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  1. Could be a tough year in Hodgenville. They relied almost exclusively on the power run and lose half their line, fullback, and several others.
  2. Great tournament. Not-so-little Hearsay went further than any other Tiger wrestler before him. Congratulations to his friend Thomas Deck, named MOW after winning his 3rd title at 132 pounds in as many years, and doing it on a torn meniscus no less. Deck is headed to West Point.
  3. Coach Stockdale lives in Nelson County and his wife is employed at Thomas Nelson. Makes sense.
  4. McDaniel is the son of my former Centre teammate and standout RB, Tim McDaniel, and grandson of legendary Centre coach Joe McDaniel. Sounds like he is a chip of the old block.
  5. I gotta say I love the decision to go with Stephney to keep. Win or lose with your best dog.
  6. Bells got to shake something up on D. These 5 yard carries will end them. Need to risk a stunt or something.
  7. Dudley flinched. Too many passes. That drive may have been Bell’s Chance.
  8. Neither of these teams sound like they can throw. At some point doesn’t anyone just put all 11 up on the ball?
  9. Congratulations to Pikeville. They had a very determined group of young men, who worked very hard in the offseason in that new weight room. I got to see the determination in Week 1 when Bardstown drove up there to play. While we gave them a game, it was clear they had talent all over the field. I personally was a fan of FB/LB Jon Collum. How did he do today?
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