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  1. I remember mid-season a lot of angry Rocks fans calling for the head coach's head. A lot of statements that can't be unsaid. Then he wins the title. Where will the voices be entering 2024?
  2. David Clark has today publicly announced he is stepping down as head coach of the Bardstown High School varsity football team, effective immediately. Nothing nefarious or anything, it was just time. David has been the head coach for the past 17 seasons, and has been with the program for now over 27 years. Remarkably, he is just the 4th head coach (excluding the WW2 years) at Bardstown since the late 1920's. While his last gasp at getting a state title fell short last season, under Clark Bardstown has been a perennial contender for some time. More importantly, David Clark is a moral man who has been a dependable role model for several generations of young players, and has built the Tiger program from the bottom up. One of the stats I am most proud of for David is that of the 56 players on the roster for last year's state title run, 53 of those players were homegrown and played football for Bardstown Middle School. He will remain as the school district's Athletic Director. The team remaining behind will return its QB, its top 2 wideouts, all 5 offensive lineman, the entire starting linebacking corps and most of the secondary, as well as two kickers. They have to replace Tyleeq Williams (irreplaceable) and some really good defensive lineman. Congratulations, David, on a fantastic career doing it the right way. No word, rumors, or even innuendo on what the district might do by way of a replacement. There are quality assistants in the wings (remember the job that staff did last year with all of the injuries?) if the district looks internally. Bardstown is a plum job and pays teachers in the top 5% of the state.
  3. I agree he needs help with exposure. When you listed as 5'6", people need to see what you can do rather than just hear about it. He is an amazing player. Pound for pound one of the best I've ever seen. All-time leading rusher in the storied history of Bardstown High School. I'll add a couple of other intangible superlatives. #1 - I've coached him years ago, watched him, and spent time around him, and never in all these years have I heard him utter a negative word or comment about a teammate. He is the consummate good teammate; #2 - He is a field general that knows what others are supposed to be doing and helps direct them, and has a good grasp of the game. A kid from a very rough background whom, to put it quite simply, has overcome. I don't know how Lionel James or Darren Sproles, etc. got exposure, but he is them.
  4. I remember thinking week 1 when they came to Bardstown they had the horses to be a state championship team. Congrats to the Jags!
  5. Saw the clip. Sayre’s assistant coach needs to be dismissed from the school, immediately and irrevocably.
  6. While their skill players are good, I do not believe Franklin can contend with Boyle on the line of scrimmage.
  7. Yes. The visitors actually sit on the side with the press box.
  8. Really proud of the Tigers. Too many mistakes in the first half to overcome, but fought like warriors in the 2nd half. To be driving to try and tie it as time ran out really made this game exciting. Franklin County has an impressive bevy of skill players, but it looks a bit like street football. They will be heavy underdogs hosting Boyle, but I like to root for the underdog.
  9. Franklin County is a real good team, and the Tigers will have to play a near perfect game to win. That said, it looks as though the juvenile members on here are trying to drum up bulletin board responses out of Tiger fans. My momma told me to act like we’ve been there before (oh wait, we have!), so I won’t oblige you.
  10. If we are fortunate enough to beat Logan County, RD 3 in all likelihood would be at Franklin County, who throws it all over kingdom come. Not a particularly good matchup for us.
  11. At the beginning of the season, the Tigers had a strong run game and played good run defense, but couldn’t throw it and couldn’t defend the pass. Not the best formula. However, slowly and steadily Amonti Marshall has become a better passer, to complement already-impressive run skill sets, and the mid-season addition of Riley Hatfield from LaRue County as a wideout has really opened up the passing game. We still struggle defending the pass, but I think our tackling has become much better and the pass rush is more varied now. NG Aidan Riley is almost unblockable. I like our chances Friday night in the friendly confines of Garnis Martin Field.
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