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  1. To each their own. A quick look at their record- of their 21 wins - 11 of them were from teams with a record under .500. What's the sayings- People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones! Don't worry about the splinter in someone else's eye when there is a board in yours.
  2. Really- They lost in overtime! Sounds like it was a whale of a game. Stats from players on the Robertson County team look pretty good. Let's see who's still standing next Tuesday around 8:30 pm.
  3. No need to re-invent the wheel- Here's some issues I see with the above. Remember this is just my opinion. Re:"I think the best teams should be in the region tournament" What makes them the best teams ?? their record?? or if they play a tough schedule and they are perceived to be a "good team" - too many variables for me. RE:Why not take all teams to the regional with 1's playing 4's and 2's playing 3's from opposite districts. You could still play a district tournament or use the season district games to seed it. Sounds like a nightmare- why would you want all the teams in a region tournament - that's what makes what we have now work- you can be from a weaker district and still get to play in the regional tournament. What if your district is somewhat "weaker" and you get paired with a district that's a "loaded" district each year- that's not fair either. Every year there are teams that "should be in the regional or state tournament" that are not and teams that are in that are unexpected- that's what makes it exciting ( again, in my opinion) Re:It just isn't very fair for some teams. Need I remind you about life?? I like the current system. I also do not want a shot clock!! Play defense and no one holds the ball.
  4. Nothing better than 2 good student sections at a game. Profanity is not needed and I honestly haven't encountered that too often. Some of the stuff they come up with is pretty darn good. Nothing worse than student sections that show up, don't cheer, are on their phones and then start to cheer when their team is winning at the end. Cheer the whole time and put some effort into it!!!!
  5. Thread says NKY PA Announcers but only list 9th region- Technically NKY would include some 10th Region teams. Just a shout out to Mr. Shannon (Bishop Brossart ) who plays the best music when he gets to pick it and its not picked by the ball team. LOL
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