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  1. @Brown it’s crazy to me how Barksdale and Carbon got very limited if any touches on offense last yr. at RB. Looking at the list of player stats there’s only 1 offensive skill player(starter) returning for O this game, in Rogers.
  2. @Brown thank you. I definitely under sold the Defense and there accomplishments. I’m sure if the Devils come ready to play that the Defense should speak for itself. As far as special teams goes I believe last yr we fair caught mostly every punt. That’s has to be the best improvement made that doesn’t get talked about enough. Overall the Devils are just better this yr.
  3. Owensboro is about the same on defense maybe slightly a bit more athletic with more team speed. Special teams are better. Offense IMO is leaps and bounds better as they are better at every position except QB (but the efficiency is similar) any player on the offense can be used to beat you.
  4. Greenwood beat Apollo not Daviess the only 2 teams to beat Daviess were X and OHS. Henderson beat Apollo in the playoffs. Henderson also beat a pretty decent Central Hardin team convincingly. Your right about Hopkinsville that’s a head scratcher that PT loss by as much as they did but PT is known to be up and down, just depends on who shows up friday.
  5. Cal preps has both Henderson and Hopkinsville beating Glasgow at a neutral site.
  6. Last year even though Owensboro won. The talent advantage was in favor of Douglass no doubt but this yr the talent level is even or in favor of Owensboro IMO(O definitely has some underrated college level studs). If O plays clean ball, comes out focused and ready to play I think they win in a close one. On defense I’d put moorman on key and play the run. On offense they just need to show up. If they get down just keep playing. With both teams ability to score quickly you have to be able to play with the bend don’t break mentality in this one. Definitely have enough respect for Douglass to know
  7. If and this is a pretty big IF, SW can limit Keys big plays I think they play aggressive enough to keep this game competitive, and possibly even be able to pull the upset…. That said I’ll still take Douglass by 2 TD’s
  8. Owensboro has so many underrated athletes. I believe they have the talent to go all the way. Especially if they continue to play like they did tonight. You can’t even tell this Red Devil team lost one of the top rated QB’s In the nation in the middle of the season. They just picked up where they left off and improved every week. I think it would be safe to say this yrs team might better than last years team even with the loss of Wimsatt
  9. I don’t believe anybody saw a running clock coming in this one. Devils showing there real contenders for that state trophy tonight
  10. Carbon makes a huge difference. This one could be over
  11. Boone is playing like he’s been here before. Looks like a veteran. Very poised
  12. I don’t like Carbon on offense if he’s not all the way healthy he’s needed more on defense
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