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  1. E-Town is very beatable, but a hallmark of their game is mouthing and getting under your skin. Expect a lot of Union County penalties. I'll take E-Town by a couple TD's.
  2. Agree that if Wright plays healthy, NH wins, and if he doesn't or plays injured, X wins.
  3. Valiant effort by the Tigers. They led this contest 28 to 14 early in the fourth quarter, after having been bested in the regular season contest by four touchdowns. In the end, 9 of the 11 starters for the Tigers play both ways, and they simply ran out of gas in the last quarter. The end to a stellar career by Bardstown senior quarterback Brady Clark, who finishes as the second most prolific statistical quarterback in Bardstown Tiger history. He has several offers already, and I am sure there are more to come.
  4. If its dry, the Tigers will play better than they did last time. 4 turnovers in 1st half unlikely to be repeated. However, I don't think they have the same blue-collar brawlers they had last year in the trenches and ultimately E-Town's 5 senior OL control the game.
  5. Glad I missed this one. Went to the Naval Academy Saturday morning to watch my son play Sprint Football against Army, so when the game got moved I had to give away my tickets. Apparently Brady Clark threw 3 first half INT's, one a pick six, and we also lost a critical fumble by our senior RB in the red zone. E-Town ran on Tiger D all night. Steady rain most of the game. Now, I will say, this happened last year in the regular season, steady rain killed our pass game (although the game still went to overtime and our defense was stout last season), and then we won big in the playoff, which was bone dry. However, I was concerned about E-Town's all-senior offensive line against our front seven on D which has 5 new starters, and it sounds as if my concerns were justified. We've got 4 weeks to get tougher.
  6. Postponed until tomorrow night at 8 p.m. due to expected strong thunderstorms tonight.
  7. This game has been rescheduled to Saturday evening at 8 p.m. due to expected serious thunderstorms tonight.
  8. Perhaps. What makes me feel old is that I was doing play-by-play for WBRT radio here locally when Ross Brown was QB'ing for Nelson County around the turn of the century. Sheesh.
  9. E-Town head coach Ross Brown keeps getting quoted in the papers (he was explaining why they were down to Larue 14-12 at halftime last week) describing his team as "young," but the QB, all 5 offensive lineman, the top 2 wideouts, the top 4 RB's, and half the defense are seniors. Most of them also started last season. Bardstown is young, E-Town is not young.
  10. While he certainly had a big night, Brady Clark was 16-19 for 226 yards and 3 TD's, and the defense had 3 sacks, 6 tackles for loss, 3 interceptions and a forced fumble. It was a monster effort all the way around. Committee production this year has equaled his output from last season.
  11. Both teams graduated a bunch of really good players. Bardstown probably graduated a few more of their tough guys. Both teams have their QB's back, and playing well. Bardstown has had a surprising number of skill players step up, with sophomore running back T.J. Greenwell and sophomore WR Shannon Tonge playing large roles, to complement senior RB Adarius Anthony, senior flanker Gray Clark, and senior wideout Will Koger. Brady Clark is really playing well, taking his checkdown options, throwing the ball away when necessary and picking up surprising yards when he scrambles. Bardstown can be a little complacent on run D and I expect E-Town's senior line leadership to make a difference. Last year, Bardstown was the superior team that flubbed up in the rain in the regular season game but crushed E-Town in the bone-dry playoff. Potential storms in the forecast Friday. My guess is that the E-Town gameplan will be to keep Clark and the Tiger offense off the field with a steady diet of runs.
  12. Nice reference with the "counter reformation." On point. I like Bardstown parked right about where they are. After losing 22 seniors to a region finals team, they are throttling everyone they play, as they should, but the competition has only been fair/lukewarm. The obvious big game for them is next week against E-Town.
  13. Some members placing way, way too much emphasis on "who you could schedule" when criticizing RPI. There are so many factors in scheduling, including distance, cost, school schedule, where you're spending money for your other school teams to go, team compatibility, not to mention it is a zero-sum gain only for lower class teams. I would love for Bardstown to take a crack at Belfry, but we went to Pikeville last year and played pretty well, but the cost was very high for us. I would love for Bardstown to try their hand at Male or Boyle (we used to play them years ago), but why would they play us? Not to mention should we risk getting trounced/injured just for a shot at a fraction higher RPI? Its really not at simple as saying "just pick up the phone and schedule better competition."
  14. Bardstown transfer LaDarion "Binka" Montgomery had 156 yards and 2 TD's rushing, 176 yards and 3 TD's catching for Bethlehem. He's just a junior. Last year he ran for over 1300 yards and had 26 TD's for the Tigers as a sophomore on their Region finals team. I hate that he's gone, but with size, speed, strength and pretty good grades, he should be a legitimate recruit.
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