.52 9. Cole Pennington 136.61
  5. I think that everyone is forgetting about Opponents and their wins ... which is part of the reason why Beechwood made a nice jump this past week. Will McCracken, Paducah Tilghman, Hopkinsville win all of the rest of their games? Will Cov Cath, Dixie Heights, Simon Kenton win their games? Who knows? The only thing that I know for sure ... is that anyone that says it is one way or the other ... is guessing at this point. Way too many pieces to fall into place still.
  6. 100% correct!!! I talked about the issues that Beechwood, Mayfield, LCA, Pikeville, etc. will face going forward as they try to fill out schedules in a previous thread about this topic. Something has to be done to address the issues with the RPI system.
  7. Cooper by 14, but if Highlands brings the elephant tusk, Cooper by 10.
  8. There are no 6A scrubs lining up to play Beechwood. Scheduling for Beechwood is always tough, and the RPI is making it extremely tough to find willing dance partners that make sense.
  9. I guess Highlands has a shot against Cooper, but what I saw tonight was bad football from both teams. For a big rivalry game, it was certainly lacking emotion and excitement.
  10. Yes, I forgot about the Highlands loss to Conner. Highlands has little to no chance against Cooper, but let’s say they upset Cooper, what does that do to the standings?
  11. That game set football back 40 years!!! CCH will most probably win the district, which would set up Cooper vs Highlands in round 1.
  12. They lost two starting linemen in the preseason to season ending injuries, another starter sustained a leg injury last week that has ended his season and then lost another starter three plays into the Cooper game Thursday night. The talent and depth they have up front is something I’ve never seen before at the freshman level. However, I do agree the talent at the skill positions definitely offsets the injuries/current talent up front.
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