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  1. Playoffs need to be shortened by 2 games. Let the top 2 teams in the district go on and season over for the rest. Extended the regular season two weeks. Makes for better regular season games and keeps you from playing bad teams in the playoffs.
  2. I expect to see a lot of Wildcat this year for the Tigers
  3. Henry has an hamstring injury, and Hays hasn’t proven anything to anyone. Kid is now at his 3rd school in 3 years.
  4. I will honestly be shocked if Cov Cath is on the list.
  5. Here’s my take on Beechwood. They surely aren’t what they just were the past two years. Defense is still really good, but the offense took a big hit. The line is noticeable smaller and QB looked nervous during the scrimmage missing reads tucking it running with open receivers. I hope he gets back to playing the way he did last year. Berger is always a hand full when carrying the ball. The Robinson kid should help Berger out a ton. If Beechwood is going to 3 peat that oline is going to need to step up even more than they already have. Best of to the Tigers this year.
  6. @MaddenCurse44 what do you of Dixie in front of Ryle and SK?
  7. Cooper absolutely top 5. Conner is maybe mid 20s that’s being generous.
  8. This Conner team is way down. I expect them to look like the the 2014/15 team at 3-8
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