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  1. The BOE never had the legal authority to shut it down or "overrule" the KHSAA unless they revoked KHSAA's charter or enacted emergency reg. What they did today was all they could legally do. Chad Collins, KHSAA general counsel, effective communicating that. Tackett, another stellar job. The BOC vote was 16-2. Don't see that changing drastically without major repurcussions and loss of face. Just my .02.
  2. Translation - I have no evidence, but I want to scare you so I can wash my hands of this.
  3. "I don't know if people will die." How is that any different than the regular risk kids face every time they enter a competition?
  4. They're loaded. At least 5 players being looked at D1. A couple of them work out over here in Bardstown.
  5. Tigers had the Pikeville and Danville games canceled and Marion County has been moved to the October 9 date since there is no Fall Break anymore, so its a pretty cushy schedule. Bardstown blew out every team on this schedule except for E-Town, and blew them out in the district championship playoff. However, this is a different year, and Bardstown lost 22 seniors, as well as starting RB to transfer. 3 starters return on defense and 4 on offense, though one of them is QB Brady Clark, who threw for nearly 2400 yards and 26 TD's last season, and is currently ranked as a top 5 QB in Kentucky.
  6. Could be a tough year in Hodgenville. They relied almost exclusively on the power run and lose half their line, fullback, and several others.
  7. Great tournament. Not-so-little Hearsay went further than any other Tiger wrestler before him. Congratulations to his friend Thomas Deck, named MOW after winning his 3rd title at 132 pounds in as many years, and doing it on a torn meniscus no less. Deck is headed to West Point.
  8. Coach Stockdale lives in Nelson County and his wife is employed at Thomas Nelson. Makes sense.
  9. McDaniel is the son of my former Centre teammate and standout RB, Tim McDaniel, and grandson of legendary Centre coach Joe McDaniel. Sounds like he is a chip of the old block.
  10. I gotta say I love the decision to go with Stephney to keep. Win or lose with your best dog.
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