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  1. Braden Mundy- Owensboro Catholic Had over 1000 yards receiving as a Sophomore and was 3rd on team in targets. Look for that number to be way up this year. Trayvon Tinsley- Owensboro Lead OHS in receiving yards last year. With a Junior Gavin Wimsatt next year expect Tinsley's numbers to go way up as well!
  2. Justin Millay- Owensboro Blake Henry- Daviess County Two other very good offensive lineman that get overshadowed by Bates and Nalley here in Owensboro. I know Millay has 4 or 5 FCS offers currently.
  3. Owensboro Catholic Drew Hartz- Georgetown Hagan Edge- Georgetown Rudy Clouse - Thomas More Owensboro Monte Owsley- Kentucky Wesleyan Tyren Hayden - Kentucky Wesleyan Jordan Sorrells - Kentucky Wesleyan Daviess County Shane Riley- Kentucky Wesleyan Weston Lane - Georgetown Apollo Geoffrey Johnson- Kentucky Wesleyan College Brandon Husk - Kentucky Wesleyan College
  4. Mayfield vs. Bowling Green Owensboro vs. Male Belfry vs. South Warren Covington Catholic vs. St. X
  5. Local media is confirming John Edge will be named the new coach at Apollo later today at Press Conference.
  6. I know these things are almost impossible to do but how does a kid who was 2nd in State in Receiving TDs and 3rd in yards atleast not get an Honorable Mention at WR.
  7. Sad thing is their district is very weak for a 5A District. They will not be challenged. I do believe that all the City Schools, OCath, Apollo, and Daviess County should be pretty good next year and could give OHS a game if they are not ready. But even then, OHS has far more superior athletes and in Year 2 of Gavin Wimsatt. Don't sleep on the Gibson Southern game. Gibson Southern will have a Junior QB who is garnering a lot of Power 5 offers/attention and they have been very good the past few years. This team should have some pretty high expectations and based on this schedule should come in one of the higher RPI teams and walk again to the semi-finals.
  8. DaMarcus Ganaway posted a message on social media that he has resigned at Ohio County after 3 years. Said he was taking another opportunity elsewhere but didn't say where.
  9. I would argue Bush had a better career in HS than Clark but both great players regardless.
  10. News breaking out of Owensboro that Coach Hawkins has resigned at Apollo.
  11. Congrats to Somerset on a tremendous finish and season. Really hate that for Mayfield. Losing the Neely kid early really hurt them in the secondary. Got to feel for Jaden Stinson. Incredible player who lost 3 straight finals I believe.
  12. I'll take Mayfield in this one 35-27 over Somerset. I think both teams are pretty equal as far as talent goes but give me the experience of Mayfield's players and coaches in this atmosphere over Somerset's.
  13. I'm thinking this is a 20-7 type of game with Owensboro getting a defensive or special teams big play to either score or set up an easy TD to pull away. Rash Stadium is not a fun place to come play in November.
  14. Mayfield and Corbin are two places that first came to mind on this subject.
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