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  1. Link to the 1027 The Game Audio tonight.. https://www.owensbororadio.com/player/?playerID=606
  2. I saw this game last year and Apollo really took it to Meade in the first half last year. The Waves made some nice adjustments in the 2nd half to get it closer but it looked like Apollo was the better team across the board. I did notice Meade threw the ball 20 times last week, which is a little different than what I've seen from Meade in the past. If they look to run, Oppel could give Apollo some problems on the outside. They don't look to be very fast out there. Griffin Ferguson hurt his ankle last week and missed most of the game for Apollo. Not having him would hurt Apollo. At the end of the day, I think Apollo's big OL and Patterson/Lovinski combination is too much for Meade. Apollo 49 Meade 28
  3. Hard to know what to expect in this one, but I would put the Devils down as at least a couple touchdown favorite. OHS lost a ton on defense but they have an extremely talented sophomore class that will be ready to step in. I also expect Austin Gough to return to All-State form, after some injuries slowed him down last season. Apollo should be able to run the ball behind a very good offensive line and one of the best backs in the state in Harold Patterson. Coach Edge will have to have put his stamp on the defense pretty quickly for the Eagles to have any shot. They gave up around 40 per contest last year. The x factor will be Apollo QB Damien Lovinski. If he can make some plays with his arm, he could keep it interesting. In the end, i've gotta roll with the Devils. 42-28.
  4. Add Rutgers and Michigan to the list for Gavin!
  5. We'll be broadcasting the Apollo vs Owensboro game here... https://www.owensbororadio.com/player/?playerID=611
  6. Oh absolutely. Lovinski and Patterson(formerly known as Harold Hogg) behind that offensive line should be really explosive. Add Coach John Edge and they probably have they highest ceiling of any team in that district. As for Daviess County, Jon Nalley is a kid that shouldn't go unnoticed. He has several offers on the table as an OT. Blake Henry is another guy on the line that i expect to field some nice offers before its all said and done too. They will be very strong up front.
  7. Great to see Mclean County getting some love here. Zach Wagner has done a fantastic job with that program. They should be favored in every regular season game they play this season, outside a trip to Owensboro Catholic in the middle of the season. An undefeated season would be one heck of a story in Calhoun!
  8. Great job! Keep your eye on Daviess County as well. They return a ton of starters on offense and a tremendous offensive line. If they can find some defense, they will be tough. That will be a fun district with McCracken, Henderson, Apollo and Daviess Co.
  9. That is exactly the message it is sending. This will be the third control meeting we've gone thru since mid July where things have been delayed. How many more do we need to tell us that things aren't going to change anytime soon. Either play or don't.
  10. I have no problem with the JCPS pushing back until 10/1 with the rest of the state starting as planned. I would just have to ask the JCPS folks, what is going to be different on 10/1 than it was on 9/1 or 8/1 or 7/1?? This virus isn't going to magically disappear. The risks are going to be the same. So using that mindset, they should just cancel the season if they think it is unsafe to play now. The common sense approach would tell you that it is ok to start practicing now, since there have been no issues with practices thus far. While practicing, keep your eye on Indiana, who had scrimmages this past week and will have played 3 real games before KY does. That is FOUR weeks worth of games to judge. If they aren't having issues and there have been no issues in practice, there is no reason that we can't play on 9/11. IF issues arise, you have until the afternoon of 9/11 to pull the plug. Its that simple.
  11. I guess i'm old fashioned but it's still crazy to see high schools bringing in kids. I'm not here to debate if its good or bad but its definitely different times then when I was growing up watching home grown teams compete for titles. Those days are over.
  12. Add Cincinnati to the list as of today. Expect them to keep coming
  13. Look for Apollo to announce the hiring of Mark Starns today or tomorrow. Starns has been well traveled. He has prior stints at Henderson County and Union County. Starns won regional titles at both Fleming County and Johnson Central.
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