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  1. I think just maybe when Bardstown looks back on this season they will be able to say this game was the game that they found their identity. Down a few starters but found away to get it done. Spencer County hats off to you all Coach Marksbury you have a damn good bunch of kids that never gave up at all. Best of luck to both teams in the rest of the season.
  2. Bardstown is going to surprise a lot of team everyone knows they always have speed and wit their young QB have a year of experience under his belt and a solid running back returning the Offense will score. And O yea Chuck Smith the D Cord he will have the kids ready
  3. Yes he is an he has already set the tone for bardstown defense the kids are responding well to his coaching
  4. A team that must ppl forget about is bardstown there young but the got speed like always and their QB is only a jr if he was taller everyone in the state would be talking about him. Glasgow has to be on the top ten as well them are a solid team all around and Danville is up in the air.
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