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  1. I totally agree with this assessment, @Footballnerd McLean is very dirty, especially #50. We OC fans sat in disbelief, as they got away with dirty play after dirty play. And, we always get accused of getting all the calls (eye roll). Anyway, contain #6, and there won't be any issues. As good as O'Cath's offense was this year, the defense couldn't stop a pee wee team. Finally caught up to them.
  2. No chance. Very early running clock in this one. McLean is a tough team, but 2 trick plays in the 1st half, and a fumble by O'Cath, on the 5, going in for a 2 td lead led to the upset. Here's the deal - Somerset would have an early 2nd half running clock against O'Cath. Against MC, it will be ugly early.
  3. O'Cath had at least 3 tds called back for holding. 2 of the calls weren't even close. Didn't see the 3rd.
  4. Pretty sure the O'Cath backup qb has been dinged up with a bad ankle sprain (he also plays receiver). He's a good one, but it would definitely be beneficial to get him some game experience at qb.
  5. Agree that they play an easy schedule, and that their district is lousy. But, by the time they play the district games, and the annual city/county games (Owensboro, and 6A schools - Daviess County and Apollo) that only leaves 2 games that can be added to the schedule. Granted, adding South Spencer and Hopkins County Central does them no favors. They have some really nice athletes (and of course Hartz), and I feel they can compete with most other teams, and given a few breaks......
  6. @chuckit are those numbers official? Seemed like way more drops than that.
  7. Yes. Edge is a very tough player. He seems to be much faster than last year, and one of the only kids on O'Cath that you can count on to catch the ball consistently.
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