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  1. Did a little Google Maps measurements, and looks like deepest part of their park is roughly 327', in center. Down the lines are less than 300', with gaps around 300'. That's extremely small for varsity baseball. Could this negatively impact Danville playing on UK's field?
  2. Anyone have a time for the 9th Region Tourney Drawing?
  3. Guess the KHSAA thinks COVID cannot be spread during post season games. LOL
  4. Just heard that most/all NKY HS baseball is limited to two tickets per player. After seeing pics from the 9th Region Basketball Tourney last week, and the packed crowds, it's hard to stomach knowing the 2 per limit for an outdoor sport. Anyone know where these guidelines came from and if there is any chatter that these limits may be loosened?
  5. Sounds like bad D, fouling and player discipline is an ongoing issue for the Indians. Meyer is a special talent, but they need discipline and that starts at the top.
  6. IMO, great hire for Conner. Congrats Coach Hughes!
  7. Maybe I haven't been following close enough, but why should everyone that has symptoms be tested? I believe that anyone with symptoms that sees a healthcare professional, and does not need to be admitted to the hospital should be considered COVID positive and quarantined. Now after this has run it's course, or at least the first wave or two, then those people that were identified(not tested) can get the anti-body test. Just my opinion.
  8. I wish people would stop thinking we had our first COVID-19 wave back in November and December. That is just ridicules, knowing what we know now. Hospitals would have been packed and people would have been dying in large numbers, unless people think that we in Kentucky have some type of immunity that prevents us from dying!
  9. Haitz seems to be a fine coach, but has been blessed with a plethora of talent while at Ryle. Time will tell if she's a great coach. The bolded above is laughable, though. There may be a point where colleges may be interested in her services, but not "top colleges".
  10. I have to say, first time and probably only time I've ever seen a 7 point possession!
  11. Game was actually 56-50 when technical was called. Four free throws, then an and one on the possession. Seven point swing. Holmes coach thought there were multiple illegal screens on the possession, and called for such. Once foul was called, yelled to opposite baseline official to “call the illegal screen!”. T was called. Shocked the official called a technical. Changed the entire game.
  12. I'd have to say the officials swallowed their whistles at the end of the 1st OT. I will say they also swallowed their whistles at the end of the 1st quarter, when Hicks obviously fouled Foster with a smack to the face on a jumper just above the free throw line at the buzzer. Same call at end of 1st and end of 1st OT. I'd say that's consistent. Thought the officials did a good job letting them play on both ends, and evenly called across the board.
  13. Anyone have results from any of the games?
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