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  1. @Hungover_in_Andover @16thBBall Fan Congratulations to you and your Broncos on well deserved win! Has to feel amazing getting over that hump especially for that big senior class.
  2. Egan for Mr. Football!!! Congrats to Bullit East. Would’ve never guessed at the beginning or even middle of the season the Chargers would be wearing the 6A crown. Well deserved.
  3. I wonder how much the mental aspect of it will come into play for Douglass. If BG jumps out to an early 7-0 lead and holds for over a half will doubt start to set in for this Broncos squad that’s come up short since there frehman year?
  4. That streak has a chance to continue. Douglass isn’t as unbeatable as previously thought and BG has the athletes and offense to pull it off.
  5. I never take victory in defeat but I feel like the devils exceeded many expectations. Most thought that Douglass would running clock there way through the playoffs. I’m glad the gauntlet that is 5A Ky football proved otherwise. I’m also glad my Devils showed that they can play with anyone in the state.
  6. Congrats to Douglass on a hard fought win! Was well deserved. Defense is amazing. It’s does look like this might be Douglass’s year. But that potent passing offense and aggressive defense coming out of BG will have a lot to say about that. Wish both teams going forward good luck! P.S The Devils will be back. Have a lot to replace but the stable isn’t empty.
  7. I’m proud of my Devils they should definitely walk out of this with there heads held high. They made this game respectable.
  8. Your right its going to be extremely hard to score on that Douglass defense.
  9. Idk it’s anybodys game. Glad to see the Devils playing to there defensive potential. The Devils feel like they can win this one at this point. Just need a couple of lucky breaks on offense.
  10. Winstead(sophomore) was either an 8th grade or freshman All-American. Hampton would start at RB at most schools Varsity as a Freshman regardless of class and has legit 4.5 speed(Wish the Devils would feature him more). Goodwin hasn’t had much opportunity with the ball in his hands but against Fairdale he had a really nice showing. Rogers showed what he can do on a reverse against Greenwood that went to the house. Pendleton doesn’t have much speed but at 6-4 is a great jump ball candidate or possession man to move the sticks. They’re all pretty much game breakers in open space against anybody except Pendleton and all have equal or more speed than carbon except Pendleton.
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