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  1. These are two teams that are very familiar with each other. I'm not sure two teams that are not in the same district have played more in the playoffs than these two in the past 10 years. More times than not the better team has not won this game just the team who made the least amount of mistakes or the least amount of injuries. OCath has had an identity change of late with running the ball and should be getting two of their bigger lineman back this week that have not played in the playoffs yet due to quarantine and injury. With that being said Murray is still the much bigger team. If OCath can have success running the ball and hit a few big pass plays here and there and not allow Murray to big play them then I think they have a very good shot. If Murray does not turn the ball over and can limit their penalties then they are an extremely tough out.
  2. Not a terrible idea. Sad thing is Breck beat 2 other teams in district to earn the 4 seed. This is a 6 team district that is not very good.
  3. Both team were very sloppy at times with penalties and drops. You can't lose the turnover battle by 4 like OCath did and expect to beat Wimsatt and company. OHS first scored end of half behind a flag that got picked up that would pushed them back. That TD at end of half really changed momentum of game back to OHS imo. I think both of these teams are good enough to make some good runs in the playoffs if healthy. Good luck to both rest of way.
  4. Justin Millay- Owensboro Blake Henry- Daviess County Two other very good offensive lineman that get overshadowed by Bates and Nalley here in Owensboro. I know Millay has 4 or 5 FCS offers currently.
  5. Owensboro Catholic Drew Hartz- Georgetown Hagan Edge- Georgetown Rudy Clouse - Thomas More Owensboro Monte Owsley- Kentucky Wesleyan Tyren Hayden - Kentucky Wesleyan Jordan Sorrells - Kentucky Wesleyan Daviess County Shane Riley- Kentucky Wesleyan Weston Lane - Georgetown Apollo Geoffrey Johnson- Kentucky Wesleyan College Brandon Husk - Kentucky Wesleyan College
  6. DaMarcus Ganaway posted a message on social media that he has resigned at Ohio County after 3 years. Said he was taking another opportunity elsewhere but didn't say where.
  7. I would argue Bush had a better career in HS than Clark but both great players regardless.
  8. News breaking out of Owensboro that Coach Hawkins has resigned at Apollo.
  9. I'll take Mayfield in this one 35-27 over Somerset. I think both teams are pretty equal as far as talent goes but give me the experience of Mayfield's players and coaches in this atmosphere over Somerset's.
  10. I definitely think the sleeper team are Breathitt and Owensboro Catholic. Breathitt will be in Round 3 and still might have a favorable matchup and the scary thing is no one really knows how good they are. We know the have a good RB and a good line but are the other guys good enough? Owensboro Catholic put up a lot of points. They have a very good HS QB in Drew Hartz and they have a few weapons, but can their defense get enough stops against good competition. I would not consider Beechwood a sleeper. They are Beechwood. The word sleeper should never be associated with them.
  11. Daviess County beat them in playoffs 2 years ago but never in regular season district play.
  12. Just curious how this is factored to have Elmore # 1? He is a nice player but his stats are very, very average.
  13. First of all you hate to hear that for the kid and wish him a speedy recovery. Secondly, kudos to the Mayor of Hazard. I think for Somerset getting home field advantage against LCA in the playoffs will be huge. If they can win the regular season matchup and get LCA coming to Somerset in that inevitable second round matchup it definitely favors the Jumpers.
  14. They played extremely tough schedule last year with playing Owensboro, South Warren, and Evansville Memorial and truthfully got really banged up in that South Warren game in Week 10 and still got beat earlier in the playoffs than they would have liked. From what coaches have said in past is they have a hard time finding teams to play them other than schools they have no business playing. There is a lot of good competition across the river but most of those schools have 9 game conference schedules and zero flexibility.
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