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  1. Disappointed in the performance but very proud of the Tigers and really enjoyed the ride. This was tremendous for the whole town. CAL is well coached and fundamentally sound. Bardstown returns 7 starters on offense including Ty Ty Williams and 8 starters on defense. Disagree with the remark that “the real 3A championship was 2 weeks ago” etc. they lost to a team we dropped 66 on, so . . .
  2. Thank you Devil. It sure is a likeable team. We are going to run it up the flagpole.
  3. Our female kicker may get her own deal. She’s been on WDRB, WLKY, 2 podcasts, KSR. When she came in to the elementary school today, she signed autographs for little girls for 10 minutes. Total rockstar.
  4. The full pageantry of being in a state title game in a small town is on display in Bardstown. Tiger Walk through all 5 of the campuses today, courthouse lit purple and gold, signs in all the business windows. None of these kids were alive the last time we were in a title game. It’s magic.
  5. On a separate, but kinda cool, note: it is believed that Bardstown kicker Tate Blincoe will become the first female ever to play in a Football championship in state history.
  6. By the way, you have become a prose expert with these “table setters.” Awesome, my man!
  7. Technically, most of our lineman and linebackers only play one way. Morgan is a two-way starter, and Kaden Stone starts at middle linebacker and fullback. Ferrell had to play both linebacker and tight end while Nalley was out with a concussion, but he is back now. Most every other player starts one side and probably only gets spot plays the other way. The secondary is a concern. We had lost both starting corners the week before, and had to do quick subs. One of them was the QB, Clark, who had not played any D since September 30. He drew several of the PI’s. It is what it is. On another note, Mason’s QB was only 7-25 passing for 85 yards, so other than the PI’s we defended pretty well. Agree that Hodge is a stud, though.
  8. If you watch the Ashland game, CAL looks like world-beaters, but in my view Ashland went for it on 4th down at least 3 times in their own territory and did not pick up a first down. If you watch the Paducah Tilghman game, CAL looks good but not invincible, and PT had several drives where they moved the ball and 2 or 3 chances to win that game. They were hurt by kick returns, that blocked punt before half, and an inexplicable desire to always throw the ball deep when perfectly good receivers were wide open in the middle.
  9. Am I able to register a membership and then share it with my son at the Naval Academy? I am going to the game live, but he would like to watch his two brothers play.
  10. Throwback photo to last Tiger state title in 2001. David Clark, lower left, had hair.😂 Current D.C. Jeremy Dale, lower middle, looks the same.
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